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Narcissistic Energy Vampires

Started by Emre_1974tr, October 02, 2022, 12:33:32 PM

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-Say: "I seek refuge in the Lord of the morning light from the evil of what He has created, from the evil of the night when darkness falls, from the evil of those who blow at knots, and from the evil of the envious when he envyeth."

-Say: "I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, the Ruler of mankind, the Deity of mankind, from the evil of the insidious mischief-maker from among the jinn and mankind, who is a mischief-maker in the hearts of mankind."

-The example of those who take friends besides Allah is like the example of the female spider who makes a house for herself. Verily, the most rotten of houses (the most insecure) is the house of the female spider. If only they knew!(29:41)

Attention, energetic/telepathic attacks by energy vampires and demons have increased all over the world, be prepared for all kinds of disasters.

There are allegations that under the name of experiments at Cern, the activity of evil beings and their energies in our world is being increased.

I told you that even if you don't meet energy vampires, just sitting in the same building with them may can destroy you. Apart from that, thinking about them, bringing them into your mind will also enable them to steal your energy and goodness (and in return transfer their negative energy to you).

Not to mention the fact that sexual relations allow invisible energy hooks to be inserted. So if you have sex with an energy vampire, even just once, you may have stepped into the darkness.

And some types of energy vampires (those who steal energy consciously) are in collaboration with demonic beings. They are enabling them to possess you too. They are total destroyers. Their goal is for you to lose the test.

This must be one of the reasons why free sex is forbidden. To prevent or curb the evil energies and entities from spreading throughout the world and taking humanity in their grasp. For example, in the West, Jezebel is the name given to destructive beings who dominate others through.

Other developments that have led to the increased influence of malevolent entities and energy vampires in the world: Increased communication due to technologies such as the Internet, increased radiation and electromagnetic pollution, degradation of nature, and the collapse of our defense and balance systems.

In short, what has been sufficient or sustained you in the path of goodness and faith until now, what you have been doing, may no longer be sufficient. We have entered a dark and challenging period where you may need to make more effort and be more careful. In every respect...

"Full submission to Allah" is very important in these challenging times; Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 112: No, whoever submits himself to Allah by doing good, then his reward is with his Lord. There is no fear for them and they will not grieve.

Narcissistic evil/energy vampirism is like a spider's web, rapidly enveloping the world and trying to extend its arms everywhere these days.

You know how in the movies vampires or zombies bite people and turn everyone into themselves, well, Satan is applying this system to ensure his pseudo-domination, infusing his mental poison into society through the narcissistic energy vampires he influences and trying to transform all of humanity.

Of course, again everyone gets what they deserve, those who deserve to deviate will deviate, they will face what is inside them. Those who deserve salvation will be purified from this network, but by staying away from them, but through prayer, goodness and other means. Of course, it is important here what your eternal choice is.

The number and brazenness of narcissistic energy vampires is increasing day by day on the streets. They are after us empaths and often travel by bicycle to look around.

Hollywood has been killing or turning superheroes into villains in their movies for the last  years, beware...

The narcissistic spider web surrounding the world is getting faster and faster. The circle is getting tighter and tighter.

demon and his human henchmen, the narcissistic energy vampires, are aware that they have little time left, so they have intensified their efforts to destroy more and more people as fast as they can, to entangle them in their toxic web and drag them down to hell with them.

These demons and their henchmen generally have a weepy, sad and angry character. They take advantage of your fears and your sense of compassion to carry out their acts of possession or destruction.

Narcissistic energy vampires are the opposite of empaths and target them. They are after their light, energy, goodness, goodness, faith, personality and hope. They are zombified by surrendering their own personality to the entity and are uniform in character, collective.

In fact, Satan did not have sovereignty over them, but subconsciously or fully aware, they cooperated with him and eliminated their individuality. They are robots directed from a single center, they have lost their sense of self, they have taken on the character of that entity.

Of course, there are also versions of these that have not completely surrendered, some of which are in internal conflict and struggle, and are possessed to varying degrees. But the malignant types seem to be completely incorporated into the structure of the spider web.

Narcissistic energy vampires think they are smarter than God and even worship themselves in a pantheistic philosophy. Even those who appear to be very religious are certainly in shirk and when you dig deeper, in reality they have little/no self in their collective structure.

I told you that energy vampires absorb energy and character from other living beings and have telepathic effects. With a little research you can easily see that science has now discovered/proven the reality of telepathy and energy absorption.

