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Jealousy towards Reverts

Started by emperor, October 24, 2022, 10:40:04 AM

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I feel jealous towards Reverts, because they got to experience sex with different woman.

Could explore different types of woman with any strings.

And now after the reverted. There sins are just wiped away. While we born muslims always had to lower our gaze, not commit any zina, and are basicly the same compared to the reverts even thou they had more pleasure and experience in life.

This thought is making me jealous and angry.

What do you think?



I feel that sins prior to Islam are forgivable if the person sincerely repent, and all sins after Islam — except shirk — are equally forgivable for Allah's mercy is far greater than our sins.

Coming back to your peculiar question, it seems you are going through a test... the kind of test which you know very well, Steadfast and keep your dignity..

On a lighter note, what gives you the impression that born muslims commit those acts lesser than the revert ones. Only a handful people like you who have this level of Taqwa to stay away from those acts.

Best Regards,