Author Topic: Looking for a non-traditional female submitter to the MOST HIGH  (Read 292 times)


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Well, i don't like all those dating sites nowadays - so i just will try it here.

I'm a white caucasian, 30 years old, 1,78 tall, pitch black hair and brown eyes. I'm not fat nor thin. I read a lot and make music from time to times, mostly playing guitar - also playing videogames, especially from the 8 - 16 bit era and a linux enthusiast. I also love to research conspiracy theories/facts as i'm very interested in secret societies and their occult knowledge. I also don't limit myself only to the Qur'an, i accept any scripture if i can find sacred truths in it and it nourishes my soul.

I'm looking for a female partner who is of my race. A turkic/persian, white and black haired, brown eyed female of my age - not fat nor thin counterpart who is also truth oriented and knows what is going on in this fucked up world and is not afraid of anything but GOD and knows GOD.

Location: Germany/western Europe.