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I have recently written an article which referred to the Quran’s mathematical miracle relating to the number 19. Needless to say, the article has caused many questions to be raised, especially regarding the factuality or fictionality of the Quran’s relationship to the number 19.

I will attempt to share with the reader my own research and findings regarding this question and hopefully provide a satisfactory answer.

This paper will deal with the question of whether a pattern relating to the number 19 is a reality in the Quran or whether it is a fabrication and manipulation of numbers and data.

Background of the Number 19

Although the number 19 has only taken on significance in recent decades after the discovery and announcement of the Quran’s mathematical code. The number was in-fact identified as being significant as far back as 432 B.C. by Meton of Athens who discovered a direct correlation between the lunar and solar cycles which corresponded exactly every 19 solar years.

When the Quran was revealed over 1,400 years ago, one of the chapters (chapter 74) gave further significance to the number ‘19’ when it was referred to in relation to the subject of the hellfire:

“I will cast him in the Scorching heat. And do you know what is Scorching heat? It does not spare nor leave anything. A scorcher of mankind. Upon it is nineteen.” (Quran 74:26-30)

While there were no attempts to link 19 with the Quran any further, the number did take on significance as being one of the ‘favored’ numbers that are mentioned in the Quran along with 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 40, 50, 300, 1000, 50000.

This was further expanded upon by the Babism (later became Bahai) movement which was established in 1844 in Persia, and who went upon using the number ‘19’ as a critical number in their faith (they divided the year into 19 months, with each month consisting of 19 days).

Dr. Rashad Khalifa

In the early 1970’s, an Egyptian born American by the name of Dr. Rashad Khalifa undertook a very unique project. Dr. Khalifa, a Muslim, was intrigued by the 29 chapters of the Quran that began with ‘initials’.

The initialed chapters are scattered throughout the 114 chapters of the Quran and range from single initials (such as ‘Q’ in chapter 50) to complex initials (such as K.H’.Y.A’.S’ in chapter 19).

For over 1,400 years the commentators and researchers of the Quran had been unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the initials or their purpose beyond the obvious statement: ‘God and His Messenger know best’.
What adds intrigue to the subject is God’s reference to the initials as ‘the signs of the Scripture’:

“A.L.R., these are the signs of the Scripture of wisdom.” (Quran 10:1)

“A.L.R., these are the signs of the clarifying Scripture.” (Quran 12:1)

“A.L.M.R. These are the signs of the Scripture. And what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth; but most of the people do not believe.” (Quran 13:1)

“A.L.R., these are the signs of the Scripture, and a clear Quran.” (Quran 15:1)

“T’.S.M These are the signs of the Scripture of clarity.” (Quran 26:1-2)

“T’.S. These are the signs of the Quran and a clear Scripture.” (Quran 27:1)

“T’.S.M. These are the signs of the clear Scripture.” (Quran 28:1-2)

“A. L. M. These are the signs of the Scripture of wisdom.” (Quran 31:1-2)

There are a total of ’29’ initialed chapters in the Quran as follows:

No. Chapter No. Quranic Initials
1 2 A.L.M.
2 3 A.L.M.
3 7 A.L.M.S'.
4 10 A.L.R.
5 11 A.L.R.
6 12 A.L.R.
7 13 A.L.M.R.
8 14 A.L.R.
9 15 A.L.R.
10 19 K.H.Y.A'.S'.
11 20 T'.H.
12 26 T'.S.M.
13 27 T'.S.
14 28 T.S.M.
15 29 A.L.M.
16 30 A.L.M.
17 31 A.L.M.
18 32 A.L.M.
19 36 Y.S.
20 38 S'.
21 40 H'.M.
22 41 H'.M.
23 42 H'.M.A'.S.Q.
24 43 H'.M.
25 44 H'.M.
26 45 H'.M.
27 46 H'.M.
28 50 Q.
29 68 N.
With the knowledge that there are existing mathematical patterns in the Quran (such as the occurrence of the word ‘day’ 365 times, the plural ‘days’ 30 times, or the word ‘month’ 12 times, etc.) Dr. Khalifa conducted experimental analysis on the initials whereby he fed the shorter chapters though a computer and then proceeded to look at a ‘letter count’ for the specific chapter.

