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Israel/Palestine War - The PROOF that Sura 17:7 is about to be fulliled

Started by KDC501, May 04, 2024, 01:27:41 PM

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Dear Brothers,

I've decided to create a new post to discuss this great and powerful prophecy which I firmly believe is about to be enacted. I will show you the proofs and the signs I've discovered and I believe God has left us to show that the people of Palestine will be liberated and will be granted victory in the end of this great conflict.

If you have not read any of my posts before please go to the following link:

This is post is a follow up to my previous post in the above link. Please read that post BEFORE YOU READ THIS POST ELSE YOU WOULD BE LOST IN SOME OF THE SIGNS I'M SHOWING YOU HERE.

I will show you proof that the Israeli's will be EXILED out of the land of Israel and that this I believe is heavily foreshadowed in the Quran. This task will be done by Dhul-Qarnain, King Messiah

First lets delve into some facts that prove the time is near.

The Date October 7th 2023

Sura 17:7 states :

17:7 If you do good (Children Of Israel), then it will be good for you, and if you do bad, then so be it. But when the promise of the second time comes, they will make your faces filled with sorrow and they will enter the Temple as they did the first time, and they will strike down all that was raised up.

Let's examine and break apart the date October 7th 2023 and how it may relate to Sura 17:7

Fact #1

October is the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar. When you sum the month number (10) and the day (7) you get the number 17.

Fact #2

The number 17 is a 7th prime. The number 7 is a special number in the Holy Scriptures. The fact that this date revolves around the number 7 is a profound sign. Sura 17:7 is a prime loaded verse. It's Sura number, verse number, the number of letters and words are prime numbers. Prime numbers are a sign of THE MESSIAH

Fact #3 - The Year(2023) linked to the number of words in Sura 17:7

This happened in the year 2023....Sura 17:7 has 23 letters!!! The number 23(the 9th prime) is a messianic number in the Holy Quran. For example Sura 18:83 which prophecies the coming of Messiah Ben Yusef/(Dhul-Qarnain)...the number 83 is 23rd prime. 23 is the 9th prime and Sura 18:83 has 9 words and Dhul-Qarnain has 9 letters.

Note: Muhammad allegedly took 23 years to compile the Quran.  :wow  #mysteriesofthequran

Fact #4 - The number of words

From the beginning of Sura 17 to verse 7 you have exactly 110 words. If you have read my previous post the number 110 is associated with the messiah which means that this prophecy will occur by the Messiah's hand with God's help.

Sura 17:0 - BISMILLAH -4 WORDS
Sura 17:1 - 21 words
Sura 17:2 - 12 words
Sura 17:3 - 9 words
Sura 17:4 - 13 words
Sura 17:5 - 17 words
Sura 17:6 - 11 words
Sura 17:7 - 23 words

The number of words from the beginning of Sura 17 to verse 7 = 4+21+12+9+13+17+11+23 = 110....Messiah Ben Yusef

Proof that the Israeli's will be Exiled

First Proof That Israel Will Be Exiled

This proof will blow you mind I assure you :elektro:  The first proof is the number of letters 109...

The number 109 is equal to the number of countries Israel has been exiled!!! This number according to the Jews is seen as a "racist" trope by anti-semities. Don't believe go to the ADL website.

The number 110 according to the ADL is another trope that used by "racist" to say that the Jews will be exiled again in the future. If this prophecy comes to past it would mean the 110th exile will be done by The Messiah.

Go to the following link:

The ADL is a Jewish owned organization that targets "Antisemitism". They claim that the notion that the Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries is some 'racist' trope. I'm of the belief that this is not the case and God is using this sign to show his great displeasure against the Jews.

Yes my brothers, God may be using Adolf Hitler symbols to bring about this prophecy! :rotfl:  :rotfl:  :rotfl:

Second Proof Of Exile (The foreshawdowing in past events) - Sura 59:2 (The Exodus)

Sura 59:2 reads

59:2 He is the One who drove out those who rejected among the people of the book from their homes at the very first mass exile. You never thought that they would leave, and they thought that their fortresses would protect them from God. But then God came to them from where they did not expect, and He cast fear into their hearts. They destroyed their homes with their own hands and the hands of those who acknowledge. So take a lesson, O you who possess vision.

