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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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Peace to all readers,

The Process of Tawil | 'Esoteric' | Interpretation of The Coran

The only way that the brilliant ’nur’ or ’light’ of knowledge can be witnessed today by seekers and certainty thereby established in their selves; is through proof of revelation being from The God, by the correct interpretation of -  especially the 'esoteric' meaning of ’mutashabih’  - verses of The Coran. When this is occurring concurrently with a mathematical miracle being unveiled it is certainly something to consider carefully. The mathematical evidence that accords with the semantic flow of meaning and perpetual logical truth is tremendous evidence of design in a super-intelligent capacity.  This is even when the mathematical results are examined in the most superficial levels of its many numerical signs involving nineteen.

’Mutashabih’ verses are ones which cannot be readily reconciled with the real world that we live in and experience in some real context. This is evidence that they themselves stand as signs to be understood. Verses like 2:1 ’Alif, Lam, Mim’ or 95:1 ’And The Fig, and The Olive’ for example, which start chapters of The Coran without an obvious or established context, have both already been touched upon in previous essays and mean little without proper explanation.

As an example of the first, I found recently that a seeker of knowledge had posted a simple question on an exceptionally well laid out website which describes the methods of traditional esoteric interpretation of The Coran termed 'tawil' in much detail (but with no actual examples of useful knowledge that is shared using the described ’techniques’.) ^.

The simple question asked at the end of the piece by the seeker was…

”Can you give the ta’wil of ’Alif, Lam, Meem’

Predictably perhaps and appropriately, there was no answer or attempt at one despite all the detailed explanations on ’taw’il’ that had been presented in the article by the writer.

It is worth considering perhaps, that had the ’alif’ letter counts in The Coran script not been subjected to a millennia worth of tampering and adjustments with supplementary ’alif’ (and other injected letters) added to The Coran script as ’recitation aids’; the nineteen signals in the involved initialled chapters having an ’alif' may have been ’complete’. Together with the ’complete’ multiple nineteen signals confirmed present for the other initial letter frequencies, it would have given a significant amount of extra force to the mathematical miracle that was emerging. The uncertainty of true ’alif’ counts, especially in Chapter Two which is the longest chapter of The Coran starting with ’Alif, Lam, Mim’ was thus undoubtedly a source of much thought and attempts at correction.

But this ’incompleteness' of the counts and failure to solve the ’problem’ definitively, especially due to any uncertainties of ’alif’ letter counts was a sign that the entire phenomenon of nineteen divisible initial letter frequency counts and ’completing’ them, was not the answer to the question about the greater role of nineteen in The Coran. And nor was it the correct time for the revelation of the greater signs as it turns out.

Even up until May 2020 CE, when a brief email mediated contact with past researchers of mathematical knowledge of The Coran was made; the initial letter frequency counts were still being considered the key ’unfinished work’ of what was termed ’code 19’.

This continued myopic view of the ’problem’ of true letter frequency counts (of ’alif’ and the ’one short’ phenomenon of the ’nun’ letter count * in Chapter 68), had prevented the greater role of nineteen being taken into account. All the serious effort of verification of the past results originally done and presented by Rashad Khalifa in the 1970s, had focussed mainly on the letter frequency counts.

Given that Chapter Two beginning with 2:1 ’Alif, Lam, Mim’, had the greatest number of ’alif’ in The Coran text by virtue of its 286 verse length and was part of a group of seven chapters which shared its initial combination, an explanation for the first three initial letters was not able to be established with any objective evidence, other than the fact that the counts were made nineteen divisible using adjustments.

The situation has been transformed following the numerical processing of The Coran script mentioned in previous essays, which was started in June 2020 CE. This processing (into ordinal values particularly), has been described in detail in the upcoming book and has served to establish the digital Quran text form, which has been the examined subject of all the current revelations and presented material on the metrics of letters, words, verses and chapters.

The digital Quran text, now identified as The Numeric Quran Codec, is the numeric substrate from which The Clear Proof, ’al bayina’ of The Coran has emerged.

Its proof is in the concordances and equivalences in valuations in the standard abjad and ordinal systems that establish with mathematical evidence: the ’tawil’ that is unveiled as secured (’baatin’) knowledge.

This is not the bringing of a new scripture, but rather a purification and interpretation process of Scripture and The Coran through mathematically provable Divine guidance of the servant and the process itself. All the prophets of The God have an inherent access to the process they are to fulfil to advance the Divine Will and it is all in The Master Record**.

to be continued, The God willing.