In 1974 Dr. Khalifa claimed to have discovered the ‘key’ to the initialed chapters in the form of the number 19 which is mentioned in the Quran and for which ‘special’ properties are attributed:

“Upon it is nineteen. And We have made the guardians of the Fire to be Angels; and We did not make their number except as a test for those who have rejected, so that those who were given the Scripture would understand, and those who have faith would be increased in faith, and so that those who have been given the Scripture and the believers do not have doubt, and so that those who have a sickness in their hearts and the rejecters would Say: ‘What did God mean with an example such as this?’ It is such that God misguides whom He wishes, and He guides whom He wishes. And none know your Lord’s soldiers except Him. And it is but a reminder for mankind.” (Quran 74:30-31) 

Dr. Khalifa’s findings were quite simple…He claimed that the letters referred to in the initialed chapters, when counted, would generate a number that was divisible by 19 leaving no fractions whatsoever.

According to Dr. Khalifa, the number 19 was chosen as God’s signature since it represents His omnipresence of being the Alpha and the Omega – the First and the Last (1 being the first number, 9 being the last) thus God encompasses all numbers between.

“He is the First and the Last, the Evident and the Innermost. And He is fully aware of all things.” (Quran 57:3)

To use the simplest example, chapter 50 begins with the letter ‘Q’ and has a total of 57 occurrences of the letter Q in that chapter. The number 57 / 19 = 3.

This research is simple to understand, yet impossible to manipulate for the reason that if there is 1 occurrence less or more than the existing, then the divisibility by 19 with no fractions is no longer a feature (i.e. it is like someone asking you to compose a letter while keeping track of the letter ‘S’ not to occur more than enough to be an exact multiple of 19).

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Dr. Khalifa received much attention for the discovery of the Quran’s relationship to the number 19 which was heralded by Muslims everywhere as the ‘final proof’ to cement their already strong faith in the authenticity of the Quran and to silence all opposition from Christian, Jewish, and even atheist groups who had ever doubted that this book was not authentically from the One who created heavens and earth…Dr. Khalifa even had the support of well renowned names such as Ahmed Deedat who further promoted the 19 work as can be seen in one of his books: ‘Al-Quran The Ultimate Miracle’, as well as Dr. Rashad Khalifa's own book on the subject, Quran: Visual Presentation of the Miracle.

Dr. Khalifa’s book can be read on-line (PDF): Quran: Visual Presentation of the Miracle.

In 1982 Dr. Rashad Khalifa began his rift with the mainstream Muslims when he published the book: ‘Quran, Hadith, and Islam’ which rejected wholeheartedly the widespread teachings known as ‘Hadith & Sunna’ from which much of Islam draws its the dogmatic and superstitious laws.

With regards to the number 19, Dr. Khalifa continued to promote it as proof to the divine authorship of the Quran, though he had expanded his research to include word counts, uninitiated chapters, and grammatical values. This approach later led him to reject 2 verses from the Quran (verses 9:128-129) as he claimed they were fabrications which interfered with the word count of ‘God/Allah’.

In 1987 Dr. Khalifa further shocked the Muslim world (who had already labeled him a heretic for his rejection of the Hadith & Sunna – let alone the 2 verses in chapter 9) when he declared himself to be God’s Messenger and stated that he was given the task of calling people back to the true teachings of Islam through the message of God Alone and the abandonment of innovations and a rejection of idolatry.

Dr. Khalifa was killed on January 31st, 1990 in his mosque at Tucson Arizona.

An Independent Look at Dr. Khalifa’s Number 19 Research (August, 2008)

Now that the background of the subject had been looked at, I will go into the research and details of whether the 19 phenomenon is truly a fact, or whether it is simply fiction.