Sura 59:2 talks about a past event that occurred with Muhammad and his followers. Muhammad and his followers were exiled by their enemies however in the end God made a way for them and granted them victory over their enemies. Upon victory Muhammad's enemies were forced out of lands they(his enemies) had forced them out; one large mass exile. This is the fate of the people of Israel for their crimes against the people of Palestine and breaking God's covenant. AND IT IS FORESHADOWED IN THIS SURA.

Fact #1

This proof is in Sura 59. The number 59 is the 17th prime! As I showed you previously the prophecy of Sura 17:7 occurs in the 17th Sura, in the 7th verse. 17 is the 7th prime. The use of prime numbers is a hint as to how the Israeli's will be defeated. Sura 59, the number 59 is the 17th prime this may be clear indication of the fate of Israel mentioned in Sura 17:7 will be linked to a mass exile.
What is more interesting is that Sura 59:2 is the 23rd verse from the end of Sura 59. Recall, that Sura 17:7 has 23 words, and the number 23rd is a messianic number (Sura 18:83....83 is the 23rd prime)

But we need more proof. Let's examine further.


Recall that the AHMAD prophecy is located in Sura 61:6. AHMAD has a gematrical value of 53 (16th prime). The number of letters from the beginning of Sura 59 to Verse 2 is 241 letters (the 53rd prime).

Sura 59:0 (BISMILLAH) - 19 letters
Sura 59:1 - 41 letters
Sura 59:2 - 181 letters

Sum of the letters = 19+41+181 = 241 (53rd prime)

Note: When you sum the sura no(59) and the verse no(2) you get 61.

Fact #3

The God count BETWEEN Sura 59:2 and Sura 61:6 is 53! This God count is calculated by counting from Sura 59:3 to Sura 61:5 (right before the AHMAD prophecy). Recall that AHMAD has a gematrical value of 53 in Sura 61:6.

Fact #4

The number of words from Sura 59:2 (not included in the count) to AHMAD in the 24th position of Sura 61:6 is 836 words (19x44).

Fact #5

The sum of the sura no(59) and the verse no(2) is 61 (the 18th prime). Sura 61 is where the AHMAD prophecy is located.

Fact #6
The number of verses from the beginning of Sura 59 to the end of Sura 61 (Sura 59:1 to Sura 61:14) is 51 verses. The number 51 is the 18th semi-prime. Recall that 61 is the 18th prime. See the connection?

Fact #7

God count from the beginning of Sura 59 to the end of Sura 61 is 67 (the 19th prime). This God count occurs in exactly 38 verses(19x2). What is ironic is that Sura 38 is the ONLY SURA IN THE QURAN when you sum the Sura number (38) and the total number of verses (78) you get 126. The prophecy of AHMAD has exactly 126 letters in Sura 61:6. The number 126 is a known number in Judaism which means "seven times life". The gematrical value of life (chai) in Hebrew is 18. 126 is 18 times 7....therefore seven times life. Jews consider the number 18 as a lucky number and it is known that they love donating money in multiples of 18. Read more about this here:

Note: The first mention of Dhul-Qarnain in Sura 18:83 has 38 letters

The number 38 is considered by the Jews as a 'racist' number symbol for Hammerhead skins. A racist skinhead group...No I'm not kidding. Read here:

Here we go again with the Hitler stuff.  :rotfl: These signs will infuriated the degenerate arrogant Jews!  :rotfl:  First you have 109/110 sign and now you have the number 38 being a sign for the Messiah?? God is furious with the Jews  :wow

Lets look at some other signs.

Simple Gematria Signs

Simple Gematria is much like the abjad system. However in this case for the english alphabet, the number assigned to the letter is in order of the letter in the alphabet. For example the letter A = 1, B =2, C = 3.....X=24 Y =25, Z = 26 etc.

Here I'm going to show you some signs that may astonish you.

Sign #1

101 is a sign of the Messiah. Sura 18:83 when you sum the sura number (18) and the verse number (83) you get 101 the (26th prime).
Sura 101 has exactly 177 letters.....177 doesn't that look like Sura 17:7  :wow

Note: The emergency number in Gaza is 101.

Sign #2

WEST BANK - 95 -
The number 95 is a multiple of 19 (19x5). Ironically Sura 95 is called "The Fig". The very first verse is "By the fig and olive". Can't this description be used for the West Bank which is known place for many Olive and Fig trees?