* [The 132 ’nun’ letter count of Chapter 68 in particular was still being considered an open question by one of the primary researchers (a contemporary of Rashad Khalifa). The active theory at that time being put forward, was a potential ’grammatical\spelling error’ within 68:42 which increases the count of ’nun’ letters by one obviating the need for the addition of the ’waw’ and ’nun’ by prefixing the single initial letter ’nun’ which had been the earlier strategy to ’complete’ the count.

Incidentally there is an amazing ’inter-lingual sign’ in this verse that was noted some months ago which is quite astonishing and is yet to be written up; amazingly involving the present signs involving ’chosen’ and ’month’ that have been emerging so I shall endeavour to write this up when the time for it is ’ripe’, The God willing.]

** [The Coran is a manifestation in human experience of a Divine physical ’thing’ that we are able to touch with our hands, read with our eyes and comprehend with our intellect.]

^ [Esoteric knowledge discovered in revelation is often guarded by its keepers, as it is considered a means of reaching ’yaqin’ meaning: — ’certainty’ states of God awareness. The actual knowledge is relevant mainly for the context in which it was discovered by the ’righteous’ ones (the ’sadiqeen’) of the past. The present keepers of these fragments of knowledge, do not easily share them without extracting some sort of ’payment’ for it; but as treasured as it is, the knowledge itself is not at a level of proof that can overcome the highest reasonable levels of skepticism or doubt present today otherwise it would be widely known.

The question of the ‘taw’il’ of ’Alif, Lam, Mim’ , was therefore one that was within the esoteric interpretation landscape it was being asked: — only able to be answerable by someone no less than the ’İmam of the Time’, by which term many of the most esoteric sects, term their spiritual leader.

The ’İmam of the Time' is considered by the believers to know the even deeper ’baatin, of the baatin’, ’the secrets of the secrets’, ie. the innermost or deepest secured knowledge of The Coran, as proof of their appointment by The God to convey such meanings.

As a mathematical parallel to this doubly secured knowledge, the criterion of doubly significant nineteen findings has been shown many times over in major results and the pervasiveness of the highly self referential connections is a sign of great prophecy being fulfilled. ]

"the Knower of the Unseen, and He reveals unto none His secret,
Save unto a messenger whom He has chosen, and He made an affirmer before him and another follow him.

Noon waalqalami

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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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74:35 One of the Greatest ˹Signs˺ ]

peace, no word "sign/s" in the verse: root ك ب ر big, great, ancient, old

انها indeed it (f) refers back to last feminine i.e., ذكرى dhikra/reminder (f)

74:31 ... وما and not هى it is الا except ذكرى dhikra/reminder (f) للبشر to the mortal
74:32 كلا nay indeed والقمر and (by) the moon
74:33 والىل and (by) the night اذ when ادبر departs
74:34 والصبح and (by) the dawn اذا when of اسفر brightens
74:35 انها indeed it (f) لاحدى surely one (f) الكبر l-kubari/the great
74:36 نذىرا warner of للبشر to the mortal

man-made verse/chapter #s fail consistency (good for reference)
year is solar: amun (specific) sana (duration) sinina (count pl.)

18:25 ولبثوا and remain they of فى in كهفهم cave theirs
 ثلث three ماىه hundred سنىن sinina/years
 وازددوا and increases they of تسعا nine of

they were guessing # of years in cave and converting solar to lunar
((365 days solar) x 300) / ((29.530575 days) x 12) = 309.00 lunar

18:26 قل say الله the God اعلم knows بما in what لبثوا remain they of


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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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The Prophetic Tawil of ’Alif, Lam, Mim’

I am presenting the following as the first signs or fruits with respect to the answer to the question regarding the ‘ tawil of ‘alif lam mim’ ’, the first combination of initial letters on a single verse in The Koran, in the very first verse of its second chapter, denoted 2:1, immediately following The Opening Chapter and prayer. The chapter:verse concatenation of this verse 21, uniquely dereferences back to only this verse, just like the number 159 which we have noted previously can only dereference to 15:9.

The twenty one here is again a confirmation that these signs of The Book would be explained by ‘al-anbiya’, the name of Chapter 21 meaning as we know ‘The Prophets’.

