Author Topic: Is there anyone who want to do freelance work in webdevelopment as a front-end?  (Read 2531 times)

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May the Peace be with you,

Since i am a student and willing to work for "free" to gain experience or a small price to increase my motivation i am searching for a front-end webdeveloper who would like to work with me? At the moment i am learning MVC/OOP PHP. I know some HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/MYSQL.

My goal: To increase my knowledge in this field by gaining experience through freelance-jobs at sites such as

Btw: I am Osama Ibn Mohammed from The Netherlands.

May my Lord guide me.

May He the Hearer grant us victory in the worldy life, and Hes abundance of Light on the Day of Judgement, and may He the King of kings grant us the eternal Paradise. Peace.


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I'm not interested, but I know all those languages and programming paradigm very well (including OOP in PHP) so if you need help regarding any of those languages you can PM me. I've done both front-end and back-end development for years. :)


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Peace, I am currently working on a project, I have had to put it on hold though, to take some time to focus on my relationship with my Lord, I have a few ideas/projects i am thinking of/qorking on at the moment, heres a little rundown,

I am using TikiWiki groupware CMS for the site, which i intend, god willing, to be a place for collaborating on the quran, with things like wiki, forums, articles, blogs etc, and a global tagging system so everything can be easily tagged, and people can find relevant information on study topics, share their views, and understanding, and also to connect with other believers. this is not realy heavy in too much PHP, but god willing, in the future i would like to entend/modify what is avaliable there, which would require some PHP, and it also uses things like Smarty templating engine, a bit of JS, mostly just jquery though, and also CSS and MYSQL, im not extreamly experienced, i know enough CSS and HTML to design a website, and basic programming, though more bash/z shell, and python than PHP, so if you are willing to contribute, any help would be appreciated..

I am also thinking of a few other projects, such as (and i have little time at the moment so ill keep it breif) a quran browser, free and open source, where people can tag, collaborate, etc but also have the ability to improve translations, in multiple languages, and have an online/offline access, and more..

i would like to incorporate the two projects, or use some kind of API to interface between them.. this project would likely use SQL, and/or XML, JSON etc prehaps
Its just the CMS software is lacking in regards to a way to utilize the whole quran, and be able to incorporate the tags etc into that..

currently, i am also working on reformatting the monotheist translation of the quran to a plain text format, one ayah per line, so it can be used with the Zekr quran study software, and also that will make it relatively trivial, god willing, to convert to XML, SQL etc for use with other things, including the other projects, thats what i have been working on today.

I have probably forgotten some things, its almost 5am lol so i am quite tired, but god willing, you may be interested and we can discuss this further, i realy do need a bit of help with the administration side of, but that is mostly just using the CMS software, but also ironing out any bugs, testing everything, making a few changes here and there to the templates, and the CSS, also in any way i can help sharing my experience, i would be more than happy, as i said, im no expert, but we can all learn something from each other, anyway i must go for now, god willing we can discuss further.

Im poor haha, so i would not be able to pay anyone, but surely the reward of God is best, and i do believe this is a good cause.. feel free to message me, etc

What could i say that is better than what God has already informed us of?
Follow God
Seek His guidance, the only guidance
Glory and Praise be to God, rabbil Aalameen


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I also help to non-commercial sites for free.