Please note that the focus of the research will be the initialed chapters as this is the ‘core’ discovery that Dr. Khalifa made and subsequently built his research upon…Also, the initials are ‘identified’ in the Quran as signs and thus they warrant verification of what this sign may actually be or not be.

I am using both manual and computer generated counts for the Quran’s chapters and comparing it to the research that was published by Dr. Khalifa in Appendix 1 of his Quran translation.

Auto Count.

For the auto count, download the initialed chapters of the Quran that are written in modern computer enabled Arabic1 text which can be found in the following zipped file.

The files, when unzipped, are in the form of Microsoft Word® Documents (Office XP version). Simply open the chapter you wish to look at, then from the menu bar click ‘Edit’, then click ‘Find’. Type in the letter you are searching for (you must have Arabic enabled keyboard for this), then check √ ‘Highlight all items found’ and click ‘Find All’. The word document will give you a full count of the document without you having to manually count letters and verses.

Screen Shot of Letter Search on Microsoft XP

Manual Count.

For the manual count, simply use a printed copy of the Quran (King Fahad print, using Uthman script) – which can be viewed on-line at the King Fahad Quran Complex. Or alternatively, download the Quran with Uthman script from the following zipped file (you will also require the Uthman fonts to be downloaded and installed into the ‘fonts’ section of your control panel).

Though the computer read text and the printed text are mostly identical, there is a slight difference in the subject of the vowels (Alif. Waw. Ya) as well as some ‘Laam’ occurrences for which the method of modern textual writing has slightly changed and for which some manual labor is required. The results of the original Uthman script will always be considered overriding to any modern script.

Please note that the ‘Basmallah’ (In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful) is included in the counts as it is a part of the Quran’s original text.

The Letter Q. (Chapters 50, 42)

The first set that is examined is that of the letter ‘Q’ which occurs on its own in chapter 50 and in a mixed set is chapter 42.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. Q
50 57

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. Q
50 57

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A’ S Q
42 - - 57

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A’ S Q
42 - - 57

The combination of the letter `Q` in both chapters gives us a total of 114 (114 / 19 = 6) which is a match for being a 19 divisible number.

The Letter S’. (Chapters 38, 19, 7)

The second set that we will look at is the letter ‘Saad’ which occurs on its own in chapter 38 and as a mixed set in chapter 19 and chapter 7.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. S’
38 29

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. S’
38 29

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. K H Y A’ S’
19 - - - - 26

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. K H Y A’ S’
19 - - - - 26

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A L M S’
7 - - - 97

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A L M S’
7 - - - 97

The results are a match, whereby the total comes to 152 occurrences of ‘Saad’ (152 / 19 = 8).

The Letter N. (Chapter 68)

The third set to be examined is the letter ‘N’ that occurs on its own in chapter 68 and yields 132 counts of the letter ‘N’ which does not agree with the divisibility by 19.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. N
68 132

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. N
68 133

A manual count was conducted, but the results still did not match. According to Dr. Khalifa’s comments, he has made an ‘adjustment’ in the spelling of 68:1 to yield the 133 count results:

[Dr. Khalifa] This initial is unique; it occurs in one sura, 68, and the name of the letter is spelled out as three letters - Noon Wow Noon - in the original text, and is therefore counted as two N's. The total count of this letter in the N-initialed sura is 133, 19x7.

The statement by Khalifa on the misspelling is inaccurate due to the following two reasons:

  1. No evidence exists from older copies of the Quran that ‘N’ was ever written as ‘N.W.N’.
  2. The notion of ‘N.W.N.’ creates a new initial ‘W’ which does not conform to the 19 divisibility and has been totally ignored by Khalifa.

Upon reviewing chapter 68, I must state that there is a very peculiar phenomenon that warrants mention. In the search for the ‘missing N’ (since my count is 1 short of 133), I came across verse 68:48, which refers to Jonah (YouNus) without mentioning him by name:

“You shall be patient for the judgement of your Lord. And do not be like the companion of the whale who called out while he was in sorrow.” (Quran 68:48)

This is a very peculiar reference to Jonah since had the Quran used his name (YouNus) rather than referring to his affiliation with the whale, the total ‘N’ count would have been 133.

