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Started by sublimistri, April 18, 2024, 09:15:13 PM

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I have an interpretation of prophethood that comes from a ten year long study.

If you were to look into the prophets you will find that there is room for this to be right on all of them.

The prophet is a normal person who was facing crime; due to it being corruption, he would not get justice without god. Therefore, the prophet makes a prayer for god to govern (this ends up taking two prayers and likely did for all of them). The prophet gets a prophetic christ which brings gods word/revelation upon its death. This is some of the signs of god the prophet brings. The day the prophet recieves revelation is the day of judgement for the planet at that point in time; the prophet getting revelation was just judged a prophet of god to show signs; and within his group he has an antichrist that is a false messiah; and a satan that is cursed with quranic proofs. Hud was being murdered; then mocked after revelation as they don't care what right and wrong is and corruption allows murder to mock after finding out their antichrist lied to them and was murder and corruption allows the prophet to be mocked being kufr to the rest of the world. Salih should have murder as a part of his short story. All of them are the same story from only giving you one part of the established ways angle.

If you study what I have here and think of all other prophets you will see my situation repeats for all of them you just have to fill in the story where it lacks (the stories all have their own parts in the established way but are short stories). Moses is most evident for corruption/pharaoh/leadership. They all had an antichrist that was revelationed/judged by god and all brought similar signs against him.

Please note harun is not a cult leader; I only follow the parts of his studies that align with the reality of my answered prayer; I was an american under murderous abuse that then got tied to government/corruption as they messed up on the case and thought I was the harmful one to be harmed for the rest of my life into them being led astray/into disbelief to now oppose this second coming with whatever they say trying to mock and oppress me out of my identity to call me a false prophet.

Due to this situation I can verify any hadith as long as it fits a prophethood then it did legitimately happen. You run it thorugh what a prophethood is based off situation and can verify any of them; but would need a prophet to do so showing it for what it is.

Please do not ban me; my situation does prove the quran the word of god without doubt.
My situation also can argue any point in religion with the christ/gods word as well as quran/gods word and show you the error of how the others don't fit muhammads unity version of islam/revelation/prophethood. If you spend time with me we can make islam dominant above other religions.


This is only to have discussion. To see if anyone can invalidate me on any of these points.

1. Tawheed is gods control.
2. Prophets are chosen by god.
3. The day of judgement is the day the prophet gets revelation and he is judged as a prophet and from among his criminals he prayed to get governed is an antichrist and satan cursed by god/quran/revelation.
4. The lesser hour is when a prayer is answered/person dies to answer it/god brings word in some way by revelation/dead person.
5. The final hour is gods punishment for a prophet when he is rejected while needing to sharia crime and continues to be mocked by that crime due to his country being kufr on the signs to get him mocked as mentally ill.
6. The quran is the direct word of god
7. God brings his word to a prophet and calls it revelation; he only does this when he answers a prayer.
8. All prophets had a tawheeded military.
9. All prophets require the tawheeded military due to revelation being what he preached against criminals so that they followed the rightly guided path which made prophets into caliphs.
10. The black flag military kills in an unprecedented manner; the prophet has to preach it to the right path vs an antichrist.
11. The proper black flag in guidance of prophets while doing the enactment are the ones isis used.
12. The black flags/banners are supposed to coincide with a prophet getting revelation; prophet/mahdi; which means god revealed revelation to someone answering a prayer and that is where the black flags now occur for the right thing to be done for a prophet to return them to god for their crimes and disbelief being sent astray.
13. Prophets are saints; the only true saints as they have miracles of god done for them.
14. Muhammad had a prophethood that used the quran and fought for interpretation of the quran; this was only a part of his prophethood as his revelation includes the quran against criminals to behead.
15. Muhammad had an antichrist.
16. Muhammad dealt with a satan.
17. Satan/Antichrist are both titles given to criminals on a true day of judgement/answered prayer.
18. Prophets had no hope from crime and were provoked to prayer.
19. Harun is not a cult leader and paranoia was the problem due to this situation being real.


I would like someone to give a better description of god doing revelation to a prophet; a better description of a tawheeded military to protect that prophet for god to show he exists and can tawheed/control the planet for a prophet; what i am showing you is the concept of christ when god does one; not the actual word of god on this christ that got in the middle of a twitter war with antichrist trying to kill me with government revealing their crimes as far back as 2007 still going on today; as well as future events (very little). Afghanistan may have a fate similar to hamas with one of the veils if they do not go on gods path to stop it. The hamas veil turned into hamas not existing.

