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Quran 4:157
« on: April 20, 2020, 08:29:05 AM »
It is interesting that Quran 4:157 states that Jesus was not killed or crucified but actually many English translations of the Quran are mistranslated by the Sunni ulamas. Actually, the verse does not mean Jesus was not killed or crucified but rather the Jews of Prophet Muhammad's time were boasting they killed Jesus but they did not and were in a confusion. The real killers of Jesus were the Romans, not the Jews of the 7th century.

Are the any good English translations of the Quran which affirm the Torah and Gospel? I read the website,, and it is clear Quran affirms that the Torah and Gospel are not corrupted. We need to produce a pro-Christian translation of the Quran, which upholds unitarian christianity, of which Prophet Muhammad adhered by.

After reading the Quran, I conclude Jesus is certainly not Allah but a messenger of Allah and he died a natural death like all other prophets including Muhammad s.a.w. The Jews of the 7th century did not kill him or crucify him but it was the Romans of the 1st century.

good logic

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Re: Quran 4:157
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Peace leetzisam.
Welcome. For information there was a discussion like this here:

GOD bless you.

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