Author Topic: The Seven Skies and the Fixed Ground  (Read 451 times)


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The Seven Skies and the Fixed Ground
« on: September 28, 2020, 09:19:50 PM »
I did an analysis of the words ardh and samaa in the Qur’an. This study confirms that we are living on an immovable, fixed plane and there are seven skies stacked on top of each other right above us. This is utterly reconcilable with the idea of space and a spinning globe. You can download the PDF free here:


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Re: The Seven Skies and the Fixed Ground
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2020, 07:43:06 AM »
Consider the question: What is the shape of the earth ?

Assuming the person who asked the question is honestly looking for the truth, willing to invest all their resource into finding the truth (intellectual, material, time, and energy..)

-The scientific approach: (found in some high school course in khan academy, refered here for simplicity)
Make an observation.
Ask a question.
Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
Test the prediction.
Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions.

-The religionist approach: You have been given the truth by God himself (the unique source of truth) and now all you have to do is trust it/believe in it.

Have you ever asked why humanity never really benefited from religious texts in terms of technological advancement in engineering, biology, medicine, astronomy, mechanics etc ? Even if a group of people think a religious text is saying that the earth is flat or something like that, no one is really benefiting from it. On the contrary, it is simply ignored, and it is rather the people who have dedicated their time and energy in honestly seeking the truth in their subject on interest that end up creating benefit and making technological advancement that all people benefit from.

will you not reason????

good logic

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Re: The Seven Skies and the Fixed Ground
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2020, 01:29:26 PM »
Shape of the earth?  is this not a question for the experts(Those scientists/researchers...that have the skills and knowledge  to do this sort of jobs?) .
I mean how can I possibly compete with them if my expertise /field is not "the shape of the earth"?

I can only look at what I read/see/make out of what they say/believe them...etc. Or I can one day have a look from above given the opportunity and see the shape of the earth for myself!
This can be applied to  skies, planets,stars,universe...

I prefer to tackle the subject from a different reasoning.:
1-What have the experts said about the "shape of the earth"? Does it make sense?What do I agree or disagree with it according to my logical understanding of their answers? What shape do I think it is after my checking of the information available from all the answers of the experts?

Having said that,reason of humans has limits,just because we reason does not mean there is no conflict. In fact because we reason from different perspectives/loyalties/backgrounds,... we are in conflict.
If one is satisfied with their understanding then that is all that matters. Regardless of other opinions since there will always be even absurd opinions from humans.
While it is interesting is to check all opinions even the absurd ones and respect the fact that people are free to choose whichever makes sense to them.
GOD bless.
38:65″ Say:? I warn you; There is no other god beside GOD, the One, the Supreme.?