Author Topic: To know “the faith” is not to have faith  (Read 153 times)


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To know “the faith” is not to have faith
« on: March 12, 2021, 11:30:36 AM »

For the pleasure of sharing with you inspiring readings by author Ahmed Hulusi.

NB :  the author talks about hell. I understand it as emotional hell.

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To know “the faith” is not to have faith

Rather, the question of religion occupies a large place in our life ...

Most people defend their religion and do not allow anyone to criticize it, even if they are not necessarily religious ...

This is all well and good, but can you be a Muslim by simply saying “ I am a Muslim” ?

Can one be mu'min (believer) by simply saying “ I am a believer” ?

Let us dwell on the following point: What does the phrase “ I am a mu'min” mean ? Why do we use this expression? What do we need when expressing it and what do we mean by this expression?

Above all, it would be good to know that “ faith” ( iman ) is a natural constitutional characteristic - innate ( fitri ). It can never be acquired after birth! It may reveal itself some time later, but it can never be obtained afterwards!

What does “the revelation of iman (faith)” mean in oneself?

“ Imân ” (Faith) designates the ability of a person to see through penetration ( basirat ), beyond the individualized consciousness (personality in the common sense of the term) that one supposes to be His, there is one and ONLY Authority who is the author of everything according to His will.

“ Iman ” (Faith) allows access to the dimension known as “Paradise” by freeing oneself from the dimension of Hell. “Islam” however, allows the fire of the dimension known as Hell to be escaped as quickly as possible and provides a higher standard of living in the dimension of Heaven once it is accessed!

“Faith ( îmân ) in what the anbiyâ 'of Allah have announced” is considered, within the framework of the iman mentioned here, as the information of the One Being to His own system through the Message transmitted by the Nubuwwa ...

It should be known that the suffering of fire is due to infidelity!

Even ignoring a Prophet, a native of a tribe located right in the center of Africa, can attain the dimension of Heaven once this “ îmân ” (belief) that we have mentioned before reveals itself. .

On the other hand, so many people who do not yet lift their heads from prostration ( sadjda ) in an Islamic environment, throughout their life, could claim to have faith and to have lived only with an “ imitative faith. ” ( Îmân taqlid ) because of the constitutional - innate îmân that they lack, and can pass to the hereafter as unfaithful, without faith .

Let us see in detail the first category of îmân ...

The devotee will not suffer from fire while crossing Hell! It should be known that the suffering of fire is due to infidelity ! Fire is a “ state” that you want to break free from and that makes you feel embarrassed, distressed, stressed and full of hatred for your life!

It is the light ( nûr ) of the îmân due to the penetration ( basirat ) which makes it possible to perceive and realize that everything owes its existence to the will, predestination ( taqdîr ) and the creation of the One and that it is impossible for what has already happened to happen otherwise. With such an iman , a person will eventually become an inhabitant of Paradise, although he may not have seen or heard of the Nabî of Allah.

It does not matter that the words “ I am mu'min - a believer” are pronounced by the lips, for they can have real meaning in life only through a spiritual state ( hâl ).

There is nothing to be gained by saying “ I am a Muslim” with the lips as long as the actions ( fi'l ) are there to testify.

As we have already said in our various publications, the word “ ALLAH” is just a name and it is necessary to underline the meaning that this name denotes.

It is important to define “ what to believe and how to believe” . Therefore we must focus on understanding the word “ iman ” .

“ Iman ” can first of all be understood in a context involving all of humanity.

“ Imân ” can secondly be understood in a context which only takes into consideration believers in the Nabî of Allah.

In the context of considering the whole of humanity, involving a general understanding of the system, " the iman " may be in a person as a constitutional feature ( fitri ) and can serve him to move forward and ultimately, to heaven after long periods of purification, even if he did not recognize the Nabî !

As for “ the imân ” in the context taking into consideration the people who recognized the Nabî ...

Belief in the latter is in a way part of “imitative faith” ( îmân taqlîd )!

Because, believing in what a Nabî announced is still a pretended faith ( îmân taqlîd ) as long as it is not a belief in what the name “ALLAH” denotes by reference to the understanding of the mystery “ B ”.

It is possible that “the so-called faith” is transformed into iqân , (certainty), through tahqîq , (realization) by the sole understanding of the mystery “ B ”.

The point that we want to emphasize here is that having information about the îmân is not sufficient as is installing information files about the îmân in a computer to fill the free space. will not bring you to the dimension of Heaven.

You can load your PC with an unimaginable amount of detailed information about “ the îmân ” and this PC can have a configuration that allows it to be audio-visual edited at any time ... But that doesn't mean it is. a believing person!

Returning now to the question of why we needed " the iman " and try to answer it briefly ...

As we mentioned above, " the iman " is the recognition that we live in circumstances created by the One Fatir (Creator) according to His will ...

Since this is so ... Nothing can be seen or described as “wrong”, “wrong” or “inadequate that shouldn't have happened” in life! Because there is one Unique One who creates everything according to His will and Who contemplates all that He has created as He wants! ..

Such an understanding results in a state of satisfaction ( radhi ) of the person with everything, so that the “ pain of fire” in the dimension of “ Hell” ceases to exist for him. Then the fire of Hell begins to address him in these terms: “O believer! cross my fire as quickly as the light of your îmân extinguishes my flames ”! As we know, it is only the light of Iman that extinguishes the fire of Hell!

Now we need to be specific about the following:

It is not information about the îmân which extinguishes the “fire” but the application (the practice) of the îmân , that is to say really living this îmân .

What is meant by the practice of îmân is the meditation of the person guided by “the fact of îmân ” on life, thus enabling him to realize his worth as well as the circumstances, through the illumination of the light of his “ îmân ” ...

A person can either enjoy life and events by being guided by the light of his Iman which brings him to a spiritual state known as “ radhiyya ”, and therefore practices a life of believer, and nothing else. or she continues to suffer the pain of the burns resulting from the ineffectiveness of her “ îmân ” until * she is used to it + and finally becomes non-flammable ...

To sum it all up, information about iman cannot be considered as iman itself!

Because, in the life “ the îmân ” :

a) Allows the person to experience paradisiacal dimensions by freeing himself from the fire.

b) Becomes a means of accessing a higher dimension of Paradise beyond anything imaginable, by the realization of what the name of Allah denotes at every point of existence!

On the other hand, the knowledge of Imân is like a load of books on the back of a donkey. A person can carry the knowledge of Imân in his brain (mind) and lips throughout his life, but this does not prevent him from freeing himself from the pain of fire ... She burns while uttering such accusations. that “why is it so?”, “if only it hadn't happened!” while other sentimental flames produced by these accusations devour her!

The goal of making “ the iman ” known to a person does not consist in making him wear it but rather in making him really live it.

If you live to carry "the knowledge of iman" , the pain of your fire will last as long as you live; your dimension will be altered as you continue to burn and your life will end eternally in the fire ... It will last that way until the iman is revealed in you!

If you have “ iman ” its proof is the fact that the fire has ceased for you and you “never again make accusations”; nothing seems more inadequate to you in anything in life ...

You can thus experience the fruit of such awareness and continue your journey in the dimension of Paradise ...

Better yet, if the mystery “ B ” is revealed in you and if you reach a spiritual state whereby you will experience the consequences of such a revelation, your lips will only be able to pronounce:

“ There is no one but Him who contemplates”! ..