So the true answer to the question regarding the “alif, lam, mim” ‘tawil’, is that it had already commenced in these essays with the first explanation of the methodology of the ‘tartilan’ processing instruction given to the prophet mentioned in verse 73:4 (which has already been explained in detail and the process has commenced).
The term ‘tartilan’ means to ‘weigh’ the parameterised numbers from the digital Quran text, with values (sequentially), and measure them at as fine a level as single letters. Most findings are at word level and this is signified by the presence in this verse 2:1, of the most common number of letters for a word root in the Semitic languages, three.

So this letter level detail and nuance is signified again semantically by the presentation of the individual letters of this first set of initials, as separately enunciated letter names.

The recitation thereof, begins Chapter Two, as signs of The Book…

2:1 ’Alif. Lam. Mim.

These three letters sum to an abjad letter value of 1 + 30 + 40 = 71.

This number 71, is found twice as the nineteen coefficient in two important recent results within the introductory pair of linked verses 2:185, and 21:85 which have provided the first evidence of a proven mathematical ’tawil’, that both link to this key value of 71, through a nineteen validated relationship.

The correspondence in this value 71, is the key in establishing them as the first fruits, The Signs of The Book, and the commencement of its true mathematically verifiable esoteric explanation. The interpretations are validated by the presence of interlocking nineteen signals between the numbers that generate the astonishing equivalences and the abundant concordances with strong self references to key elements of the numerically parameterised Koran text. 

The Prophet Sign

Seventy one: 71. The abjad value sum for the key three letters: ’Alif, Lam, Mim’, adds to the native first name ordinal gematria of this servant of The God, 43 to reveal…

71 + 43 = 114 = 19 x 6

The resulting number is equivalent to the number of Chapters in The Koran which we know is nineteen divisible.

The full name gematria of the corresponding native valuation of this servant of The God, 193 we have already established interacts with the abjad value, 92 for the acknowledged name ’Muhammed’, the name of Chapter 47 of The Koran to give…

92 + 193 = 285 = 19 x 15

These two nineteen coefficients which were generated by consideration of specific name digitisation (parameterisation by letter to number substitution cipher) add to 15 + 6 = 21 the chapter:verse concatenation (cvc) for the verse 2:1 that contains the three initial letters; and equivalent to the number of the chapter in The Koran named ’al-enbiya’, ’The Prophets’. Recall that the abjad value for ‘al-enbiya’ is 1 + 30 + 1 + 50 + 2 + 10 + 1 = 95 = 19 x 5. It adds to the two generated coefficients here to give the sum of three numbers: 6 + 15 + 5 = 26 and in a confirmatory sign of relevance… 

The corresponding ordinal value sum for the three letters ’Alif, Lam, Mim’ in verse 2:1 is…

1 + 12 + 13 = 26

And twenty six, is indeed the ordinal value for the word ’nebi’ (14 + 2 + 10 = 26), which means ’prophet’ (and whose abjad value is 62, the mirror of the ordinal value, and it is the chapter number of the recently examined ’processing’ or ’yatluw’ verse 62:2 *).

The Prophet Link Sign

The sum of the native first and full name generated nineteen coefficients in ‘The Prophet Sign’ : 6 + 15 = 21, is equivalent to the cvc value of 2:1.

And this number 21, interacts with both the abjad and the ordinal sums of verse 2:1, containing the first three initial letters: Alif + Lam + Mim, which are: 71, and 26 respectively.

It adds to the abjad value: 71 like so…

21 + 71 = 92

The resulting sum is the abjad value in Arabic for the name ‘Muhammed’ (M-H-M-D 40+8+40+4 = 92), used in The Koran as the self referenced prophet of The Book.

And 21 adds to the sum of the ordinal value 26 as…

21 + 26 = 47

The result 47 as a chapter name reference in The Koran, in an astonishing semantic match or correlation is the one named ’Muhammed’.

For skeptics of the claimed prophet role of this servant of The God, despite all of the numeric and semantic weight also present, please keep in mind that even if one ignores the part above generated by the corresponding name values of this servant of The God, that the 21 used here as the key can be considered simply as the chapter verse concatenation of verse 2:1 itself. So it is inherent and as a match to the first findings further strengthens the prophet role findings as a link.

So in summary, this CVC value 21 attached to the verse 2:1 itself, adds to its own abjad and ordinal valuations of its three initial letters, to give two numbers that are highly correlated in terms of Koranic self reference to the prophet who first receives it as recited words.

And here we witness in a clear numerical sign (independent of nineteen directly here) presented only after ‘tartilan’ processing by the prophesied prophet.

