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Many people from different religions, including Sunnism, believe in magic. Some even go as far as saying that there is good magic and bad magic and they believe that the "good" magic will benefit them.

19: Fact or Fiction?

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Disclaimer. The reader is strongly advised to independently verify all information given as per 17:36.

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I have recently written an article which referred to the Quran’s mathematical miracle relating to the number 19. Needless to say, the article has caused many questions to be raised, especially regarding the factuality or fictionality of the Quran’s relationship to the number 19.

I will attempt to share with the reader my own research and findings regarding this question and hopefully provide a satisfactory answer.

This paper will deal with the question of whether a pattern relating to the number 19 is a reality in the Quran or whether it is a fabrication and manipulation of numbers and data.


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Hell-fire is one of the key/basic concepts of The Gods doctrine. I can not find the adequate words to describe importance of correct understanding of this topic.

The Night of Decree

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According to the Almighty, there is a very special night that occurs during which He sends His decrees to Earth and during which all matters of importance are undertaken. It was during this blessed night that the glorious Qur’an was sent down.