Author Topic: Why does it seem like most stories in the qur'an are based in the middle east  (Read 338 times)


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and why does it seem that most Prophets mentioned are from the middle east too?


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Because the book was authored in the middle east for the consumption of 7th century middle easterner. (specifically Israelites) Imagine if the book told stories of:
- Virtue of Liu Bei
- Loyalty of Guan Yu
- Life of Lao Tse
- Arjuna and Krishna
- Story of Lehua
- Popol Vuh
- Siddharta and Bodhi Tree

Then the author need to do a lot of explanation and introduction for each stories as the audiences are unfamiliar with the figures being mentioned. And due to the unfamiliarity the audience might lose interest.


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Peace Sarah,

Quran, Torah , Injil all based in middle east. In fact Bible came from Arabia.

All the messengers mentioned in Quran are from the same area since the primary addressee of the Quran was the people of Arabia. But that does not mean God did not send messengers to other parts of the world. God has sent messenger to every nation.  They were just not mentioned in Quran.

10:47 For every nation is a messenger; so when their messenger comes, the matter is decreed between them with justice, and they are not wronged.

16:36 And We have sent a messenger to every nation: "You shall serve God and avoid evil." Some of them were guided by God, and some of them deserved to be misguided. So travel the earth, and see how the punishment was of those who denied.

40:78 And We have sent messengers prior to you. Some of them We have told to you, and some We did not tell to you. And it was not given to any messenger that he should bring a sign except with the permission of God. So, when the judgment of God is issued, the matter is decided with the truth, and the followers of falsehood will be lost.


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Those are archetypical events or stories. Any sotry must have a material base since we are in a material world, but that does not mean that its meaning and purpose is restricted to a narrow material base. Rather its scope is determined by thr capacity of the receiver to snatch its purport.

The problem with Qur'an has been precisely that, all the efforts deployed to turn it into a narrow short sighted folk tale and to stuff it into the parameters attributed to the bible and middleeastsize it. All important narration int he world have a meterial stting but the have universal meaning and value. And like the Qur'an says, all prophets are one. They are one community, they are one, servants of the most merciful.



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Salam Sarah.

The holy site sits in the Middle East, and has been the center for sending Prophets since prophets began (where else do you address people with a new/updated message from God except @ His Temple).

Also, the Prophets (after Noah) are all from the seed of Abraham - who happened to be a resident of the region.
`And when God Alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are filled with aversion; and when others are mentioned beside Him, they rejoice!` (The Quran 39:45)