Author Topic: The Quran according to the Quran: Understanding the Nature of the Divine Word  (Read 979 times)


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Peace forum members,

''What is the Qur’an? What is a prophet? And what is a scripture?
More than 1400 years after the last revelation was made to a prophet of Abrahamic monotheism, these questions still remain a mystery and were left unanswered by the first generations of believers.

To answer such interrogations, Muslims and researchers around the world have long turned to Hadith, Sunnah and Quranic exegeses. In the midst of this vast literature, the reader can quickly be confronted with the issue of different versions describing a same event.
The same is true when one uses secondary sources to learn more about the history of the Quran.

Among all the conflicting opinions, which one to follow? One alternative set aside for a long time still exists: returning to the qur’anic text only.

This is what the author of this study has done, while answering a crucial question for understanding the origins of Islam: what does the Quran reveals about the Quran itself? In addition to reconstructing what ancient history of the text revealed about itself, the author proposes to question the many prejudices long held against the Quran and its genesis.

A completely different vision of the foundations of Islam emerges from reconsidering the original ground that saw the birth of the first Muslim community. Its original aspect resurfaces and reveals that Islam and the Quran as perceived today have nothing to do with what they were in the early days. Unlike current scientific and religious dogmas that attempt to present what Islam and its founding text are, the reader will find in this work a precise definition of the substantial identity of the message received by the prophets.

The question of the nature of the revelation has finally been answered.

Above can be found in the book The Quran according to the Quran: Understanding the Nature of the Divine Word - by M.K. Benchenane.

I truly recommend it to those who wish to advance in God's way.

You may order the book here God willing:


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Have you read the book? If so, you can share the author's most important positions on the Qur'an.


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Peace, I have read the book.

One of the sentences you find writen by its author is the following one  : "To fully understand my discourse, I strongly recommend reading this book from its first to last page, in the order of its page numbering, and not diagonally. This will surely result in a much better understanding of my reasoning and the ideas I am presenting hereafter."

You may find the Table of contents available on the "Look Inside" option on