These are no longer paranormal, they are the subject of biology and psychology and natural/physical bodily properties...

By the way, Surahs Felak and Nas also draw attention to the telepathic attacks of jinn and human narcissists...

And malignant narcissists see their negative traits in others, project them onto them, and some of them even try to continue this behavior in the afterlife, as stated in the verse: 38:62 "How is it that we do not see those whom we consider evil?"

57:13 On that Day hypocritical men and hypocritical women will say to those who believe: "Look at us, so that we may receive some of your light." It will be said to them: "Turn back and look for a light." Finally a wall with a gate will be drawn between them. Inside it is mercy. The outside is torment.

The English translation of this Surah Hadid verse 13 uses the expression "let us suck out your light". In short, the evil energy vampires who try to steal your energy, goodness and personality in this world will try to resort to the same way in the hereafter for the last time and in panic.

The people described in the verses, whose hearts/minds have been sealed in the direction they deserve, are also zombified, uniform narcissistic characters who have lost their individuality and ego.


Malignant narcissistic energy vampires (or the beings that rule their zombified minds) are actually very well aware of the thoughts and feelings of others through their telepathic side, but the difference from empaths is that they mostly enjoy the disaster of the other person, not their happiness.

While the narcissistic spider web continues to spread everywhere like a magnetic field/energy, don't be misled by the fact that it is a whiny and angry female character, it tries to absorb and transform all people without discriminating between men and women.

Add garlic to the list of healing foods I mentioned in my articles. It is not for nothing that it is used in the movies to fight vampires, it has a protective and purifying effect against bad energies:


The Star Wars series tells a tale of pagan/pantheistic spiritist doctrine. Yes, the story in this science fiction movie is pagan, but it also contains important signs that we can take as a warning.

In particular, it presents the characteristic and physical features of narcissistic energy vampires by symbolizing them through "Sith".

In this scene, the Sith Palpatine already knows telepathically the weaknesses of Anakin (who will become Darth Vader when he is transformed), whom he has chosen as a sacrifice for himself and will transform, and directs him:

The hand gesture that the Sith do in that scene is actually done by highly narcissistic energy vampires. But of course it doesn't have the same effect as in the movies, but unfortunately this hand gesture with his palm towards you allows him to absorb your energy from a distance and even transfer his own toxic energy to you:

The narcissistic energy vampire laughs slyly, belly laughs and usually silently, especially when your back is turned (scene at 4:05 in the video):

By the way, Darth Vader's energy and demanding attack on his surroundings in a moment of anger and sadness shows something that advanced narcissists can do in real life, albeit exaggeratedly. And again, Darth Vader's mechanical and frightening breathing aims to show us the narcissistic angry and sad breathing, even if exaggerated.


Let's continue deciphering the narcissistic energy vampires presented in the Star Wars story.

By the way, George Lucas is also known to use Turkish names in the world of Star Wars. No one has really figured out what Anakin means, but it's probably a Turkish name. It is born from the combination of the words "Ana" and "kin" and has a meaning like "the fiercest hatred", "the greatest grudge". Those who have already seen the movies will know that this name reflects the character well.

Now the scene I will link below is an annoying and violent scene called Anakin's transition to the dark side, so I would not recommend it to everyone. For example, I close my eyes at the necessary points because I know what will happen in which second...

The sound that Palpatine makes at 1:02 is again a derivative of the sound that narcissistic energy vampires make, especially when they are alone at home. Or if they have difficulty climbing stairs or something, they can rarely make this mixture of bellowing and screaming in a crowded environment.

I said that narcissistic energy vampires try to prey on you by preying on your compassion and at the same time they try to prey on your fears to take you over or destroy you. Here Palpatine is using Anakin's fear of losing his wife Padme. And he also takes advantage of Anakin's sense of compassion by putting himself in a pitying position from the 3:19 mark of this scene and makes him become possessed like him and go into the darkness. We also see the narcissistic vampires crying here. It is also in these moments that Palpatine's true demonic gaze and his frightening face are physically revealed. And from 4:18 onwards, when things go his way, his crying is replaced by a narcissistic smile. And then to his angry growl and his real tone of voice.

Of course, here Anakin confronted himself again as he turned into Darth Vader. The thing that was always there inside him was revealed. Palpetine was the occasion for this.


Let's look at the narcissistic side of the bad people mentioned in the Quran:

Narcissists are aware of what is right and wrong, but they see themselves as outside the rules.

83:2 Who, when they measure what they take from people, they take it without deficiency.
83:3 And when they weigh and measure to give to them, they go for a diminution.

