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chapter 5 verse 116
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Dr No,

Al-Qur'an tells us the ALLAH is closer to us than the jugular vein and that IT is the innermost and the outermost.


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It says what it means and it means what it says ....
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To be direct the verse is saying:

Allah (The Almighty Creator of the Universe) will speak to Jesus the son of Mary; and no Trinitarians this does not mean God will be having a cosmic conversation with HIMSELF, he will be speaking to His creation Jesus.  

Allah (God) will ask Jesus if he ever told, spoke of or taught mankind (The Lost Sheep and or the Gentiles) to worship himself and or his mother as gods besides The God Almighty.  Jesus of course replies NEVER, never could I say what I had NO RIGHT TO SAY, for if I did, you would know about it because You know what’s in my heart, though I don’t know what’s in yours.

This verse not only discourages Catholics from worshiping Mary but also sends a Message to the Trinitarian Christians about worshiping Jesus as a god or along with God.

I also feel as though that this verse is a Prophecy which Mankind will see on Judgement Day and be witness to and know for sure, and then what will they do ? Who will they blame ? Their Parents, their Parents Parents ?  Priests, Ministers ? Will they stay convinced because a author of the Book has Jesus saying the letters “I AM” means that Jesus is God because God said those letters thousands of years prior to Jesus?  Does that confirm anything ?  Will they blame themselves for not understanding that when God spoke to men on a personal level they were to remove their shoes for they were standing on Holy Ground ? Will they blame science for not being able to agree with them that 3  does not equal 1 on the S.A.T’s ?  Will they accept the Paulinian Gosples as their Christianity and blame him ?  Are they doing this with blind faith, or will they show their proofs fast ?  

To the Trinitarian Christian…. There is no mistake in this verse because Mary is replaced with the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost because the notion that God is 3 is feeble to begin with in the Qu`ran and the Bible.  There is no mistake because the idea alone only exists in the blinded hearts of men who know not what they do……but this conception does not exist in the Nature of God .