Author Topic: Hackers Continue To Attack Arabic/English Quraniyoon Website, ahl-alqur'  (Read 92 times)


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This one of my favorite Quranist website. The admin is Dr. Ahmed Mansour, a scholar in Islamic History, and often visit the site to read his commentary pertaining to Islamic history and the state of Islam in the Middle East. The site has been target of hackers in the past. I just opened to read the site recently and I found this;

November 25, 2020

On November 25, 2020, our suffered a sophisticated cyber-attack. The perpetrators managed to delete the website’s entire database. We filed a report to Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) explaining the programming vulnerabilities the perpetrators manipulated to gain administrator access to the website. We have a full back-up of all website materials, and we are working on retrieving all of it once the website is up and running again.

On the other hand, retrieving the website requires professional reprogramming and redesigning to withstand such cyber-attacks in the future, as the current version was built by volunteers back in 2006 with outdated technology that can easily be hacked in 2020. Hence, we are currently working on:
1- Recovering a read-only version of the website by the end of December.
2- Rebuilding and redesigning the website to withstand future cyber-attacks. This will take time and considerable cost as we will hire a specialized company for the new website

January 10th Update :

On January 3rd and 4th, hackers attacked the Ahl Alquran website after gaining access to the hosting control panel causing disruption to the server and the ongoing recovery process. Thankfully, the control panel account has been retrieved.

While the recent attack did not impact the development of the new Ahl Alquran server, it pushed to do more to leverage other platform to reach out for our readers:

Articles by Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour could be found on Ahl Alquran facebook page: The page is updated to include old and new articles by Dr. Mansour and other Ahl Alquran writers.

Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour will be available for a facebook live event, responding directly to your questions. The event will be hosted on Ahl Alquran facebook page:, and you can post questions that need answers there.

All fatawa requests can be sent to :
Reclaiming Islam from extremism;
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