Author Topic: What is the use of remembering 'Allah' then? (89:23)  (Read 195 times)

Green Anarchism

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What is the use of remembering 'Allah' then? (89:23)
« on: May 04, 2021, 07:34:09 PM »
Naturalist Constitution

لا إله = Moral relativism (Satan)
إلا الله = Moral universalism (God)

Green (إلا الله) Anarchism (لا إله)

You can't walk with God/Sunnatullah/Cultural Universalism and hold hands with Satan/Cultural Relativism/Statism at the same time.


The call of truth is made to لا إله إلا الله alone. Those they call upon apart from لا إله إلا الله alone do not respond to them at all. It is like someone stretching out his cupped hands towards water to convey it to his mouth: it will never get there. The call of the kuffar only goes astray. (13:14, 13:17-18, 50:30)

Try not to die if what (relativism) you say is true? (3:168)

We will examine their deeds and scatter them like dust (25:23, 3:28, 5:81, 58:14, 4:143)

109:1  Say: ´Kafirun!
109:2  I do not worship what you worship
109:3  and you do not worship what I worship.
109:4  Nor will I worship what you worship
109:5  nor will you worship what I worship.
109:6  You have your deen and I have my deen.´

What is the use of remembering 'Allah = 3:28 = 5:81' then? (89:23)