What added even more mystery to this abnormality is that elsewhere in the Quran God refers to Jonah by the acronym ‘Zal Nun’ (literally meaning: the one with ‘N’ in his name).

“And Zal Nun (Jonah), when he went off in anger, and he thought that We would not be able to take him. Then he called out in the darkness: ‘There is no god but You! Glory to You, I was of the wicked!’” (Quran 21:87)

There is too much of a coincidence that the missing letter would be contained in the name of a person who is referred to by association and also referred to elsewhere by the acronym that highlights that particular letter in the name.

The Letters Y. S. (Chapter 36)

The fourth set to be examined are the letters `Y,S` that occur together in chapter 36. The auto count for chapter 36 agreed with Dr. Khalifa’s research on the ‘S’, but was far off in the count of the ‘Y’. A manual count was conducted on the ‘Y’ confirming Dr. Khalifa’s count.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. Y S Total
36 *237 48 284

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. Y S Total
36 237 48 285

* Please note that the Quran’s classical Arabic text treats the writing of vowels differently than it is treated today in the modern text. As an example, we can look at the word ‘NuhYY’ which occurs in 36:12 and which is spelled below in modern Arabic using 2 letter ‘Y’s’:

However, when looking to the original Arabic text of the Quran (Uthman script), we see that the same word is written with only 1 ‘Y’:

The manual count of chapter 36 can also been seen in Rashad’s book and in the Submission on-line Quranic text (initials are highlighted in red making the manual count user friendly):


The letters H. M. (Chapters 40-46)

The fifth set to be examined is that of the letters `H,M` that occur in a total of 7 chapters.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. H’ M Total H’+M
40 64 380 444
41 48 276 324
42 53 300 353
43 44 324 368
44 16 150 166
45 31 200 231
46 36 225 261

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. H’ M Total H’+M
40 64 380 444
41 48 276 324
42 53 300 353
43 44 324 368
44 16 150 166
45 31 200 231
46 36 225 261

The total of all the ‘H’ and ‘M’ count produced the number 2,147 that is divisible by 19 (2,147 / 19 = 113).

This matches perfectly with the results produced by Rahsad’s earlier count. 

The Letters A’. S. Q (Chapter 42)

The sixth set. While chapter 42 was involved in the ‘H.M.’ count, there is another set of initials that are contained in its second verse (42:2) which are the letters A’. S. Q.  The computer count matched Dr. Khalifa’s results.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A’ S Q Total
42 98 54 57 209

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A’ S Q Total
42 98 54 57 209

The total of these initials comes to a number that is divisible by 19 (209 / 19 = 11).

The Letters A.L.M. (Chapters 2, 3, 29, 30, 31, 32, *13)

The seventh set we shall look at is `A.L,M` which is by far the most complex of the initialed sets to count due to the different forms of ‘A’ and ‘L’ written in the original Quranic text.

Although I was able to confirm the ‘M’ count with Khalifa’s, I found great difficulty in verifying the ‘A’ and ‘L’ counts even when conducting the search manually.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A L M R Total
2 n/a n/a 2,195 - -
3 n/a n/a 1,249 - -
29 n/a 554 344 - -
30 n/a n/a 317 - -
31 n/a n/a 173 - -
32 n/a 155 158 - -
*13 n/a 480 260 137 -

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A L M Total
2 4,502 3,202 2,195 9,899
3 2,521 1,892 1,249 5,662
29 774 554 344 1,672
30 544 393 317 1,254
31 347 297 173 871
32 257 155 158 570

*It should be noted that chapter 13 needs to be added to the above as the initials `A,L,M` also intersect that chapter (the `R` is to be ignored) making it part of the set.