So a universally true mathematical sign regarding the prophet ‘Muhammed’ of The Koran is present in a numerical self reference in its very first initialled verse 2:1, in effect validating the chapter and verse concatenation operation. This cvc operation is another key feature of the first ‘esoteric’ interpretation given for ‘shahr ramazan’ now linking 2:1, with 2:185 and 21:85 that have links (the latter will be discussed further in other essays, The God willing).

Keep firmly in mind in assessing these results however, that there are no other numbers that fit as ‘keys’ to unlock this particular tawil attached to verse 2:1, other than the ones shown involving the nineteen validated key name values attached to this servant of The God.

This is yet another proof or ‘bayina’ presented by this servant of The God to those of knowledge…

12:76 ‘So he began searching their items prior to the ones of his brother, then brought it out along with those things.

This is how We inspired Joseph to plan.

He could not have otherwise taken his brother under the ruler’s law, as The God had so willed.

We elevate in rank whomever We will.

But above all possessors of knowledge is one knowing all.

This ‘aalim’, ‘one knowing all’ is in essence here the prophet Joseph, but only through The Divine Will by inspiration by He alone. The knowledge that Joseph brings cannot be brought by an ‘ordinary’ process within human volition. No person can interpret dreams or bring verses such as the revelation of The Koran by their own human volition. Nor can signs like the ones shown emerge without the person destined to bring them, being inspired to understand them, and then convey them.

There are thus provable links through nineteen to the secular 'Gregorian calendar' and recently ‘Islamic calendar’ according to ‘hijri’ lunar measurements (on a continuous 12 ‘month’ count of lunar orbits of the earth, per lunar year basis). The presence of these has already been explained in some detail along with the supporting Koran metrics previously. Surely it stands to reason that a proof of ancient revelation requires the one presenting the signs to be as shown, inextricably linked to the namespace being analysed. And importantly prophesied to happen and in fact does so always at its appointed time.

So one must trust in the knowledge brought by the prophet bringing the Signs, as being deeply relevant to the true understanding of the concepts being explained or interpreted; with consultation on things wherever and whenever required. And with the ultimate decision on interpretation or judgement of connection, always made by the prophet for the believers.

to be continued, The God Willing.

* [This is presented in the essay titled 'The Nineteen Mirror Sign' that can be found through online search here.]

"the Knower of the Unseen, and He reveals unto none His secret,
Save unto a messenger whom He has chosen, and He made an affirmer before him and another follow him.


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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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The Continuity of The Denial of The Continuity of Prophethood

When Jesus ‘curses’ the fig tree in the Gospels (Mark 11:12-14 and Matthew 21:18-22), it is for its continued barrenness from bearing fruit under the overarching care of the ‘temple’ which had assumed authority for knowledge and interpretation of the ‘law’ or ‘halakha’ derived from the Torah (similar in concept to all other organised religion and their respective ‘official’ or ‘original’ iterations, all through the ages up until today; so it represents a generally applicable ‘archetype’). He says ‘May no fruit ever come from you again!’, and he hardly needed to say it because the evident absence of fruit on the tree was itself a sign that the curse had been fulfilled already.

The actions of Jesus against the organised religion and its temple around the time he ‘curses the fig tree’ above, show that he had already put in place the victory over the oppressive religio-political alliance which had assumed authority over believers at the temple. The disruption made it clear that there was evidence of true revelation coming down to a man not associated with the temple or its hierarchy. An otherwise unknown outsider.

Jesus’ words in the Gospels are commonly in parable form and the curse regarding the fig tree he makes is for the absence of Divine guidance on those who cut themselves off from ‘the rope of The God’, representing the ‘prophethood’ which extends throughout the ages. Jesus or ‘Hoshua’, the Teacher of Righteousness revealed in Joel 2:23 (see ‘The Nineteen Mirror Thread’ for more details) was a part of this chain of prophethood, and those who recognised him as ‘al masih’, ‘the chosen’ were shown to be correct as revealed in The Koran, that Jesus was indeed a chosen servant of The God. A man just like any other.

The prophethood is the enduring ‘prophet consciousness’ within humanity which enables in the chosen, some latent but inherent ‘contact’ with Divine inspiration, that was revealed to and promised to continue, to the prophet Abraham and his descendants. This is ‘the rope’, that is promised to always be supported by The God. It is the way for humanity to continue to understand the Scripture correctly, lest they be misguided by the ‘official version’ of the temple religion of their own time (traditionally a temple is understood as having ‘religious’ underpinnings; but there are certainly ‘secular’ or ‘pagan’ temples representing other unseeable ideologies also).

