Author Topic: How often do you recite Durood (sending blessings upon our Prophet (SAWS))?  (Read 607 times)


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Ony the believers will be sending the blessings upon our beloved Prophet (SAWS).

If you guys are not believers, then don't... simple.

I'm not a mufti or a scholar but have enough faith in Allah & His Messenger (SAWS). :)

May Allah guide us all to the right path, and forgive our sins, Ameen.


Green....  That's what we wish from bottom of our heart for you...

Blue..... That's what we all should look for...  So don't be stubborn thinking we are guided... Open your mind and give space for what is guidance...

God knows your destiny... So does ours..

Noon waalqalami

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Ony the believers will be sending the blessings upon our beloved Prophet (SAWS).

If you guys are not believers, then don't... simple.

6:54 واذا and when of (time adverb i.e. present/future episode/event) جاك approach you (sing.) الذىن the ones ىومنون believing باىتنا in signs ours فقل so say سلم salam/peace علىكم alaykum/upon you (pl.) كتب written ربكم lord yours على upon نفسه soul his (himself) الرحمه the mercy انه that he (said person) من who عمل work منكم among you سوا evil of بجهاله in ignorance ثم furthermore تاب turned (repented) من from بعده after it واصلح and reconciles فانه so indeed he غفور forgiver رحىم merciful

سلم salam/peace علىك alayka/upon you (sing.) -- read "in context" 33:50-61 pertains to place and time.

33:50 ىاىها O you النبى the prophet انا indeed we احللنا made lawful we of لك to you (sing.)…

33:53 ىاىها O you الذىن the ones امنوا believes ye of لا not تدخلوا thou enter ye of بىوت houses النبى the prophet الا except ان that ىوذن permitted لكم to you (pl.)…

33:56-61 ان indeed الله the god وملىكته and controllers/angels his ىصلون blessing على upon النبى the prophet ىاىها O you الذىن the ones امنوا believes ye of صلوا bless ye of علىه upon him وسلموا and send ye of تسلىما greet of ان indeed الذىن the ones ىوذون pestering الله the god ورسوله and messenger his لعنهم curse them الله the god فى in الدنىا the world والاخره and the afterlife its واعد and prepares لهم for them عذبا punishment of مهىنا ignoble والذىن and the ones ىوذون pestering المومنىن the believers والمومنت and the believers (f/p) بغىر in other than ما what اكتسبوا earned they of فقد so verily احتملوا bear they of بهتنا slander of واثما and detriment of مبىنا clear of ىاىها O you النبى the prophet قل say لازوجك to spouses your (sing) وبناتك and daughters your (sing) ونسا and womenfolk المومنىن the believers ىدنىن downed they علىهن on them (f/p) من of جلبىبهن garments theirs (f/p) ذلك such ادنى lowermost ان that ىعرفن recognized they (f/p) فلا so not ىوذىن pestered (f/p) وكان and be الله the god غفورا forgiver of رحىما merciful of لىن surely if لم not ىنته ceased المنفقون the hypocrites والذىن and the ones فى in قلوبهم hearts theirs مرض illness والمرجفون and those gossiping فى in المدىنه the city لنغرىنك let subdue we you (sing) بهم in/concerning them ثم furthermore لا not ىجاورونك will remain neighbors your (sing) فىها therein الا except قلىلا little of ملعونىن accursed اىنما wherever of ثقفوا found they of اخذوا taken they of وقتلوا and annihilate they of تقتىلا completely of


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Salam Saad4u,

Meaningless act?
Dead person?

What are you talking about, brother? :) Don't you know that all the Prophets are alive in the grave? Please do take a look at the below authentic Hadith.

What imam Bukhari, imam Muslim, etc regarded as authentic/sahih hadiths, can in fact be wrong ...or in other words, sahih lies. And the consequences are far reaching because it would mean the narrators who have been regarded as trustworthy by imam Bukhari, imam Muslim, etc turned out to be proven as not trustworthy (imam Bukhari, imam Muslim, etc made mistake). We cannot tell with 100% certainty which ones are the liars (whether the first chain, the second chain, the third chain, etc within the chain of narrators) but whenever we found lie we can be sure that there is at least one liar (can be more!). Refusing to acknowledge there is at least one liar in the chain of narrators when a sahih hadith is proven to be lie, is basically saying the hadith compilers themselves who totally made it up.

All right, I guess for now enough talking in theory about "authentic hadith", now let's analyze the hadith that is regarded as authentic.