The Letters A.L.R. (Chapters 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, *13)

The eighth set is `A,LR` and as the case with the A.L.M. count, I found great difficulty in verifying the ‘A’ and the ‘L’ count. Only the ‘R’ count was matched and verified.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A L M R Total
10 n/a n/a - 257 -
11 n/a n/a - 325 -
12 n/a n/a - 257 -
14 n/a n/a - 160 -
15 n/a n/a - 96 -
*13 n/a 480 260 137 -

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A L R Total
10 1,319 913 257 2,489
11 1,370 794 325 2,489
12 1,306 812 257 2,375
14 585 452 160 1,197
15 493 323 96 912

*It should be noted that chapter 13 needs to be added to the above as the initials `A,L,R` also intersect that chapter (the `M` is to be ignored) making it part of the set.

The Letters A.L.M.R. (Chapter 13)

The ninth set are the initials `A,L,M,R` which occur in chapter 13. A total of 4 initials out of a set of 5 were confirmed as matching the research of Dr. Khalifa.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A L M R Total
13 *n/a **480 260 137 1,507

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A L M R Total
13 605 480 260 137 1,482

* Both the auto and manual ‘A’ counts did not tally with Khalifa’s count. The people at the submission.org site have made some interesting findings regarding the ‘A’ count (see link), but that research has yet to be independently verified in this paper.

** The auto count for the ‘L’ did not initially tally with Khalifa’s research as it produced the number 482 (over by a count of two). Upon manually reviewing this letter, it was found that the word ‘Al-Layl’ is spelled with 2 ‘L’ in both 13:3 & 13:10 of the modern Arabic script:

However, when looking to the original Arabic text of the Quran (Uthman script), we see that the same word is written with only 1 ‘L’ which reduces the count to match that of Khalifa’s:

The Letters A.L.M.S’ (Chapter 7)

The tenth set are the initials `A,L,M,S` that occur in chapter 7. Out of the 4 initials, 3 were verified with Khalifa’s count. The ‘A’ count was not verifiable.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. A L M S’ Total
7 n/a *1,530 1,164 97 -

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. A L M S’ Total
7 2,529 1,530 1,164 97 5,320

* The auto count for the ‘L’ did not initially tally with Khalifa’s research as it produced the number 1,531 (over by a count of one). As with chapter 13, the mistake was found to be in the word ‘Al-Layl’ that occurs in 7:54.

The Letters K.H.Y.A’.S’ (Chapter 19)

The eleventh set examined are the initials `K,H,Y,A,S` that occur in chapter 19. The auto count for chapter 19 agreed with Dr. Khalifa’s research on 3 out of the 5 letters. However, for the remaining two letters (‘H’ and ‘Y’) a manual count was conducted which confirmed Khalifa’s count.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. K H Y A’ S’
19 137 *175 **343 117 26

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. K H Y A’ S’
19 137 175 343 117 26

* The auto count of the ‘H’ was off by one (my count was 176 Vs. Khalifa’s 175). Upon doing a manual check I found that the problem lies in the modern Arabic spelling in 19:2 of the word ‘Rahmat’ using a ‘H’ (taa marbutta):

The original Uthman script writes the same word with a ‘T’:

** The ‘Y’ count was required to be done manually throughout chapter 19.

The manual count of chapter 19 can also been seen in Rashad’s book and in the Submission on-line Quranic text (each time an initial occurs, it is highlighted in red):


The Letters H. T’. S. M (Chapters 19, 20, 26, 27, 28) 

There are three more sets of initials to be examined `T,H`, `T,S,M` and `T,S`. However, the research of Dr. Khalifa in his Appendix 1 takes a strange turn as he mixes and matches some of the initials that occur in chapters 19, 20, 26, 27, and 28 to produce a combination which is not consistent with the previous work on sets as shown in this paper.

Layth’s Count
Chapter No. H T’ S M Total
19 175 - - - -
20 251 28 - - -
26 - 33 94 484 -
27 - 27 94 - -
28 - 19 102 460 -
Total 426 107 290 944 1,767

Khalifa’s Count
Chapter No. H T’ S M Total
19 175 - - - -
20 251 28 - - -
26 - 33 94 484 -
27 - 27 94 - -
28 - 19 102 460 -
Total 426 107 290 944 1,767

While I was able to confirm the counts of Dr. Khalifa in the table above, I see no relation to sets and therefore the finding to be non-related to the subject.

