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Order of Quran revelations - Salat
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:47:19 PM »

While I was debating regarding verse 2:187 topic,  I thought of order of revelation of Quran... In my understanding to date it is really wonderful... It gives me some perfect understanding... Even for fasting...

Do you people accept this order of revelation? Did you find out a patten in it... Have you researched on it... How it reached to us?

For example if you look at Salat (only for standing prayer) not for other meaning of Salat but for prayer ... Instructions are given first in chapter 17:78 and then 11:114 and these chapters are 50 and 52 respectively (order of revelation)
Whatever Salat (prayer rituals) verses revealed is AFTER the instructions to praying time in 17:78 and 11:114.....that's amazing ....

Verses such as....  2:238-239. 4:142. 23:09, 5:06, 4:11, 70:34, 9:108, 10:87, 3:39, 4:101-103, 17:110, 29:45*, 24:58, 46:29, 62-9-11, (8:35) and there could be more ritual prayers verses I missed... strangely all these occur after initial instructions of Salat (prayer)  in 17:78...

As I always tell the verses such as salat and Zakath together is never ritual prayer.. But establishing moral/ethics and bringforth purification... Most of the Salat verses are morals/ethics or blessings etc other than ritual prayers...