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Are we aware of these facts?
« on: March 28, 2021, 10:34:42 AM »

About ablutions and sujud (prostration).

Personally, I consider ablution as a way to awaken our senses and for a better connection with our interior space during salat.

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Are we aware of these facts?
As far as we know ...

A man won a lottery but back home he got robbed! In such situations we say: “ Everything that comes from the Hayy goes back!”. A Turkish proverb says about this that “ what comes with the flute goes with the drum!”. Everyone also knows that there is nothing better than what we have won with the sweat of our brow ...

Those who understood the “ Religion of Islam” interpreted the above words admirably:

“Everything that comes from Hayy goes back there!”. That is to say that everything that comes from Allah, also designated by the name of “ Hayy ”, (the Living One), returns there, which implies that “ everything comes from Him and returns to Him!” . But, so far people have given it a literal interpretation! ... ”

You see how this statement has been twisted these days and deviated from its original meaning! It is the same as the difference between “ Islamism” and “ Din al Islam”.

What about the other facts we think we know!

Why do we do ablution? You will answer me: “it's to clean us up!”.

If “ ablutions” have been suggested for the purpose of cleansing, then why is “ tayammum ” of rubbing the face and hands with the earth recommended in case of lack of water?

Would you ever think of saying to someone, “My dear! your face needs to be cleansed, but there is no water, so go and cleanse yourself with earth ”.

Most of us are familiar with the fact that the cells, on the surface of the skin, absorb the water that we rub ourselves with, by means of osmosis ... We also know that water is represented by the formula H2O , (made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms), just as it has an electric charge. We also know that the organic factory that is the physical body breaks down the liquid and solid foods it receives and converts them into bioelectric energy.

Yet we never thought that “ ablutions” could have been recommended to us in order to increase the bioelectric energy of the body in the most practical way ...

What about the “ tayyamum” then? We have tried to explain this in our book called “ The Mysteries of Man”. Hope we did it successfully. And this, without a doubt, in proportion to our capacities ...

Do you think that doing ablution with only a glass of water or practicing tayyamum with a little soil constitutes a cleansing?

Since ablution is not done with a view to cleaning ... Since Rasul-Allah often performed his ablution with a glass of water only ... how are we going in this case to consider the ablution and understand the rule? according to which “ those who are not purified“ talir ” must not touch the Koran”?

The opposite of “ tahir ” (purified) in the Quran is the word “ nadjis ” (unclean) . The term “ nadjis ” is associated with the concept “ shirk ” (polytheism) and it has been concluded that the “ mushrikun ” (polytheists) are nadjis . Having said that, if the “ shirk ” is “ nadjis ”, then being “ tahir ” is related to the state of the people of “ TAWHID ”, the Unity . In this case the warning from the Quran that “those who are not purified ( ghayr-mutaharûn ) must not touch the Koran ” does not mean that one must not touch or hold the copies of this Sacred Book, without ablution ...”. Rather, it means that those who have not purified themselves from the state of “ shirk ” and have not attained “ TAWHID ” should not bother to understand the Quran because they will not be able to penetrate its. meaning. It is not physical filth that needs to be removed but rather mental filth in the mind!

It is never possible to understand the mysteries of the Quran al karîm from the “ dualistic” perspective , that is to say from the idea of ​​a SELF (personal) and of a God somewhere, at the far!" Because such a perspective leads to what is called “ shirk el khafi ” (hidden polytheism)! First, one needs to fully understand “ Tawheed ” and purify oneself from “ shirk el khafi ” in order to become an authentic person of Tawheed . It is only after that that one becomes “ mutahar ” and that one begins to understand the Koran.

When one is not “ mutahar ” and one has not got rid of the mental shirk anchored in one's mind , that is to say “ nadjâssa ” , one cannot understand and appreciate the Quran at its own. just value. Thus, such people regard the Quran as a book of commandments from a god lying somewhere, and transmitted through a messenger. In any case, we will never be able to purify ourselves “mentally” even if we were in a shower all day! ... We will not be able to prostrate ourselves ( sadjada ) either!

And you might ask me if I really meant “ sadjada ”.

Certainly yes! Because the one who is not purified ( mutahar ) cannot bow down (perform sadjda )!

Do you think that “ sadjda ” is described as an expression of our respect to an invisible God, and that it is comparable to our prostration before a Sultan? ... Such an attitude is nothing but a example of “ hidden polytheism” ( shirk el khafi ) , and is only worthy of those who have not yet “ mentally” purified themselves !

Are you performing “ sadjda ” for a God somewhere? Or ... as part of your “ bondage” , in order to show the attributes of Allah which are within you, as you are aware of the presence of ALLAH at all times, in all places, in every trace of your existence ... Do you perform “ sadjda ” to unveil the meanings of the Most Beautiful Names of Allah , which shape your existence by taking advantage of the extra flow of blood that feeds your brain as you practice prayer, meditation or dhikr (in the positon of sadjda)?

Do you think that a conception as expressed below is the best way to describe “ sadjda ” ?

“My sadjda is my non-existence! She is none other than YOU who are enveloped in a body of flesh and bones and it is YOU who are unveiled through the word JE ” , while the brain becomes more powerful thanks to the flow of blood it receives when the “ sadjda” is accomplished and it emits even more powerful brain waves into the System ” .

Either we will know each other perfectly and realize our own strengths and powers, or we will be guided by those who govern!

May Allah increase our science.


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Re: Are we aware of these facts?
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Beautiful! It's indeed refreshing to read somthing like this once in a while. This is a pointer towards real tawheed. Beautiful!
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