Author Topic: A Passage from "God and the State" by Bakunin, and the concept of Original Sin  (Read 5336 times)


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Regarding Adam & his partner and the tree with the forbidden you guys still don't get what the the forbidden fruit is? Please read QS 7/19-7/25. Do you expect Allah to tell you in a crude words about a male and a female alone together and not be tempted? Adam and hid partner both got fruits, Adam loves the peaches so much, he wanted to shake the tree and he did and so was his partner. See, it wasn't so hard. From 3/33 and other verses are clear indications that Adam was both an individual and symbol of humanity. That is my take on this subject.


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I'm not sure what adam felt in the garden was akin to nudity, but it certainly was to one of embarrasment. You see, in my opinion, adam had become aware that they were naked before God, i.e. all of their thoughts and deeds were clearly apparent to God. God had no problem with adam being naked from the fore, nor did God command adam to cover. When adam had done a wrong against itself, it tried to cover this deed, it did not want to be naked before God, but God could see adam's fault. God then said that the best garment was that of righteousness. Thus adam should cover itself with the goodness that God has called for. This was best.
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