Narrated Aws ibn Aws: The Prophet (ﷺ) said: Among the most excellent of your days is Friday; on it Adam was created, on it he died, on it the last trumpet will be blown, and on it the shout will be made, so invoke more blessings on me that day, for your blessings will be submitted to me. The people asked: Messenger of Allah, how can it be that our blessings will be submitted to you while your body is decayed? He replied: Allah, the Exalted, has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of Prophets. – [ Sunan Abi Dawud 1047]

The hadith above is clearly man-made. It is totally fabricated. Let me try to explain the reasons.
- The hadith mentiones about the most excellent day within your days is Friday. As we know, the 7 days a week system that we are currently using is man-made. It is arbitrary.

Let's say this is the numbering of days and the name assigned to each day. After 7 days are completed, it will cycle back to the first. In this example, Friday is day number 6.
day 1: Sunday
day 2: Monday
day 3: Tuesday
day 4: Wednesday
day 5: Thursday
day 6: Friday
day 7: Saturday

Based on current system that we are using, the last Friday was 16 July 2021. So according to hadith, 16 July is the most excellent day last week.

But what if in the past, the assignment had been different? For example, the day named Friday is day number 7 like below
day 1: Sunday
day 2: Monday
day 3: Tuesday
day 4: Wednesday
day 5: Thursday
day 6: Saturday
day 7: Friday

Then 16 July 2021 is not the most excellent day last week. The most excellent day last week becomes 17 July 2021.

So what happened in the past, changed which day is excellent in the week ...this cannot be true, as it is like forcing God to comply with what man invented.

- 1 week is not always 7 days

It just happens that we are using system in which 1 week has 7 days, and since it is man-made, 1 week can be made to be other than 7 days. Please have a look below for civilizations that use different system.

Other civilizations chose other numbers — like the Egyptians, whose week was 10 days long; or the Romans, whose week lasted eight.

in 1 week-10 days system, which day is Friday? in 1 week-8 days system, which day is Friday? which system that God has to conform?

- In the future, the system can change

Since it is man-made ...since it is arbitrary, then in the future the system can change. Please have a look below:
The most recent real attempt to throw out the seven-day week was in 1929, when the USSR changed the calendar to have 72 weeks of 5 days each (the difference was made up with some national holidays, which did not fall on normal days of the week—it’d be like having Saturday, Sunday, Labor Day, Monday, Tuesday). Each worker was given one of these days as a rest day, in which they didn’t work. The system was designed to make for a continuous work week; at any given moment, 24 hours a day, every day, 80 percent of the work force was working, compared with in garbage capitalist systems that gave universal weekends.

The system proved very frustrating; most people did not have the same rest day as their spouses, or friends, or family. And machines broke down for the same reason that New York City subways are always breaking down. When a system works 24 hours a day, every day, there’s no real time to repair or maintain them. In 1931, the USSR changed their schedule to…a six-day week, in which every sixth day was a rest day. This proved not much better, and in 1940 the USSR gave up and went back to a seven-day week.

So as we can see, the system we are using can change and which day is Friday becomes dependent on the change (how many days per week and name of the day assignment).

It should be crystal clear now why the so called authentic hadith above must have been fabrication. Please note that there is nothing wrong to use man-made 7-day week, 6-day week, 10-day week, 8-day week, etc. Wrong is when we attribute this man-made system as coming from God, ascribing holyness to one of the days which God never authorizes.

[7:33] Say: “My Lord has made forbidden immorality; what is public of it and private; and sin, and aggression without cause, and that  you set up partners with God that which He has never authorized,  and that you say about God what you do not know.

If what we know about God is coming from sahih hadith books (such as God made Friday as the most excellent day in a week, etc) then stop talking about God temporarily (as it will lead to what God has forbidden which is saying about Him what we don't know), and then start studying what God is actually revealing before talking about God again.


good logic

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Follow,/obey the messenger is simple to explain. The messenger was an intermediary ,he was bringing Qoran .So the instruction to obey and follow him had to be given to all those receiving the message.
The messenger was told to obey GOD and follow what was revealed from GOD through him to all of us including him. Qoran.
We are to obey and follow GOD and the messenger by upholding the revelation-Qoran-
Do you think GOD sent another revelation called hadith?

Is this not simple?
GOD bless you.
38:65″ Say:? I warn you; There is no other god beside GOD, the One, the Supreme.?