Author Topic: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.  (Read 11725 times)


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Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
« Reply #70 on: November 20, 2019, 03:35:06 PM »
According to Quran , name of Jesus is "Isa"

and Isa was not crucified.

Today the BBC says something close to this:


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Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
« Reply #71 on: November 20, 2019, 10:02:53 PM »
According to Quran , name of Jesus is "Isa"

and Isa was not crucified.

Today the BBC says something close to this:

If God called Son of Mariam as Issa then it could be his name…. no point of disagreeing it…same about crucifying..
Point here is about the link… I read it… I knew about such message claiming Issa to be a Buddist monk…that also proudly by Buddist while they extremely deny GOD and CREATION..
Unfortunately, I won’t agree to that…
Buddism is merely constituted by studying the suffering of human being in a vast level… No place in their ancient existing Theravada Buddism talking about God being the Creator… No such place for God in entire buddism.. Those who claim that there is God, automatically goes offline from being a real buddist…
This is what the much accepted factor in buddism.. They claim they preserve other religious gods and not God/s preserve human… That’s why they keep food in temple…They accept away from their buddha teachings the hindu gods for their well being.. That is opposed by Buddha high priests..
We don’t know what exactly Buddha preached and what is preserved and practicing now.. But there is no hint of God and creation in Buddism…Since much older Veda scriptures talk about creation and God, how come a dogma which constituted much later than that has no evidence of God in their belief…
If Issa was in greater Bharat (India) then definitely something would have been preserved talking about God in existing buddist teachings…Coz Issa is widely accepted as son of God.. But they strongly deny God to the extent of nullifying being  a buddist if accept God… God and creation has no connection with Buddism… if we say so that is only our own misunderstanding while they buddist deny it…

had buddha been a a prophet teaching the verses to his people, i would strongly believe something of God and Creation would have been preserved... But no clue...


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Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
« Reply #72 on: December 05, 2019, 06:01:44 AM »
According to the false Bible, the number of people who fled Egypt with Moses is in the millions:

The Israelites journeyed from Rameses to Sukkoth. There were about six hundred thousand men on foot, besides women and children. Many other people went up with them, and also large droves of livestock, both flocks and herds. [Exodus 12:37-38]

And as it turns out, this community also met Egypt's labor needs. If millions of such people had actually left the country overnight, considering the scarcity of the world's population at that time, it would have been a terrible exodus mentioned in the history books. That's not the case, of course.

The Qur'an again wrote the truth, and it was a small community that set out with Moses and Aaron:

Quran: And We inspired to Moses, “Travel by night with My servants; indeed, you will be pursued.” Then Pharaoh sent among the cities gatherers [And said], “Indeed, those are but a small band” [Chapter 26, verses 52-54]


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Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
« Reply #73 on: March 06, 2020, 04:41:07 AM »
51:22 In the heaven is your provision, and what you are promised. (Paradise and hell are both ready and outside the world, in the sky)

The prophets living in Paradise will be summoned to the court as witnesses on the Day of Judgment

77:11 And when the messengers are gathered.

heaven is not paradise. Heaven =universe
Heavens = universes
The Qur'an offers a multi-universe model.
But it is not infinite.
Seven universes, for example.
Other universes have planets too.
65.12 Allah is the one who created seven Heavens and from Earth like them (of corresponding type); [Allah's] command descends among them so that you may know that Allah is capable of anything and that Allah knows everything.
Example "Floor of Lord" (Indallah) = afterlife universe
Except for the Hereafter universe, all the other universes will end with big crunch.
21:104 On the day when We roll up the heavens like a scroll of books is rolled up. As We initiated the first creation, so shall We return it. It is a promise of Ours that We will do this.
39:67 They have not given God His true worth; and the whole earth is within His fist on the day of resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His right hand. Be He glorified; He is much too high above what they set up.

Quran: A man came running from the farthest part of the city, saying: "O my people, follow the messengers. Follow those who do not ask you for any wage, and are guided. Why should I not serve the One who initiated me, and to Him is your ultimate return? Shall I take gods besides Him? If the Gracious intends any harm for me, their intercession cannot help me in the least, nor can they save me. Then I would be clearly astray. I have acknowledged your Lord, so listen to me! It was said, "Enter Paradise." He said "Oh, how I wish my people only knew of what my Lord has forgiven me, and made me of the honored ones."We did not send down upon his people after him soldiers from the sky; for there was no need to send them down. For all it took was one scream, whereupon they were stilled. (36:20-29)

19:56 And recall in the Book, Enoch; he was a man of truth, a prophet.
19:57 And We raised him to a high place.

