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There were hundreds of prophets in Olneby (the bayt people kingdom) which was restored by The Johian Baptist and lasted for hundreds of years before being cut-off from its heads (the saints).

They were the ones who recieved prophetic announcements from Memrael through Gabriel. These announcements became a compilation which Olneby kept safe and sent out to its followers. They believed strict orthodoxy was the only way to secure the perfection of righteousness required of one to exhort the believers of mankind to betterment and accuse the wicked. NONE other than the orthodox were to be considered worthy enough to exhort another people, and were strongly warned against this. As long as they judged not, their salvation was considered a matter of an individual's relationship with God regardeless of the form of their exoteric faith. Moreover they were encouraged to follow the saints (mohamed). This class of people consisted primarily of martyrs for the cause of innocence regardless of creed, and the eldres of Olneby who had been orthodox for 40 years, but certain other people also attained mahmoode status under the criteria of Olneby (e.g. certain scientists). Olneby followed the example of the saints and promoted them as the only true nobility worthy of allegiance amongst mankind.

In Arabia, by the mid 7thC. there were many close followers of the kingdom who knew whole repertoires of these announcements by heart, these were called the Qarri. But political & tribal tensions in the region threatened to obliterate civilization in the region through genocides and general descent into barbarism. A group of good people did all they could to offset the disintegration of civility and did much to quell political tensions between the different groups of Qarri. What remained of Olneby declared them of the Sainthood (mohamed) because their good example of character rubbed-off on his followers and their tireless efforts to foster peace & unity in the region.

After the death of the gentile Hamid the last of these people in the region his good but somewhat spiritually numb friend Abu-bakr took a more militaristic approach to ensuring unity as did his increasingly political successors. With the help of these & Zaid ibn Thabit the first attempts at standardised versions of the compilation were produced. But the descent into chaos could not be offset for too long. A young man named Ali the son-in-law of Hamid tried to stand with Olneby against the confinement of the quran, but eventually being severely threatened by crack-down on prophetic announcements not in the official version of the quran Olneby adopted political quietism rather than oppose the world of men. They trusted in providence and the promise of God for the peacful future of mankind. They lived on in the minds going through increasingly distorted modulations of militaristic opponents to the sunni caliphate as the underground imamate. They remained a major influence amongst the scientific community centered around baghdad untill the time of tamerlane. Today they still live in iraq where they are most often confused with either Jews, Mandaeans or Shiites.

Over the next 20 years they hope to grow in liberty and re-establish a relationship with the international scientific community whom they believe to have been spiritually connected to in the past. This they hope will give rise once more to the kind of spiritual & scientific golden era which was once a feature of the middle east.
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The Origin of The Prophetic Anouncements of The Compilation
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your poll should also have:

'still dunno what to make of it'

a question for you here: is this claiming that the Quran we have isn't actually 'al Quran'?

or that prophetic announcements never even stopped?

i think if these people do have somethin, now is definitely the time to share it.

what's their website? :D
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