2:44 Do you forget yourselves when you call people to do good, and you read the Book, and do you not use your minds?

They reflect the evil in themselves on others, but they see the good in others in themselves.

83:32 When they see people: "Those! They are confused and perverse."
38:62 "How is it that we do not see those whom we consider evil?"

For him, he is oppressed and good, whereas his opponent is guilty:

26:19 - "Finally you have done that (evil) deed which you did. You are an ungrateful person!"

2:11 When they say to them, "Do not cause corruption and decay on the earth," they reply, "We only seek to correct and heal."

40:37 "If I reach the reasons of the heavens, I will reach the God of Moses. I think he is a liar."

In this way Pharaoh was made to see the evil of what he was doing and was led astray. Pharaoh's trap is always lost.

One of the most famous narcissists is Satan/Iblis. He considers himself smarter and more righteous than even God, hence his arrogance. In the incident of Adam's prostration, he is trying to give God a piece of his mind:

2:34 Then We said to the angels, "Prostrate yourselves to Adam," and they all did so except Iblis. Iblis turned aside and became arrogant and was of the ungrateful.

38.76 Iblis said: "I am better than him; You created me from the fire and created him from clay."

Another famous narcissist described in the verses is Pharaoh.

Pharaoh enjoyed oppressing people and never regretted what he had done. In fact, his purpose in life is to enslave or destroy others. He is merciless and cruel:

2:49 - (And remember that at one time) We delivered you from the family of Pharaoh, and they inflicted on you the worst of torment, slaughtering your sons and leaving your women alive. And in that was a great trial for you from your Lord.

Pharaoh sees himself as Lord/Superior and superior, just like other narcissistic people:

79:24 He said: "I am your Lord, the Most High."

7:123 - Pharaoh: "You believed before I gave you permission!" "7:124 - "I will have your hands and your feet crossed, then I will have you hanged."

If someone does something good and right, they get angry and upset. They are very jealous.

7:126 - "And your anger against us is only because when the Verses of our Lord came to us, we believed in them. O our Lord! Shower patience on us and take our lives as Muslims."

40:26 - And Pharaoh said: "Let me kill Moses and let him pray to his Lord. For I fear that he may change your religion or cause corruption in the land."

Bring as much evidence as you like, but they do not turn to the truth, but embrace falsehood and shirk. They always consider themselves to be on the right path, when the opposite is the case.

10:75 - Then We sent after them Moses and Aaron with Our Verses to Pharaoh and his people. They could not bear their arrogance to believe and they became a sinful people.

43:47 - When Moses brought them Our signs, they laughed at them.

7:176 - If We had willed, We could have glorified him with those signs, but he clung to the earth as if he would remain forever, and he followed his false desires. His condition is like that of a dog: If you come upon him, he will pant with his tongue hanging out; if you leave him alone, he will pant with his tongue hanging out. Such is the example of the people who deny Our verses. Tell this story so that they may ponder.

Narcissistic energy vampires are in contact with the jinn, they cooperate with them, even if subconsciously:

26:221 - Shall I tell you, to whom do the devils descend?
26:222 - They descend upon every apostate sinner.
26:223 - They listen, but most of them are liars.

If they were to be tested forever, they would choose evil:

6:28 - The truth of the matter is that what they used to conceal has been brought against them. If they were sent back, they would certainly repeat what they were forbidden. Indeed, they are liars.

The narcissistic characteristic is easily recognizable in their looks and words:

47:30 Had We willed, We could certainly have shown them to you, and you would certainly have recognized them by their faces. You would also recognize them by the manner of their words. Allah knows all that you do.

They are hypocrites, that is, hypocrites. These vampires are also after the energies and lights of others:

57:13 On that Day, the hypocritical men and women will say to those who affirm the truth, "Look at us so that we may take of your light." They will be told, "Turn back and look for light." A barrier will be placed between them, with a gate separating the inner mercy from the outer torment.

They will try to mislead others and draw them into hell with them:

29:12 Those who disbelieved said to those who believed: "Follow our way and we will bear your sins." But they are not the bearers of any of the sins of the believers. The truth is that they are liars.

Surahs al-Falaq and Nas also draw attention to the telepathic attacks of jinn and human narcissists:

-Say: "I seek refuge in the Lord of the morning light from the evil of what He has created, from the evil of the night when darkness falls, from the evil of those who blow at knots, and from the evil of the envious when he envyeth."

