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Looking for a Believing Woman in US or Turkey

Started by ilm-seeker, October 27, 2023, 03:12:56 PM

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Salam. I'm a 30 year old believer in the Quran, living in the US... relocated in 2023 as LPR, currently in HTX, not yet settled.

I'm 5'10'', fit, Turkish, black hair & eye... never married. 

Living by Quran and pleasing Allah is surely the #1 goal. That being said, I'm pretty balanced between deen and dunya. Some things I like: doing charity, reading, watching documentaries / movies / standup comedies, classical music, the piano, walking, nature...

I'm seeking a Quran only believer, < 30,  who is never married and never engaged in physical intimacy. 

May Allah help us all in this journey.


Still seeking, I'm currently in Turkey (Ankara) for a couple of months.