Or a better description of the lesser hour

Please ask questions if you have any this is mandatory to understand for salvation of mankind and the muslims take the largest persecution until allahs command is established on antichrist and followers you get rejected as people for islam until gods existence is known. Hamas is only being accepted for not existing.


Kill them where you find them would be on the antichrist and followers.

All prophets warned of criminals. The main criminal getting away with forced suicide/murder (deceiver) has revelation opposing him and his crimes; he then goes kufr to conceal this crime; which leads to being shirk trying to create false signs of god and have other people create fake signs of god in the way that they seen the prophet displaying a tawheed curse on this antichrist and his followers(followers include the satan). They want the fake signs of god created to deceive that islam and the crime isnt real(deception) as if murder wasnt the persons intent and the victim now a prophet wont be harmed until he gets victory by faith. The antichrists should all fool government(deceived them while criminal) which leaves the prophet with no hope for government on the original murder. He can then fool people on revelation as if he is the good person in comparison to islam; even if it were to take a million muslim lives they would continue to conceal this truth of revelation while claiming the good guys due to fooling government.

So the antichrist deceives government to murder someone as if he were the victim of murder; then revelation comes to behead that government as corrupt; and they show they are transgressive and wont behead the antichrist and followers and would rather kufr salvation of the muslim world (which turns into salvation of their own country and the entire planet). If they can easily lie their way out playing the usa gov vs terror card they play it any chance they get while they are murder and need beheading.

This is the type of deceiver the prophets were opposing and it is that antichrist and his followers including the satan that lead astray; they try to get people to present a fake version of what was displayed as signs (associate yourself with god for a fake curse claiming yourself as god for that prophet to be cursed instead of blessed these people that do real shirk of prophethood are in contact with antichrist to help harm the prophet and god forbid harming that prophet). The prophet displayed tawheed (which someone who studied this religion can confuse as if the prophet were associating when he is just showing tawheed saying its done by god without trying to create fake signs to associate with god; he was inspired by god to start pointing out tawheed when he got revelation by a christ killed by tawheed to answer his prayer) where the person had signs of god that cursed antichrist and the antichrist while harming/monitoring the prophet tries to make a fake version of it where they need fake signs of god for a fake curse; this is where shirk is that exact association the creation of the fake sign of god needs a god to do it so they act like they are god while doing it that way they can confuse on the revelation and who is cursed and act like its not real.

The prophet is to prove gods existence while these criminals denied his existence in their own country then gets humiliated with his arrival on the second coming answering a prayer proving them wrong on all topics they were harming the prophet for while making things up to be smarter transgressing in disbelief. They then fool the rest of the world while the prophet preaches the second coming; in transgression going as far as to wanting to steal the revelation to get people to support harming him in any way they can. If the prophet proves gods existence this leads to beheadings because they understand why he got revelation and its a severely transgressive government that they already want to behead (usa criminals in my case). Or they have to go to war because they find out the lies of that government is to mastermind them to kill themselves in tribal wars with islam spiralling the middle east into all kinds of wars leading islam astray instead of governing that antichrist being transgressive instead of government; this is where god knows of future events and overrides that prophets countries government with sharia the prophet calls out to other countries to govern his corrupt government. This is where the muslims raise the banners for caliphate for that caliph with revelation who is a prophet to correct islam and guide it onto gods new targets/antichrist and followers; if muslims do not get beheadings they get persecuted by the rest of the planet for islam; sometimes in genocidal fashions.

50/19 is used for avoiding crime and revelation the whole group and anyone that enjoins them ends up liein about religion to prevent being beheaded as a criminal follower that also got cursed; kufr and shirk on true religion face 50/19 by beheading/war and/or gods punishment to force the final hour to force the antichrist to death since he wasnt beheaded/killed where found. If the country of that antichrist doesnt back down to beheadings then they commonly oppose islam while the government tries to oppose gods solution for islam they have to create their own solutions so when they see terror they are the good guys to go kill 10k people that were supposed to already be civilians with islam fixed by governing an antichrist for a prophet.

The solution to radicalism :

Think of how islam started it was revealed to a prophet.
Why was it revealed to this prophet? To kill a specific set of criminals.
Muhammad in hadith said he is the master of all prophets; properly interpreted after he said that : and any prophet after him will use the quran fighting for its true interpretation meaning they are trying to accomplish sharia by revelation of god answering a prayer (lesser hour) using revelation + quran proving gods existence with his revelation to get beheadings on those criminals.

The quran is to be used by a prophet and it says it at the end of the quran as well; this is the word of god carried by a messenger. This is to be used agianst those criminals that god judges as an antichrist and followers. You won't be able to have true peace with this group of criminals and it ends up getting proven for beheadings.