-Say: "I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, the Ruler of mankind, the Deity of mankind, from the evil of the insidious mischief-maker from the jinn and mankind, who is a mischief-maker in the hearts of mankind."


Illuminati movies like The Joker portray villains/narcissists as secret heroes who have been victimized by society and who have taken on the dirty role that someone has to take on due to the so-called duality (opposites). The aim is to glorify evil and sin, and to plunge people into darkness.


Qur'an 29:41 - The example of those who take friends besides Allah is like the example of the female spider who makes a house for herself. Verily, the most rotten of houses is the house of the female spider. If only they knew!

The narcissistic energy vampire is like a spider entity that lures its intended victims into its web of destruction. The narcissist sinks its fangs deep into the mind and when it releases its venom, it has a paralyzing effect and sucks the life energy out of its victim with its energy hook. The poisonous neurotoxin in the energy vampire entangles victims in the narcissistic web. They try to draw the empath, that is, the good person they target, to their dark side, to make them part of their network, and if this does not happen, they try to destroy them.

When you part ways with the narcissist, the aftershock is like a huge series of witchcraft/witchcraft tactics deliberately targeted at the person.

After the person targeted by the narcissist begins to free themselves from the destructive influence of the Narcissist's network, there can be encounters with extreme stress and depression. The shock of going through the phase of kicking the narcissist out of your life and going through the "battle" to be free is extremely stressful.

The aftershock is a reflection of the intense battle against the Narcissistic web of evil.

You may think that once you have completely distanced yourself from a narcissistic energy vampire, removed it from your life and are far away from its web, you are safe.

But a possessed narcissist who has you on his energy hook plays his last and most devastating trump card.

Shortly after his/her departure, the sadness and anger of the narcissistic vampire and the goblins who control him/her begin to rise telepathically from the depths of the empath to the surface. Just when you think that you are free from the narcissistic person and that you are now safe (just like at the end of horror movies when the good guy thinks that everything is over and when he is relieved, he suddenly encounters a disaster), you may suddenly find yourself in a cursed period. Just before the narcissistic vampire walks away from you, it is as if he has left a time bomb on you, synchronized to explode and destroy you. Unexplained confusion, depression, sudden health problems and financial difficulties for you and your loved ones, accidents and other disasters are just a few of the nightmarish events that can follow immediately after he or she leaves your life.

When you attack the narcissistic network spiritually (when you anger human and demon narcissists), because of the structure of the network, because it sends a signal throughout the network of demons, it can be unexpectedly affected and attacked from various areas.

The first year after you completely part ways with a narcissist and start living geographically far away from him/her seems to be very critical. During this period, it becomes even more important to fully surrender to Allah, to do a lot of worship such as prayer/salat and good deeds, and to take purifying superfoods such as ginseng.

So why can some empaths experience this aftershock?

1- As I mentioned, while the possessed narcissist is moving away from you, in anger and sadness, he plays his last trump card with the support of the demonic network and the telepathic attack begins. His real goal was to destroy you from the very beginning.

2- We said that while the narcissistic energy vampire steals the empath's personality, it also transfers its own toxic energy to him and tries to transform him. The empath, who has more or less absorbed the destructive and transformative effect of the network, may exhibit some narcissistic traits, albeit temporarily. After the demonized narcissist leaves his/her life, it may take months for this energy remaining in the empath to be cleansed by itself. And until this purification takes place, he may experience difficulties. This is why the worship and other purification efforts I mentioned become much more important in the first year of the process.

3- When Empath was in contact with the narcissistic energy vampire, she had developed methods to fight it, and she was constantly resisting it in her inner world. But once the energy vampire is out of his life, the empath can immediately become lax in this spiritual struggle because he thinks the danger has passed. And this can make her suddenly vulnerable. It can also cause subconscious influences to surface or intensify their effects.

(My Turkish article translated with machine)




I said to add garlic to the list of medicinal foods I mentioned in this article. Now I say add salt to this list. It can be used both at the table and externally by adding it to the bath water in the bath tub:



And add black seed oil to your list of superfoods. This oil has protective and purifying properties both against viruses and diseases and against telepathic effects and narcissistic energy.

Especially prefer black cumin oil obtained by cold pressing from local seeds in Turkey. Its taste is more pungent than others.



The fact that the verses ask good people to emigrate and that these individuals are freed from the network around them shows the importance of individuality and remaining yourself.


Narcissistic energy vampires try to transform empaths into themselves by taking advantage of synchronization. They attempt to establish dominance through their collective character and energy.