Author Topic: Do you agree these verses prove that the righteous do not taste the 2nd death  (Read 323 times)


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'These are the verses of Allah which We recite to you in truth. Then in what statement (hadith) after Allah and His verses will they believe? (45:6)'

good logic

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Peace Sarah.
The original  more detailed article is here:

Of course one needs to check all the verses and come up with their own understanding.
My view is this:
Qoran differentiates between the "body" and the "soul" i.e-real person-
 My understanding about death  in this subject is  that the verses are not talking about the "body" . Humans (our bodies) both believers and disbelievers shed this body at what we call "death". According to us, when the body is no longer living-breathing and functioning- we are dead. In that context ,then all of us humans die

Qoran is talking about death of the "soul". Remember ,death is like sleep, a state of nothingness, until one wakes up.
In my opinion,the verses are saying the following:
1-  life and death of believers and disbelievers souls are not the same.
2- How can we expect them to be the same, if they are opposites/in conflict?
3-The death of the soul is like sleep,  The soul can go to "nothingness" like when we are fast asleep, Then wake up on resurrection day -Disbeliever_ or stay awake somewhere awaiting the resurrection day- Believer-.
4- At the end of our past life , all of us humans tasted the "sleep" version" of death . We were put in a state of "nothingness" until we were created humans , then each soul is "awakened" in its human body  just before birth. That was our first death.
5- At the end of this life , some souls are put to death-sleep- Dis believers, or invited to wait somewhere  -not put to sleep- Believers. All awaiting judgement day.
In reality both sets will know their outcome at the end of this life.In other words judgement day is just the new creation /classification of the souls. their fate has been already decided according to their choice and outcome of how this life was led by them. i.e believed an.d grew the soul or neglected the soul.

So in effect ,judgement day is just the clarification and verification   that each soul  has got its "justice". It is also a beginning of our next "new creation" of whatever we have deserved to be next.
GOD bless you.
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