How many times have you heard this phrase: "This is Haram, That is Halal"!

If you are a Muslim, then you probably hear these words repeated around you every day. You will hear them in school, you will hear them on TV, you will hear your parents say them, you will hear scholars and Imams say them, and, you will find tons of books written on the subject.

Just click on any of the traditional Islamic Web Sites and read any Q&A or Fatwa section they may have. You should find something like this (someone actually asked this question in an Islamic site):

"Is it Halal to eat in a Microwave in which Pork has been heated?"

The terms "Halal & Haram" are so common, you will find most people now carry it in their vocabulary and say "Haram" to something they don't like or think is wrong without thinking.

What do these words mean?

"Halal" is an Arabic word used to describe things that are LAWFUL, "Haram" is the opposite and means UNLAWFUL. These two words are synonymous with God and can be found throughout the Quran. Both words when uttered by God are binding and irrevocable.

What God has made lawful stays so, and what God has made unlawful stays so.

To illustrate this point, below is an attempt by the Prophet Mohammed himself to reverse a Lawful thing that was decreed by God in order to please his wives:

"O Prophet, WHY do you forbid "TUHARAM" that which God has made lawful "AHAL" in order to please your wives. God is Merciful and Forgiving. God has decreed to you how to revoke your oaths, and God is your Lord. He is most Wise and Knowledgeable" (66/1-2)

On this subject we find that our Lord REPRIMANDED the Prophet Mohammed for uttering these words and re-confirmed His laws on the subject.

Are any of us better than the prophet Mohammed?

If he was reprimanded, what will be our fate?

"And do not say lies for what your tongues describes: this is lawful (HALAL), and that is unlawful (HARAM), to lie about God. Those who lie about God will never succeed. They will have small pleasures (on Earth), AND FOR THEM IS A PAINFUL RETRIBUTION" (16/116-117)

This is just how serious those words we hear uttered every day are. Those who speak in God's name and tell lies about Him will have no consequence but to receive a painful retribution on the day of days when we all face our Maker.

God has made clear to us what is lawful and what is unlawful…Only the foolish would attempt to speak untruth in God’s name.

"Say 'Do you see that which God has provided for you, you make some of it Unlawful (Haram) and some of it Lawful (Halal)? Say 'Did God allow you to do this? Or do you tell lies about God?" (10/59)

"Say 'who has made Unlawful (Haram) the luxuries that God has provided his servants and the good things?..." (7/32)


The answers may be much simpler than you imagine:


What is Unlawful in General?

"Say 'Come, let me tell you what God has made Unlawful (HARAM)':

That you set-up partners with Him,

that you are unkind to your parents,

that you kill your children for fear of starvation; We will provide for you and them.

Do not come near evil deeds (Fahsha'a) what is apparent and what is hidden;

do not kill the soul that God has made except by that which is just. That is what God prescribes for you may you understand.

And do not take the funds of the orphans until they reach maturity, except for what is good for them.

And be just when weighing the scales or giving portions (in trade). We do not burden a soul except with what it can handle.

And if you speak, be just, even if it is with relatives.

And fulfill any oaths you have made in God's name.

This is what God prescribes for you, may you remember." (6/151-152)


"Say 'my Lord forbids (Haram)

evil deeds which are apparent and hidden;

and aggression without justification;

and that you establish partners to God;

and that you say about God what you do not know" (7/33)

As for the Food that is Unlawful:

"Say 'I find no food forbidden (Muharam) in what is revealed to me except that it be:

Animals that die of themselves;

Running blood;

The meat of pigs, for it is contaminated;

That which has been sacrificed for other than God.

He who must eat these for dire need has no sin, your Lord is forgiving and merciful" (6/145)

And for what is Unlawful in Marriage:

"Unlawful for you (in marriage) are:

your mothers,

your daughters,

your sisters,

the sisters of your fathers,

the sisters of your mothers,

the daughters of your brother,

the daughters of your sister,

your nursing mothers,

the girls who nursed from the same woman as you,

the mothers of your wives,

the daughters of your wives with whom you have consummated the marriage--if the marriage has not been consummated, you may marry the daughter.

Also prohibited for you are the women who were married to your genetic sons.

Also, you shall not be married to two sisters at the same time--except if this is already the case. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful."

Also Unlawful are the women who are already married, unless they flee their disbelieving husbands who are at war with you.

These are GOD's commandments to you..." (4/23-24)


"Do not marry the women who set-up partners with God until they believe..." (2/221)

What is Unlawful in Trade:

"...God has made trade Lawful (Halal) and forbidden (Haram) usury..." (2/275)


All things that are not mentioned as being Haram, are, by default, Halal.

Yes, that is how simple things are. What God did not mention as being Haram, is ALLOWED by the Almighty for His servants.

We are NOT to play the role of God and falsely claim this is Haram or that is Haram because of our personal desires. We must REMEMBER that these words may only be uttered by our Lord and Master, and that He has already spoken.

Please remember this the next time someone asks you: "Is this Haram?", and tell them that if it was never mentioned by God, then no power on Earth can make it Haram.

May God guide us all to His light.


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