Summary of Initialed Chapter Findings

In comparing to Dr. Khalifa’s counts as outlined in his Appendix 1, out of the 29 initialed chapters a total of 15 have been positively confirmed as a match, with a further 13 possible for confirmation based on an extensive manual `A` & `L` count (beyond the scope of this paper).

No. Chapter No. Quranic Initials Match?
1 2 A.L.M. X
2 3 A.L.M. X
3 7 A.L.M.S’. X
4 10 A.L.R. X
5 11 A.L.R. X
6 12 A.L.R. X
7 13 A.L.M.R. X
8 14 A.L.R. X
9 15 A.L.R. X
10 19 K.H.Y.A’.S’. √
11 20 T’.H. √
12 26 T’.S.M. √
13 27 T’.S. √
14 28 T.S.M. √
15 29 A.L.M. X
16 30 A.L.M. X
17 31 A.L.M. X
18 32 A.L.M. X
19 36 Y.S. √
20 38 S’. √
21 40 H’.M. √
22 41 H’.M. √
23 42 H’.M.A’.S.Q. √
24 43 H’.M. √
25 44 H’.M. √
26 45 H’.M. √
27 46 H’.M. √
28 50 Q. √
29 68 N. X

More importantly, based on the research on the initialed `sets` and their interlocking relationship, we find that 6 out of 14 are positively confirmed, with a further 4 possible for verification:

Set No. Chapter No. Interlocking Sets 19 Divisible?
1 50, 42 Q Y
2 38, 19 S’ Y
3 68 N N
4 36 Y,S Y
5 40-46 H,M Y
6 42 A’,S,Q Y
7 2,3,13, 29-32 A,L,M n/a
8 10-15 A,L,R n/a
9 13 A,L,M,R n/a
10 7 A,L,M,S’ n/a
11 19 K,H,Y,A’,S’ Y
12 20 T’.H N
13 27, 26 T’.S. N
14 26 T.S.M. √

Based on the results above, and based on the ease with which discrepancies and miscounts were resolved, I would state that in my opinion the 19 is a fact of the Quran’s structure and is embedded with obvious similarity within the initialed chapters of the Scripture.

The 19 pattern in the initialed chapters is a signature by God identifying Him Alone as the author. It is a physical impossibility for any human to conduct such a careful count of letters, especially in a text that was being revealed over a number of years.

Other 19 Related Issues

Gematrical Values

According to Dr. Khalifa, the Arabic letters (as well as other letters) have gematric values:

[Dr. Khailfa] When the Quran was revealed, 14 centuries ago, the numbers known today did not exist. A universal system was used where the letters of the Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek alphabets were used as numerals.

This approach was used by Dr. Khalifa to produce even more evidence supporting the mathematical structure of the Quran.

I would like to state that, unlike the initials which are called ‘signs’, the geamatrical approach has no true basis in the Quran and is flawed in its reliance on a value system which is not authenticated as being in use at the Quran’s revelation (in-fact, numbers were in existence and have been used for centuries through the trade routes with the East).

This approach creates pandemonium as there are no laws that govern which words can be counted for their geamatrical value and which words cane be ignored…What we end up with is a carte blanche for the researcher to come-up with whatever results he/she feels they want to be significant.

The geamatrical count in therefore not found to have any value (literally) in this research.

Mathematical Coding of Special Words

Dr. Khalifa asserts that certain words (such as ‘God’) occur in a frequency that is divisible by 19.
Although there is no doubt to the mathematical patterns of certain words (such as the occurrence of the word ‘day’ 365 times), there is again no supporting evidence for taking words, some of them randomly, and dividing them by the number 19.

[Dr. Khalifa] The word "Quran" occurs in the Quran 58 times, with one of them, in 10:15, referring to "another Quran." This particular occurrence, therefore, must be excluded. Thus, the frequency of occurrence of "this Quran" in the Quran is 57, or 19x3.