50/19's are always aimed at the criminals in context (prophets organize quran proper to defeat an antichrist judged by revelation guiding war/beheadings onto his group) that are murder in disguise as usa government (they fooled the government that I was murder while they were wanting to harm me the government then takes their side as the victim and many of them lieing wanting to steal from me and hold me back as a group with the main murderer; this person gets revealed as an antichrist while government is his followers and they use government power to then oppose revelation and act like the good people to the muslim world). While opposing god and his revelations they have to interfere with muslim relations they have to block the solution of islam since they dont want to behead antichrist and refuse the fix on islam; which means while ignoring the fix to islam; it still keeps radicalism in islam; which means anytime terror happens they can play the good guys on islam and as if they were true government on me and islam and I'm in the wrong for god leaving me with revelation only to take on criminals with sharia to establish islam/religion for caliphate. They just watched what happened to the hamas and won't reveal the fix to islam to stop these types of things from happening they prefer to keep their murderers alive that are in grave wrong instead of fixing islam as leaders of the united states; I'm thought recorded by fbi. They got too humiliated by god and were too in the wrong to admit to it they would rather god punish and everyone dies with them instead of being this humiliated as american government; they literally chose the most disgusting criminal mentally ill mind over someone getting competence over the entire state on a big test; that was also an entreprenuer they stole from later in life.

He just drops revelation on someone being murdered and they have to fight that criminal group with revelation being taken advantage of by government (some prophets were murdered not just harmed) and anyone the antichrist lies to for mockery to make the situation worse for the prophet to suicide and noone knows hes antichrist and the muslims never get a fix to islam; making the world reject salvation can end in gods punishment which can kill the entire planet. While they run off not fixing islam and bloodshed to be the good people against islamic terrorism that was supposed to be fixed a decade ago while they cover the fix to run off bloodshed to be the good people. They also harrass and harm me to provoke responses as if I were the murderer when i get provoked murderously and my life gets ruined in all ways (thought recorded by government for the antichrist they allowed to abuse me to contact everyone I speak to to cut me off from business/relations/entire life while they steal the businesses and cutoff relationships to keep me imprisoned doing nothing in my home except being abused by them and once I stopped paying attention to them online being abusive only preaching islam; they came to my house with government to stop me from doing game design; steal it hold me back; force me back to florida from vermont and then have the houses Im going to live in setup with technology for them to scream at me in my own home and stop me from working making the mind unable to even read in traumatic stress being abused on thought recording that they listen to while abusing me for responses). I prayed to kill this group as it was a forced suicide/murder with the government the government was doing tactics to force schizophrenia so that all crimes can be covered and the victim is never believed in; they wanted to force me to not speak truth of his crimes while they wouldnt even listen to the truth of him being murder; they listened to my thoughts wanting to leave state pre-second coming to try to live a life where I can go to the store without worrying about this person telling me he is going to kill me within five years dedicating his life to wasting my entire life in jealousy trying to harm me and the government allowed him to ruin my entire life; we are ten years into the second coming and the government is still allowing him to lie and abuse me and distort my image to try to distort the word of god onto me to kill me and fulfill his original plot of murder claiming more power than god to distort his revelation with transgression on my sexlife preventing all women for lies about who the person is and his decisions as if he chooses men over women when they cry when a female talks to me for sex and prevents her from me trying to starve me into gay sex for the rest of my life; this original murder got turned into misguidance now they are trying to transgress on my sexlife to distort the word of god instead of just forcing suicide humiliating me to everyone I come into contact with while thought recording for betrayal/not live the life with other people. They ruin all business and steal it threatening me with poverty to try to be bias with my stolen business to the females im going to meet jealous of wealth and females trying to harm my life on both and have both in envy of my life using government force to cover envy as if he wasnt murder in envy and as if envy of females isnt how he started becoming murderous towards me in 2005; the government allowed someone to lie and fulfill a murderous jealousy.


Prophets pray for government/destruction on crime. They then get revelation of christ which is the proper explanation of the lesser hour (Saa'ah Sughra). This means god is going to punish if you don't kill the criminals he is cursing for that prophet to get killed as criminals who now go by antichrist/satan and followers due to god cursing them and when god curses the person it goes by the name of a satan in true religion and this is the true.