‘The rope of The God’ (Koran 3:103), is presented for all humanity to take the opportunity of holding on to, in order to side with the truth and Divine justice. To be emancipated from the ruinous future that the course of things (driven by only base human desires), is otherwise set upon in the world that ignores and denies the most clear of mathematical Signs.

The absence of fruit on the fig tree that Jesus finds, is thus a manifest indication of a longstanding and deep ‘spiritual’ barrenness in the ‘Abrahamic religions’ as a result of their obeisance to their respective temples, their assumed authority and their own worldly interests. It should be only to The God.

At the heart of this ongoing barrenness, among all ‘sectarianists’, is the thoroughly shared support by all of them, for the doctrine of some term of defined absence of — or commonly a complete terminus of, the continuity of the chain of prophethood of the kind described in The Koran to have stretched into the distant human past. Most sects are in full and complete denial of any continuity of prophethood following the revelation of The Quran, so by their own definition — there can never be any further direct messenger prophets to humanity in the future for them.

Each sect terminates the prophethood where they themselves determine and derive benefit from, and this doctrine of termination, becomes for them a self fulfilling prophecy. Their submission of their position, as being unresponsive to any consideration of the matter of continuity of the prophethood, seals them by their very own declaration, from the revelations which are made manifest by later prophets; and sets the course of their own destiny.

In the present context, this action of denial of the present Signs, and continuity of prophethood also seals them off, from gaining understanding of all Scripture in mathematically authoritative ways.

It should be noted that ‘seals’ (of the ‘finality’ type, that sectarianists define this term as in their own doctrines, for the word in The Koran, ‘khatam’, ‘seal’ ), are placed upon unbelieving and denying hearts as per Koran 2:7, for which verse it is the first word. This makes it plain that ‘khatam’ is an imprint, containing proof of something, not a termination or an end. Yet as the previous verse 2:6 indicates of the deniers, their eyes and their ears, ie. their sensory reception of the information that could reform them through truthful examination, followed by repentance and acceptance that The God is The All Capable; are blocked from reception of that reality and truth by their own volition. They choose to be imprinted with the seal of denial of the presence of the rope of The God for all humanity. The God supports the prophets as we see in their histories. They are all the chosen of The God, which only He determines through the epochs.

So the sectarianists continue to deny the prophets and the messengers who are sent to humanity throughout history. And they, the prophethood are always treated as per The Koran, (sometimes as per the example of ‘abu lahab’ without repentance); in such behaviours which are described as of the basest instincts driven by fear, hatred and jealousy. The mockery, and accusations of mental derangement or possession are those made against prophets and servants of The God in the past. It would be unusual for there not to be any so it is all expected.

In any case, if anyone professes themselves to the membership of any sect as they may, whatever it may be named, called or described as, then they evidently disqualify themselves from being of the believers that are clearly defined in The Koran. The God informs true believers to dissociate themselves from all forms of division inherent in sectarianism (— comprising variant forms of doctrinal and culturally based dogmatic hegemony over Scripture and its true interpretation, however recent or old).

3:103 And hold firmly to the rope of The God and do not be divided

The prophethood is the rope to which humanity is able to hold on to, ie. the prophets and their histories recorded in Books, are human beings and thus physical manifestations in the material world of the presence and existence of The God. The Scriptures record the 'prophet consciousness' of chosen people who transmit Divinely inspired words into the future in highly preserved books.These are at a future point in time (as in now), analysed and found to contain signs of patters based on letter to number substitution ciphering with significant interactions with the number nineteen as a validating checksum mechanism..

Proof has emerged, that through multi-millennial expanses of time, Divine revelations in disparate languages and cultures, result in an unfolding of Scriptural and Koranic prophecy today. The Signs that the prophethood bring by His leave are Proof of The God as we have witnessed now. All of it is evident throughout Koran metrics; in the grounded valuations of its revealed letters, words, and structure validated by relationships tied together with the prime number nineteen.

to be continued, The God willing…

* [Today also parallels this, but the temple of concern is a cuboid shaped brick structure with a black meteorite placed in a corner of the building (and another less known one on the opposite corner facing westwards ), oriented eastwards towards sunrise and decorated in the shape of a silver metallic frame with a central hole containing a stone surface polished smooth by the hands of believers who vie to handle the stone and kiss it.

