Author Topic: The Talibans, Radical Sunni Group, Is Taking Over Afghanistan & Why It's Good  (Read 1410 times)

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Abdun Nur.

You say,quote:

"do you read to learn the models, from the links I present, no, would it be possible to debate this to the point you would read the information, no, would it be possible to alter your predetermined conclusions through any form of discourse, no."

Just like you advise,I am trying hard like you to use reason. Yes of course I read most of the information you present. That is why I am asking you questions.
So you have given up on me. Are you also giving up on the majority?
So your system will be of no use then?

If you think your system is sound,then have faith in it but reflect on the issue I am highlighting.
GOD bless you.
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1. It'll force Muslims to have a honest dialogue for Islamic reform.

Islam needs a reformation. Period. You can blame Taliban on western imperialism all you want but at the end of the day, the west didn't teach Talibans all the hideous religious practices that they enforce. I can show you numerous binding hadith & even Quranic passages supporting Taliban backward laws & practices.


I think you are very optimistic here. It is not as if the Taliban didn't rule Afghanistan 20 years ago, ISIS and its crimes didn't happen. And yet, no true religious reformation in Islam really took place despite repeated calls to it, and missed occasions.


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Back then, there were no social media or internet to really expose the depth of the horror. Today is a little different. Of course, I'm not counting on it to trigger reform. It'll require host of Muslim countries apart from Afghanistan falling under Taliban like rule for that to happen. As long as Muslims can seek asylum in the west or other less Islamist countries where they can cherry pick & practice as they like without any compulsion, they won't recognize the need for reform.

That said, I still feel like more Muslims will see the need for reform when they really see that what true Sharia as traditionally culled from Qur'an & Sunna looks like.
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