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Anyone else had this experience with hijab



When I was wearing hijab after years of already believing in the Qur'an alone, it felt as if people think you're Sunni and I guess I don't blame them for it because it is part of the Sunni belief. Sometimes I would get the impression that other hijab wearers think I'm just like them. People who I think were non-Muslims also seemed to automatically think I'm your typical Muslim with backward beliefs and culture too. I really do not like being misunderstood like this so I no longer wear it. I wore it out of habit and it took some time to become comfortable without the hijab but now I've gotten used to it and it now feels normal.

What has your experience been like?

Hi Sara,

One of my close friends wore it for 2 years continuously and she works in real estate where you deal with all sorts of clients. I also accompany her on a few occasions and she had absolutely faced no issues.
All of a sudden she stopped wearing it and when I asked why she said she started wearing it because of her field and she realized that there is no danger of not wearing it, now that she is established and known the folks, so no need to wear anymore.

I just wanted to make a point when I saw your thread, to all those who wear hijab. I believe what counts is the modesty in you. There are many women who wear hijab and appear a lot more provocative in appearance than non-hijabi, it's the way you dress up clothes. Covering your hair and then dressing up in a way that warrants unnecessary attention is like defeating the whole purpose of being modest.

Plus my view is that covering your head or face is not important as appearing overall modest the way you carry your personality.



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