The Book at the centre of esoteric interpretation today is not the Torah directly (though major signs of nineteen exist there that have already been published) but is The Koran, and again the ‘temple’ and the establishment are (except a few) in denial of continuity of prophethood. So all sects share this antipathy towards continuity of prophethood. They all accept prophethood only ‘up to a point’.]

"the Knower of the Unseen, and He reveals unto none His secret,
Save unto a messenger whom He has chosen, and He made an affirmer before him and another follow him.


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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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The Error of Terminus of Prophet Messengers

In The Koran, the claimed finality for the status of being a messenger of The God in the case of the prophet Joseph, is presented as a clear and self evident mistake. Those who cut off their link to the covenant of continuity of prophethood are eventually proven manifestly wrong when future prophets bring Signs, as the direct messengers, of being chosen by The God to transmit the ‘light’ given to them through inspiration, just as Joseph was inspired as a matter determined by He; as we noted in Koran 12:76 (note that the verse number is a nineteen multiple).

Yet this desire for a ‘revelatory terminus’ is so entrenched in all ‘organised religions’; that even a suggestion of the concept of new Divine inspiration to a true ’prophet from amongst them’ would be considered ludicrous. They who deny continuity then guarantee that the barrenness from truth and enlightenment will be ongoing for them; by their self confessed continued belief in the falsehood of a termination of the continuity of prophethood.

So it is not in dispute by anyone it would appear, that a new prophet would not, nor could ever come from amongst those who hold to the views of sectarianists who deny it outright, or ‘blunt’ its purpose, driven by their own doctrinal purposes.

Let it be noted here also, that any cutting off from knowledge is not something that we are doing, nor ever endorsing. Those who cut themselves off from provable knowledge, cut themselves off from the guidance of The God, and only have themselves to blame for their denial afterwards, when the time for its account shall surely have come.

So I state again here for clarity, that I am of no sect whatsoever. The numerically evaluated mathematical results and Signs that are presented, with nineteen based validation of the findings are just plain brute facts.

However one considers them though; the mere presence of them and the coherent numero-semantic patterns with strong self reference within them, are simply impossible to explain away as co-incidence.

They are not just entirely conceptual constructs from past Scripture. They are actual real world counts (ie. they are ‘denumerable’ in the language of Georg Cantor for the definition of his ‘continuity theorem’ and transfinite set theories) in Scripture spanning thousands of years, with firm connections being made back to the real world that exists today, in the presence of strong nineteen signals that mesh with the very beginning of esoteric interpretation given in —
2:1 ‘Alif. Lam. Mim.
— through numeric keys inherent in the very person conveying this knowledge to you, the reader.

The connections are through numerical parametric interactions arising from ancient texts related to the once living prophet who relates their own ‘experience’ of the ‘prophet consciousness’; an irresistible revelatory force as ‘words’ relating to things experienced sensorially by the prophets.

The origin 'Muhammed’ of The Koran heard and saw Signs which he conveys to humanity in the now compiled volume named ‘The Quran’. A Book which declares itself to be from The God and declares that it is to be used as The Criterion for assessing truth of all revelation and all human or incorporated bodies’ (‘jinn’) actions.

The revelatory force or experience in the case of this servant of The God is directed towards the ‘intellect’ - not to see or hear, but to experience the proof in the mind as a universal truth. A place safe from physical assault once grasped.

The processing and understanding of the numerical relationships and measures in the acknowledged Divine Revelation is one of the roles of this servant.  The Criterion, encoded numerically as The Numeric Quran Codec, will encode the answers to deeper knowledge of an 'esoteric' kind and facilitate resolving of disputes. The principles of its encoding can be readily understood by an average person of high school level attainment and even bright primary schoolers.

Let it be clear, that the parameters in these prophetically important results are derived from: 1, verifiably ancient Scriptural metrics consisting of the three initial letters of ‘the word’, ‘al-masih’ meaning ‘the chosen':

‘alif’ ‘lam’ ‘mim’

— present as signs of the future prophet, and 2, the name digitisations of this present servant of The God; whose own detailed parameters are acting as a veritable ‘cryptographic-key’ at all the relevant ‘secured’ (knowledge) verses and Koran metrics, revealing hidden unifying knowledge when explained with mathematical equivalence based validations of a semantic nature.

The Koran script is thus proven to contain computably verifiable prophecy placed in a well preserved book from fourteen centuries ago (and even further in the case of the five books of the Torah). The proofs herein are proof that these revelations are always to once living, human servants of The God unveiling the Signs, through God-given inherent processing present within them as Signs of Divine bestowal of Mercy and Bounty.

