Author Topic: Doctor speaks out against medical response to covid-19 - a must see video  (Read 1493 times)


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agree the waters are muddy but I'm surprised at your reluctance to watch the video considering he is one of the most published doctors in the world. Each to their own.

No reluctance. Its bit too long to watch in one go. We are not all blessed with time. However Im familiar with his views (imagine video will be representative). Aware of most issues & controversies Re-Covid as it has had huge impact so many close to me, Hence cannot be bothered with flat earthers


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Based on

At first symptoms:

1) gargle with Colgate Plax or Total, or Corsodyl or Listerine, thrice daily, 10 days

2) nasal rinse with 1% baby shampoo diluted with water (water must be boiled then cooled), twice daily for 5 days
or 0.5% iodine / povidone-iodine water solution

3) Daily supplements: Vitamin C, D and zinc. 10 days.

Note: 1% is equivalent to one drop baby shampoo per 5ml of water, which is the same as 20 drops per 100ml. (1ml = 20 drops). Can use salt water instead see here.

1) & 2)



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