As can be seen in the example above where Dr. Khalifa had to make an excuse for one of the occurrences of ‘Quran’ to meet the preconceived count results, this part of the research is flawed in that it is assuming that all words are 19 based while the Quran has only identified the initials as the ‘signs’.

This approach is not found to be verifiable nor is it found to be sanctioned in the Quran itself.

Two False Verses in Chapter 9?

According to Dr. Khalifa (Appendix 24), the number 19 reveals the addition of 2 false verses in the Quran in the form of 9:128 & 9:129.

[Dr. Khalifa] A superhuman mathematical system pervades the Quran and serves to   guard and authenticate every element in it. Nineteen years after the Prophet's death, some scribes injected two false verses at the end of Sura 9, the last sura revealed in Medina. The evidence presented in this Appendix incontrovertibly removes these human injections, restores the Quran to its pristine purity, and illustrates a major function of the Quran's mathematical code, namely, to protect the Quran from the slightest tampering. Thus, the code rejects ONLY the false injections 9:128-129.   

The issues that are relevant to consider regarding Dr. Khalifa’s statement are as follows:

1. Using Hadith As Evidence

Dr. Khalifa uses the Hadiths as a source of evidence that verses 128 & 129 were ‘suspect’ (he quotes the Hadith which states that when the Quran was gathered, all verses were verified by multiple witnesses except for 9:128-129 for which only one witness was found). This approach contradicts Khalifa’s own teachings in that the Quran is self sufficient and that all external evidence are only hearsay and conjecture when compared to the book of God.

Add to this the simple fact that it was God who designed and implemented the compilation of the Quran and verse order that we have in our hands today, and it was not left to a ‘committee’ or groups of scholars to do what God had already laid claim to:

“And if We exchange a verse in place of another verse; and God is more aware of what He is revealing; they Say: ‘You are making this up!’ Alas, most of them do not know. Say: ‘The holy Spirit has sent it down from your Lord with truth, so that those who believe will be strengthened, and as a guidance and good news for those who have surrendered.’” (Quran 16:101-102)

2. The Mecca/Medina Label

Dr. Khalifa further provides the proof of the labeling that exists on the Quran and which identifies chapters as being either revealed in Mecca or Medina.

[Dr. Khalifa] How could these `Meccan' verses be found with Khuzeimah, a late `Medinan' Muslim?! How could a Medinan sura contain Meccan verses, when the universal convention has been to label as `Medinan' all revelations after the Prophet's Hijerah from Mecca??!!

Once again Dr. Khalifa makes the fatal mistake of dipping into the realm of ‘hearsay’ and ‘conjecture’ for that is where the labeling of the Mecca/Medina revelations came from.

Just like the commentaries on the Quran are not part of the original revealed and written text, neither are the Mecca/Medina labels which were added later in order to catalog the verses according to the Hadith conjecture and fairytales about why and when they were revealed…As students of God Alone know, the Quran is a book that transcends time and is relevant to every generation until the Hour with no need for footnotes or appendix or explanations of why and when to go alongside the divine text.

3. The Missing ‘God’ Count

This is where we get to the real reason for Dr. Khalifa’s rejection of 9:128-129.

[Dr. Khalifa] The first violation of the Quran's code by Verses 9:128-129 appeared when the count of the word "God" (Allah) in the Quran was found to be 2699, which is not a multiple of 19, unless we remove one. The count of the word "God" is shown at the bottom of each page in this translation. The total shown at the end of the Quran is 2698, 19x142, because the false injections 9:128-129 have been removed.

Here we have a simple case of ‘self-fulfilling-prophecy’…Dr. Khalifa created the problem by looking into word counts and divisibility beyond the initialed chapters. This approach was never sanctioned in the Quran nor did it follow any established pattern of consistency.

When the count of the words failed, Dr. Khalifa began to look for alternative answers that would support this theory…Lo and behold, in the dish of Hadith’s that are full of conjecture and hearsay and contain just about every wish imaginable, the answer was provided by the bogus stories of the Quran’s compilation and the single witness to the two ‘suspect’ verses!