Today this is connected and validated by the presence of the prime number nineteen in the parametric relationships detailed now, by this processing prophet that is prophesied in the Books in the already indicated verses such as 72:27, 73:4, 62:2 and 61:6.

It should be mentioned that there are also some other astonishing concordances to all of this, that I do not wish to diverge out towards at present as they are already written up (as mentioned above) in the following series of external essays entitled ‘The Clear Proof’ that readers who wish to know more may follow up on ‘Reasonable Faith’ forums:

to be continued, The God willing…

"the Knower of the Unseen, and He reveals unto none His secret,
Save unto a messenger whom He has chosen, and He made an affirmer before him and another follow him.

Noon waalqalami

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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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as we noted in Koran 12:76 (note that the verse number is a nineteen multiple).


so what if multiple (follows 75) as are 274 other verses
starting with 2:19 which follows 2:18 why it's a surprise

2:18 صم deaf بكم dumb عمى blind فهم so they لا not ىرجعون returning
19 letters
130 1 62 2 120 3 125 4 31 5 339 6 = 19 x ...
1 130 2 192 3 312 4 437 5 468 6 807 = 19 x ...
9040 22040 704010 80540 301 10200370650 807 = 19 x ...

it was actually not 2:19 rather 2:20 verse numbers are man-made stuff
earliest manuscripts alm et al not separate until hundreds of years later


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Re: 2:185 'SHAHR RAMAZAN' Sign
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The Unification of Scriptures Through The Nineteen Sign

Let us end this triplet of essays on prophethood, by presenting a bridging or connecting sign from the very first of the verses of The Koran, following The Opening prayer.

Verse 2:1 ‘Alif. Lam. Mim.’

— by any measure, is in a firmly esoteric category | ‘mutashabih’ verse, that only those firmly connected to the knowledge of The Koran through direct guidance by The God can bring verifiable interpretations of; as Signs to those of understanding…

All praise be to…

The God. The One. The Lord of All Existence.
The All Capable. The Possessor of Infinite Bounties, and Bestower of Honour.

The Torah Messiah - ‘Aleph — Taw’ | The Koran ‘Alif, Lam, Mim’ - Sign

In the related ‘The Nineteen Mirror Sign’ series of essays, it is presented that the ‘marker’ for the prophesied messiah (‘mashiah’ in Hebrew), is the ’Aleph-Taw mystery letter pair’ of  the Torah (the term for the first five books of the the Old Testament). The Aleph and the Taw are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

In terms of 'tartilan' letter level detail it has an undoubtable ‘semblance’ to the enunciated first combination of ‘mystery letters of The Koran’, ‘Alif, Lam, Mim’, since they correspond to the first three letters of the word ‘al-masih’ in Arabic.

The frequency count of all ‘Aleph-Taw' letter combination messianic markers in the Torah is 2,622 which is astonishingly an inherent nineteen multiple…

2622 = 19 x 138

And note that the nineteen coefficient here: 138 from the Torah, linked to the count of the key mysterious two letter messianic marker ‘aleph-taw’; adds to the number 71, which we know is the abjad value for the initial three letter combination that commence Chapter Two,

2:1 Alif, Lam, Mim.

This abjad sum adds to the nineteen coefficient from the Torah based aleph-taw letter pair combination count as…

138 + 71 = 209 = 19 x 11  Result (A)

And this is supportive of the messianic interpretation of the ‘aleph-taw’, the first and the last Hebrew letter, (symbolised in the New Testament by Jesus’ indicating that ‘alpha and omega’ is a sign that proves him). The coefficient 11 here interlocks numerically with the base coefficient 138 from the Torah, for the messianic marker ‘a-t' in an addition to reveal…

138 + 11 = 149

And 149 happens to be the Arabic abjad value for the word ‘al masih’ ( 1+30+40+70+8 = 149 ), meaning ‘the chosen’. The word ‘al-masih’ is used to reference Jesus in the Koran and as a word with the definite article here, begins with the same three letters as the enunciated esoteric first initial three letter combination of The Koran ‘ Alif, Lam, Mim ‘.

Note also that the sum of the parameters from firstly: the Torah’s 138, the nineteen coefficient of the ‘aleph-taw’ frequency count; and secondly the count of Books in the Torah 5, gives…

138 + 5 = 143

143 is a key metric in The Koran (that has been presented extensively in The Nineteen Mirror Sign series of essays, which interested readers are urged to consult as needed). It is a linked parameter at a letter level.

