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Re: Qur'an 17:36
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Salam good logic.

Certainly. I read a few commentaries on the verse (as I usually do when I seem to fail to reach a satisfactory understanding by myself) and found Muhammad Asad's take on it to be a reasonable explanation that solved my issue for now. Asad argues that the pronoun that is usually taken to refer to the concept of God having a son in 18:4 (ma lahum biHI min 'ILMIN) actually refers to God, so that the verse is better rendered as 'they have no knowledge of Him (God)'. Perhaps I will take issue with this interpretation as well as I reflect on it more, but for now, it satisfies me.


Peace.. Wanderer..
Happy to see you still wandering here...
If you don't understand me,  it's not my fault.. If someone understands who has same issue like you then he or she would ponder...

Look dear... Really what you research is the way.. Keep it up... Till God open the doors to you... But ensure you not remain in doubt forever.. That's not guidance... Even you researched for life.. .

Unfortunately you failed to grasp... I answered you in reply # 04..thats what you say asad articles has clarified you and for now you are satisfied... That's how you suddenly said I found answer and almost let us feel you are leaving the forum.. After all what you have found I have replied in reply #04..

That's why I told in reply # 04 verse talks about God.. And leave Jesus aside...

But you definitely sounded in your thread that what is wrong if Christians claim God has a son... For that you will never have knowledge even you try rest of your life...
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