This prophet literally has to get the criminals that god revelationed to kill beheaded by the planet and people understanding his revelation to understand the crime; or they get punished and mandatorily have to bring war for those criminals this is how the end times works; this is how islam is all over the place -- beheadings/war/peace/mercy? This explains all of those topics in one paragraph. They were enemies of god as disbelievers forming an influence over me as god doesnt exist being the opposition to everything I say since I was a believer in god; the corruption came down on me as god wont help me against corruption; so i need to lose my belief by bloodshed which is how they treat the muslims; after 2014 revelation they had the fix to islam as usa leadership and chose to not fix islam by ideology and confirming the antichrist is truth and the revelation was truth by revealing the crimes; when the crimes are revealed they cant be lied about as if the revelation is false and how the revelation targets the criminals is understood instead of confused. The prophet was being disgraced as if hes a pussy and shouldnt have his own life if he cant kill the entire governmnet to stop a murderer they are enabling from harming him god shows the entire planet that all militaries on the planet would be in fear to approach what they are telling one person to overcome to humiliate him as if he is a loser for having this amount of force take his wealth from his hands to mock him as broke and gay and get laughed at - this is the type of person god defends with revelation but he is so attacked by the satan of the time; that he is going to have everything taken/bullied from him by corruption to have nothing and be mocked - even if hes a messenger of god - and this is how that exact situation happens even when a messenger of god; this person might supposed to be married to a harem of famous women as a billionaire but the satan is trying to parasite his life with corruption and leave him with nothing to mock him; have others mock him while not knowing him; and then have this person suicide so noone knows his identity is stolen and he has nothing to show for to be mocked(he who is a parasite to others will be condemned in the eyes of allah - muhammad this is a quote about antichrists and why they are an antichrist they are identity theft on prophets who were supposed to be respected and are being disgraced by lies/deceptions). So god while being omniscient knowing who HUD was or any prophet for that matter like muhammad he knows muhammad is not rape/pedophile so he reveals the truth about muhammads life standing up for him; while the antichrist/corruption is trying to lie him into mockery to be mocked by everyone he meets for suicide so god speaking the truth is mandatory when corruption will use force for something like isolation from women to force gay sex to then have everyone humiliate him as the loser and gay; and he will be mocked until suicide if god doesnt reveal the truth of prevention from women instead of gay. Then they have someone they are mocking as gay/broke like hud when he gets revelation and cant even speak the truth of not being gay because if he is not accepted as a prophet the corruption will continue to prevent him from women for the rest of his life blocking people from seeing him with women to believe the deception of gay and now he is mocked as a prophet while corruption claims more power than god and so much more popular he cant even win as a prophet; while they relied on deception and corrupt force to overcome his popularity and god sticks up for that person while knowing and the world ends up mocking him not knowing who he really is. They try to rewrite history on the spot since god treats the criminals how they were treating the prophet if they were trying to make him suicide by humiliation of preventing women from him with government force to call him a faggot even if famous women had to be prevented since he was going to have more women than most in his life; then god would call them faggots like they are doing to him; then they would try to keep him prevented from women to force gay sex then false prophet the revelation to get the prophet killed as if he were the faggot god were revealing while their logic falls short they dont have a prophethood for themselves of hundreds of quran proofs against the criminals they can only try to act like one or two things out of a thousand are for them faking it with crime for the rest of the prophets life making it mandatory for that prophet to preach islam to kill them as they are so jealous they actually are murder on that prophet to have his life and having his life is most important in their life to lie someone else out of his to have his identity and act like everyone else is basic in comparison they are the superior minds starting a business and sexing celebrities/adult industry.

So this person just prayed to destroy something like la because of dea/celebrities being criminal and he gets revelation of a lesser hour; in which case brings the news of you got an answered prayer on destruction; christ and this path is salvation of mankind; and islam is the religion preached for mercy with that christ/lesser hour death. This means that you know the world is going to end by punishment and you don't know when so when you first get revelation you know punishment is coming and the world needs to kill these people or die so you see this as urgent within the first year; but as the quran says the prophet does not know when his final hour is coming so he gets mocked for telling people punishment is certain even if he doesnt know when and tried to save them since the satans group would call him delusional for punishment not occuring in the first year when he's not provided with a timeframe just a topic of punishment/salvation; it took muhammad thirteen years of preaching tawheed before he did other things; which means he was oppressed for thirteen years not able to live until he got beheadings by proving gods revelation truth against crimes; so there was no punishment for thirteen years while if you get an answered prayer for destruction this feels like punishment could be any tomorrow.