Sign #3 - The BIG SIGN

The murderous arrogant tyrant Benjamin Netanyahu has a gematrical value 177
View proof here:

His name has a value of 177 ....Sura 17:7...

Sign #4

IDF - 19 -

Israel Defense Forces the initials form the number 19.

Sign #5

Gaza Strip - 117 -

The 117st verse of the Quran is Sura 2:110 ....The number 110 is a messianic number
The 117st God count occurs directly on Sura 2:177....the number 177...

The first verse of Sura 59 has 41(13th prime) letters, 11 words(5th prime...messianic number) and has a GV of 2223. The number 2223 is a multiple of 19 (19x117).
This phenomenon appears AGAIN in the beginning of Sura 61:1 The same number of letters, words and GV. Why? Because Sura 59:1 and Sura 61:1 are the same verses word for word! This a clear indication of a correlation between these two suras (Sura 59 and Sura 61).

Sura 61 begins with a "God" count of 2539. This number is 371st prime.
The number 371 is the 117st semi-prime -

Sign #6
Following from Sign #5, Gaza Strip in simple gematria is 117.

The first verse of Sura 59 has 41(13th prime) letters, 11 words and has a GV of 2223. The number 2223 is a multiple of 19 (19x117)...117

Gaza Strip is 41 km long (25 miles long)!

Structural Signs in the Quran

If you have been reading my posts you would know that I'm convinced that the Quran, structurally, is a Messianic Text heralding the coming of the Messiah. Here are some signs that structural prove the Messiah is the one that will enact Sura 17:7

Sign #1

The 177th verse occurs in Sura 2:170. This verse is where the 110th God count first appears. The number 110 as I've said many times is a reference to the Messiah. 110 is the number of years Joseph lived.

Sign #2

Following from 'Sign #1' Sura 2:170 is the 117th verse from the end of Sura 2 (If you count from the last verse in Sura 2 backwards to verse 170, you get 117 verses). The number 117 is the gematrical value of Gaza Strip.

Sign #3

Sura 101 has 177 Arabic letters. The number 101 is a sign of the Messiah. It is the 26th prime. Sura 18:83 when you sum the sura no(18) and the verse number(83) is 101. The emergency number of Gaza is 101. Palestine in simple gematria is 101.

Sign #4

Sura 101 has 177 Arabic letters and 40 Arabic words. When you sum the number of words and letters you get the number 217. The number of verses from Sura 17:7 to Sura 101:1 is 4123. The number 4123 is 19x217!!!

Sign #5 - Sura 110 (An-Ansr) - The Helper/Divine Support
Sura 110:1 reads
110:1 When God's help arrives and the Victory comes.

From Sura 101:1 to Sura 110:1 is 57 verses (19x3).

The number of words from Sura 101 (including the BISMILLAH) to Sura 110:1 is 257 words. The number 257 is the 55th prime. The number 55 is the 19th semi-prime.

Sura 110 has 23 words (if you include the BISMILLAH) and 99 letters. When you sum the number of letters and words you get 122 the 41st semi-prime.

Recall Gaza Strip is 41km long (25 miles).

These are just some of the signs I've discovered. I'm 110% convinced the people of Palestine will recused by God's divine hand. It's only a matter of time. All of this is dependent on Sura 17:7 which will be enacted by God's Messiah.



Bajram Hoxhaj

Kevin, you jump between numerous topics without providing evidence. Inconsistent numerology isn't convincing proof, especially your claims about the number nineteen.


Quote from: Bajram Hoxhaj on May 05, 2024, 01:39:48 PMKevin, you jump between numerous topics without providing evidence. Inconsistent numerology isn't convincing proof, especially your claims about the number nineteen.

This post is a follow up to a previous post I made. Read Here

Like I said in the beginning of this post you will not understand this post without first reading my last post.

I'm not here to discuss with anyone the code 19. As of 2024 its now 5O YEARS since Dr. Khalifa discovered this miracle. That is ample time to view the evidence. If at this point people can't acknowledge that CODE 19 is part of the Quran I feel sorry for them. This post goes beyond CODE 19. This post is about Sura 17:7 being close to being enacted. I would urge members to leave the discussion at that.