Letter level because it is generated by a letter combination count based parameter, namely ‘aleph-taw’ in the Torah, and ‘alif, lam, mim’ in The Koran. And as it turns out, 143 happens to be the exact number of letters in the first prayer contained in The Opening, ‘al fatiha’, Chapter One of The Koran, encoded in The Numeric Quran Codec.

143 is also the Arabic ordinal valuation of the full name gematria of this servant of The God. Note how it is exactly fifty away from the full name native ordinal value digitisation, 193; and that fifty is the abjad letter value for ‘Nun’, the letter name equivalent to the spoken word for ‘fish’. A tremendous link to the narrative ‘Jesus’ who is symbolised as the ‘fish’ (Gk. ‘ichthus’). The Sign of a great miracle in The Koran in many separate instances.

Notice also how the abjad value of ‘İsa’ for ‘Jesus’ in The Koran, 140 and the abjad value for ‘h-m-d’ (as letters sum to 8+40+5) = 53 (usually interpreted as a variation of the name “Ahmad”) and the two sum to…

140 + 53 = 193 Result (O)

Treated as a letter level triliteral, the ‘h-m-d’ word root is linked to the concept of praise (used in chapter one as first instructed human words to The God as a prayer, ); and adds to the abjad value for ’Jesus’, 140 who is the prophet who gives news of the ‘h-m-d’ prophet to come in the future again landing upon the exact native full name digitisation of this servant of The God.


The  Aleph-Taw Summary Notes

The ‘aleph-taw’ in the Torah occurs in its very first verse, as the fourth ‘null word’ of seven in Genesis 1:1 (it is null in that it has no semantic meaning in the text, and serves only as a mysterious grammatical marker, consisting of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet as already mentioned many times).

The ‘aleph-taw’ by virtue of this null semantic meaning, is in essence a letter-combination count based finding similar to those found with respect to the 29 initialled letter combination chapters of The Koran many of which show this nineteen multiplicity as part of their letter structuring.

Let us then recall that the connecting Result (A) above that generates the nineteen coefficient 11 (through the use of the key number 71 from the abjad value of the first ‘mutashabih’ verse 2:1), is in effect another proof of the connection to the Torah.

The fact that the number: 71 derived from the value of the first initial letter combination in The Koran; is the exact key number required to add to: 138, which is generated from the frequency count of the central ‘aleph-taw’ letter combination messianic marker in the Torah, is extraordinary.

It occurs in the very first verse of the Torah, Genesis 1:1 which has a chapter verse concatenation of 11! This matches Result (A)  the nineteen coefficient generated by the interactive sum between the two keys in the two Books! A bridge.

So here we see encoded, even in the first three letters of its revelation, that The Koran has an astonishing unifying Sign, that is completely validated by interlocking nineteen signals; certifying both the Torah as prophecy for the chosen, and The Koran as The Criterion — the key to understanding Scripture, by its prophesied prophet, in the present form of this servant of The God.

To be continued, The God willing.

[Regarding 12:76 that was used in the first part of the 'tawil' of 'alif, lam, mim' essay above, it was a result of a ‘contemplation’ on my own part. I will often look at a feature that has shown prominence in results at the time of reading | thinking | processing to assess for significance in terms of deeper interpretations or inspiration which occurs while actively thinking about them.

12:76 comes from the number 1276 as the chapter:verse dereferenced form of it. The number 1276 comes from the sum of the CVC of all verses which contain the phrase ‘Alif, Lam, Mim’ uniquely, of which there are five other than 2:1 that we have examined already as the ‘archetype’.

The sum of the CVC for all the verses that match 2:1 in structure and value exactly is…

21 + 31 + 291 + 301 + 311 + 321 = 1276

This is the ‘contemplation’ behind’ the verse, but it contained the ‘inspiration’ required at that moment for an even greater lesson in the dereferenced verse, for those of understanding. A message to all of its readers who believe in it as a Sign, an ‘ayet’ which would be agreed to by believers in The Koran as Divine revelation.

The 76 results because it is the only way 1276 can be dereferenced to c:v form, and the verse is indeed a nineteen multiple so it is merely a fact being mentioned in passing in this instance as it has not been looked at much further at this point.]

"the Knower of the Unseen, and He reveals unto none His secret,
Save unto a messenger whom He has chosen, and He made an affirmer before him and another follow him.