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Haj verses with clarity.....

Started by jkhan, June 10, 2023, 10:47:45 AM

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If anyone feels one or two other verses also to be translated for better clarity , then let me know which verse of haj.. But as far as I know if you apply same meaning of what is translated in above verses to rest you will perceive... Coz  ever confused words in all translations  I have clarified with guidance of God..
Thank you
Let us die with guidance


Quote from: jkhan on June 11, 2023, 09:55:37 PM

2:125 And when we made the system / charter (AlBayt) a state of repentance / obedience (Mazthaba) to the people and an assurance, and to take from establishment /direction of Ibrahim a connection (Musalla). And we covenanted to Ibrahim and Ismail to clarify My System / Charter to the Serving /dutiful, the Devoted, and the Humbling the Submissive.

14:34. Our Lord!  Indeed I have assured / convinced (askanthu) of my offspring with affection (biwadi) who not possessed maturity / growth / cultivation with Your System / Charter (AlBayt) the Sanctioning (Almuharram) in order that they assume the connection (sala), so make hearts of the people incline towards them.

Although, above two verses not directly connected with Haj,  still you might be interested to know what these two verses indeed means.. So I have translated... Reflect .. May Arrahman guide us..

Pls note that the above verse is not 14:34 instead it is 14:37 .. My apologies..  Thank you for pointing out...
Let us die with guidance


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