3:55 For God said: "O Jesus, I will terminate your life, and raise you to Me, and cleanse you of those who have rejected, and make those who have followed you above those who have rejected until the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is your return, all of you,so I will judge between you in what it was that you disputed."

Prophets and very good peoples in Paradise now. They were created in Paradise (floor of Lord/other universe) without waiting for the Hour.

But, Other people will wait for the Resurrection for re-creation.

The Qur'an says that a group of exception people are already living in Paradise.

And it even tells us that some of them are talking about the world's inhabitants. They say "they(World peoples) will come to us later". However, it is difficult to see them for you because the English translations of the Qur'an do not provide complete sentences.
Likewise, the verses of the Lord's Floor are also mentioned, but you cannot see it again in English translations. Because, unfortunately, those under the influence of traditional interpretation make translations in their own understanding.

Yes, according to the Qur'an there are already people living in Paradise.
And that's where Christians believe that Jesus is in paradise.

In the false Gospels, the event was described incorrectly, so you could not see the painting until today.
Jesus and all other messengers/ prophets live in paradise now.

3:169 Do not count that those who are killed in the sake of God are dead. No, they are alive at their Lord receiving provisions.
3:170 Happy with what God has granted them from His grace, and they rejoice in those who have yet to follow after them. There is no fear upon them nor do they grieve.
5:17 Ingrates indeed are those who have said, "God is the Messiah the son of Mary." Say, "Who has any power against God if He had wanted to destroy the Messiah son of Mary, and his mother, and all who are on earth!" To God is the sovereignty of heavens and earth and all that is in-between; He creates what He pleases. God is capable of all things. (Jesus and his mother living in other universe, Like other prophets...)

84:8 He will then receive an easy reckoning.
84:9 He will return to his family in joy! (The person who is called from Paradise to the day of judgment will return to Paradise again with joy)

53:13 Indeed, he saw him in another descent.
53:14 At the ultimate point.
53:15 Next to the eternal Paradise.
(Even when the prophet Muhammad lived in the world, he was taken to visit the universe of the Hereafter/ Floor of Lord)

56:7 You will be in three groupings.
56:8 So those on the right; who will be from those on the right?
56:9 Those on the left; who will be from those on the left?
56:10 And those foremost, who will be from those foremost?
(8th verse about peple who after the apocalyptic blessing will enter the paradise, 9th verse about who will enter hell, and the 10th verse talking about the already pioneering group living in Paradise. Thus, the three classes mentioned in verse 7 are completed)

19:93 When all there is in the heavens and the earth will but come to the Gracious as servants.

19:56 Recall in the book Enoch; he was truthful, a prophet.
19:57 We raised him to a high place.
(Enoch is living in Paradise now)


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Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
« Reply #74 on: March 25, 2020, 02:17:02 PM »

"Contradiction; Jesus said, “do not defend yourselves” (Matthew 5:39, Matthew 26:52) Vs Jesus said, “defend yourselves” (Luke 22:36)

Excuse; Some Biblical words are being taken literally instead of symbolically or metaphorically. “turn the other cheek.” Figuratively meant, “be moral”.

Rebuttal: Actually, turn the other cheek was a literal commandment because Jesus himself demonstrated this law;

“When he had said this, one of the officers standing by struck Jesus with his hand, saying, “Is that how you answer the high priest?” Jesus answered him, “If I have spoken wrongly, bear witness to the wrong; but if I have spoken rightly, why do you strike me?” (John 18:22-23)

Rather than attacking the officer or causing the officer to evaporate (since Christians claim Jesus is God), instead Jesus reasons with the guard.

This means that if your enemy strikes or attacks you, you are to allow him or her to attack you without striking back. You are to take the punishment without reacting. If the Christians in history allowed themselves to be attacked without retaliating as Jesus ordered, than there would be no Christians left today.

Correction: The Quran saves the Bible regarding the rule given by Jesus by clarifying that when you are being attacked, it is best to have patience and forgiveness against the attack, But then if the attacks continue, than we are given the permission to retaliate only with the equal amount of force that was used against us:

“And if you take your turn, then retaliate with the like of that with which you were afflicted; But if ye endure patiently, verily it is better for the patient.” (Quran 16:126)

Therefore, we are given the permission to repel attacks, to protect ourselves, although God prefers forgiveness."