Author Topic: 12:110 Mission Accomplished  (Read 523 times)

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12:110 Mission Accomplished
« on: May 19, 2021, 08:39:05 PM »
Our Lord (of purely moral universalism alone) proves that we are messengers to you (36:16) We have not sent any Messenger except with the language of his people so he can make things clear to them (14:4)

OBJECTIVE: Everything is decided between them justly. They are not wronged. (10:47)

CONDITIONS OF TAWBA: We never punish until We have sent Messenger. (17:15) Your Lord would never destroy any cities without first sending to the chief of them a Messenger to recite Our/Tawba/21:104-108/7:155-158 Signs to them. (28:59)

Allah made this an enduring word remaining among Ibrahim's descendants/3:33-34/42 that they might unite/3:64-68 (43:28) It is not for you to guide them. God guides whomever He wills (2:272) You surely cannot guide whoever you like, but it is Allah Who guides whoever He wills, and He knows best who are fit to be guided/5:54. (28:56) So turn away from them and wait. (32:30) Your only duty is to deliver the message clearly (16:82, 14:4, 4:82)

NEXT STAGE: Allah has written, ´I will be victorious, I and My Messengers.´ Allah is Most Strong, Almighty. (58:21, 2:279)