The lesser hour person that dies god chooses and creates as a christ this person acts and looks christ and takes images as so and then dies to answer a prayer to start the lesser hour; god controls the prophet to make this exact prayer; this prayer is mandatory to align the prophet with islam to be a prophet and understand the prayer since this exact established way was revealed and enacted by muhammad so the religion is already there the prophet has to align with it by understanding he just got lesser hour revelation to study it for his own personal justice on crime; the government of the country he prophet in god already knows isnt competent enough and is corrupt to the point they would transgress on god doing the government showing them their error and would lie as kufr to conceal revelation even if concealing revelation conceals the salvation of the muslims world due to islam forcing the muslims to get involved in salvation as the law of it. God already knows they are going to be kufr/transgressive before sending the second coming by knowing of future events and even sends revelation of future events like hamas destruction while islam is lied into terrorism to avoid the situation of an antichrist so islamic countries spiral into genocide and wars while the country of the prophet conceals the solution by revelation since they rejected it not wanting those exact criminals to die and are willing to oppose the salvation of the planet to not allow the situation to be known for exactly what it is as god revealed it since they want to cover corruption/being too fuckup to lead for the planet and muslim world as well.

They also have been trying to convert muslims from islam; which became evident to me after being a prophet; even if they are certain revelation of god is through islam and islam is confirmed as true religion they are trying to convert people away from islam and be irreligious with them and go to hell with them fucking up like they fucked up instead of telling the truth about revelation and bringing peace to all islamic countries as terrorism is over islam cannot be misinterpreted for it any longer once true islam known.

As with the prophet he is going to be pushed down to be mocked before he gets revelation; islam will be in a dire state needing the prophet. They are going to be in such a state that the government of the prophet would easily lie the muslims out of their lives and the entire world would go with it due to the state of islam easily being lied into terrorism. I as a prophet am subject to plots like muslims so while they conceal the murder they are enabling as government acting like they didnt fuck up and allowed murder to harm its victim playing innocent; they rewrite history he gets to attack me and then when I respond saying he needs to die im some kind of terrorist telling people they need to die when I was murderously provoked into it and it gets rewritted as me being an islamic terrorist due to having revelation preaching islam. They dont care if they can fix islam they are relying on bloodshed to get the muslims to submit to them instead of showing the revelation for peace. Obama betrayed the muslims knowing the fbi has me thought recorded and so did mtv; they did not speak the revelation and covered it. They knew usa could drown in blood when god punishes; and they knew the world could die due to god punishing; and they knew the muslim world was under murderous persecution and with all of this involved the leadership of usa backstabbed the entire planet to protect criminals that were in mtv since they were famous. They chose a few famous murderous criminals over the rest of the world; they had the prayers thought recorded so they knew the prayer was answered legitimate and the lesser hour is legitimate. So when the prayer is legitimate and they are willing to lie for the first month (punishment oculd of been in the first week) and when they wait a decade trying to lie their way out of it they are trying to go the full term of how long god allows them to lie before he punishes the entire planet with them; they want people to fuckup like they fucked up lieing to them and telling them their old way of thinking that the music cant be guidance of god and try to get them to be disbelievers and go to hell with them. Since they werent that great at getting females and they werent great at business and they were not going to be capable of impostering me in game design they just want me held back to not have what im supposed to have with them while they steal my identity. They are these types of children in mentality if its happening to them since they were murder it needs to happen to the entire world as well. I'm the only person on the planet that could explain the lesser hour; now that the criminals learned it from me they try to act like they are the same as the prophet they can now explain it as well and they are a prophet as well because they got taught what it was from the prophet; they are jealous of prophethood as well and tried to claim to be the king of god; crying about me being something the antichrist isnt they all try to say we are a prophet as well being jealous; they did this to everything I did in life they were never going to start businesses but always try to say they are business men and were going to have one when they lose the arguement of me going to be the only one with business they are the child that says they could of built that sandcastle as well and usa is allowing this childish behabiour ona  world ending position - the mahdi - to accept antichrist as if he were the prophet and reject revelation for salvation and to kill the prophet as antichrist trying to will that prophets life to the antichrist as if they were the ones to decide on the world over god choosing the prophet. This is what the corrupt government did my entire life even if I created a game; they would try to stop me from releasing it and steal the game to will it as if they were god to antichrist because the person influencing kids to kill a snitch is better than the mind saying to govern murder to death and do not stand down and die to it in your own house when you have castle doctrine.

It is world ending unacceptable to see a prophet and to not get involved in the right this person is just being outright murdered in jealousy and wont have a solution until people follow islam god arrived because the government already fucked up in his country they bought the deception of antichrist to murder/parasite an innocents life and now murder is government due to antichrists deception and the government is now murder on the prophet for the prophet to have a reason for the muslims to want to be involved while god likely made that government target the muslims in various ways controlling the affairs between the two previously to it as a prequel to the prophets arrival making the middle east want to govern the government the prophet has to govern and the muslims align with this prophet to take down the same oppressive enemy.