The Quran vehemently rejects such approach and even refers to the people who used sources outside the Quran for judgment as having a book ‘in which they find anything they wish!’:

“What is wrong with you, how do you judge? Or do you have another book which you study? In it, you can find what you wish?” (Quran 68:36-38)

Since the subject of word counts is unsubstantiated, and since the supporting evidence is all based on the books of conjecture and hearsay, then the issue of 9:128-129 being inserted verses becomes null & void.

19 Protects the Quran

This word counts, geamatrical counts, initial counts, verse and chapter number counts, etc. are all being propagated in the area of number 19 research as ‘God’s protection over the Quran’.

It is claimed that God’s statement of ‘preservation’ in 15:9 is based on the number 19 being the factor of protection and not on any other external factors…

“Indeed it is We who have sent down the Reminder, and indeed it is We who will preserve it.” (Quran 15:9)

While statements like this do sound most impressive, there is not one shred of evidence that has been presented on how 19 preserves the text. In-fact, as can be seen in the research of this paper, the opposite is the case as simply removing 1 letter from a chapter creates chaos in the count and causes us to return to the original text for verification.

Though the Quran is indeed a mathematically composed book (with a balance of the initialed letters, as well as certain words such as ‘day’, ‘month’ etc.), the number 19 does not factor into this subject as the Quranic text cannot be re-written using 19 nor can missing verses, words, or letters be identified or re-created without the source text being available.

God’s protection of the Quran is uniquely achieved by the way He mixed the law verses within the non-law verses and scattered them throughout the Scripture…Any attempt to re-write or manipulate the Quran’s text has been futile as the subject matters are scattered and never in one place for a deletion or amendment to be easy or successful. 


Now that the research regarding the initialed chapters and the number 19 has been presented, it must be stated that seeing a ‘miracle/sign’ from God does not automatically make a person a believer or a non-believer…Moses displayed God’s miracles to Pharaoh and all present, yet Pharaoh still chose to disbelieve and even the Children of Israel worshipped the golden calf in idolatry to God…Jesus healed the sick and brought back the dead in front of thousands of people, yet the people still managed to reject his message and attempted to have him killed….

Abraham initially saw no miracle/sign beyond contemplating the design of the universe which was enough for him to believe and even challenged his people at the risk of his own life.

Just because you agree with 19 as being a miracle/sign does not mean you are a believer…And just because you do not see 19 as being a miracle/sign does not mean you are a disbeliever.

Miracles and Signs are only tools used by God to give those who require tangible proof an answer to their question…However, the burden of faith or rejection remain upon the individual in the way he/she conducts their lives until the very last day they spend on this Earth.

As for the Quran, we are commanded to concern ourselves with the firm/law verses that are the ‘essence’ of the Scripture…Anything beyond these verses and their teachings is not a requirement for a person who seeks to walk the path of God Alone:

“He is the One who sent down to you the Scripture, from which there are firm verses; they are the essence of the Scripture; and others which are similar to each other. As for those who have disease in their hearts, they will follow what is similar from it seeking to confuse, and seeking to derive an interpretation. But none know its interpretation except God and those who are well founded in knowledge, they Say: “We believe in it, all is from our Lord.” And none will remember except the people of understanding.” (Quran 3:7)

Make your life count by championing justice, working for righteousness, deterring evil, sharing warmth and happiness to all who you meet, remembering God frequently and obeying His laws extensively…Only by total surrender to God and by adopting His system for our lives can we succeed.

Counting numbers and seeing signs may increase your faith, but it will not have any weight on the actions that you must take to place yourself upon God’s system and walk His path.

The Quran contains a myriad of signs and miracles (mathematics, biology, astronomy, geology, embryology, etc.)…It is not these signs and miracles that we look to for our salvation or promote, rather it is the path of God Alone that we must walk and Him that we must serve. 

“Is God not enough for His servant? And they frighten you with others beside Him. And whomever God sends astray, then for him there will be no guide.” (Quran 39:36)


By Layth Al-Shaiban (laytth@hotmail.com)