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Re: Who Created God?
« Reply #10 on: September 22, 2019, 02:56:50 AM »
This is the question which normally all Atheists ask to religious people.

Can someone give a satisfactory reply? or refer to any book where we can find the answer.

How do you guys tackle this question?


Hi dude...
I am living practucally with cluster of Atheists and hadith based Muslims and with some Catholics... For Catholics and hadith based Muslims I don't find any issue with your question... Coz they don't ask... But for Atheists and Buddhist it is a serious question...
Dude if you experience such take it as positive.. Coz they may be better people than these hadith based Muslim and Catholics.. With experience I say... They are confused... They approach every time they see me non other about Quran and Muslim people... Let that interest be with them and you learn QURAN with utmost effort and try to solve their questions... You never know what they research... Coz atheist do research for sure... But hadith based and Catholics satisfied with what they have and adamant...

WHO CREATED GOD?   This is a question they normally not pose at the beginning but when they are trapped they pose this to entangle us and to spoil the discourse and to mock... So be calm...
You know what I say to them...
What difference will it make to you knowing the creator of non existing God in your brain...hoe can there be a creator when there is No God in your system.... Can anyone be a creator for a thing which doesn't exist... If you accept that God does exist then I will reply you who created Him.. Do you agree God exist?
They disperse calmly... Coz they can't accept God exist... But they mock who created Him
But some adamant saying that you Muslims believe and keep saying for everything God created God created.. This is headache...
I say that it is our belief but not yours,  if in case it is your belief as well then I will explain who created God... Will you be satisfied with any of the answer even I say who created God.. Then why you so curious... You research who created God by reading Quran or any other source you may come across.. If you have an answer just let me know... Then we debate...
Such dialogues are very common in my life...

Why first of all use the word "created" as if you know who created the rest...  atheist believe nothing is created and why not accept God is also not created... If God doesn't exist in your inner mind why going after everyone asking for who Created God...
Sometimes i say to them.. It is similar to asking everyone who stole my money while nothing he lost... Will there be a point searching his money....
So dear NK if you are believer then be calm... Coz you will never be able to satisfy them.. Only thing you do just ask them to read Quran.. Whether they read or not is immaterial...
Will our answers be satisfied to them while quran has answers to it which is from God whom they deny...


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Re: Who Created God?
« Reply #11 on: September 22, 2019, 08:48:24 AM »
Peace NK,

How do you guys tackle this question?


If the god created everything, who created the god? How can it be no one?

What is north of the North Pole?

Of course, children (and sometimes adults) will be perplexed by this question.

The answer is that the North Pole is what defines “north” for us. Therefore, the question itself is meaningless.

It is the god who created and defined the concept of “creation” itself and what it means to us. Our knowledge about the concept of creation is what he willed that we know:

2:255. ...and they do not envelop/know a thing from his knowledge, except with what he willed...

As a result, we can only comprehend some of the god’s attributes through what he tells us about himself in the great reading.

If I want to learn about you and hear what you have to say about yourself, for example, what you like and don’t like, then the best way is to ask you and not ask somebody who never saw or met you.

Nobody else other than the god can tell you absolutely true information about the god. That is why it is important to study the god’s written words, the great reading, and learn Arabic. It is also important to study the god’s unwritten words, which is the natural world that he created, by learning science, math, etc. at school. With this purpose in mind, everything that you do serves the god.

I wonder why the god created me.

The god created you and me, and every human to serve him:

51:56. And I did not create the fantasies and the humankind except to SERVE ME.

Our purpose in life is to fulfill the promise we made to serve the god:

36:60-61. Did I not entrust/make a covenant with you, Adam’s descendants, that you do not serve the devil, he truly is for you a clear/evident enemy, and that you SERVE ME, that is a straight path?

If the god already knows who is going to heaven or hell, why doesn’t he just put them there? If the god already knows I am going to do a bad thing tomorrow, how can I not do it? Why will the god punish me for it?

Think of it like a story where you can choose among several paths what happens next.

The god is the author of the book called life. He already created and knows all possible endings and paths. We only get to choose which path to take. The path of serving the god (the straight path) is the only path that leads to a happy ending.

If we could read ahead to the ending of the story, we would all select the path that leads to a happy ending and avoid the one that leads to a sad ending. People who choose the wrong path do it not because of the author but because they are not reading the story correctly.

The great reading is like a “cheat sheet” that tells us about the endings and helps us choose the path that leads to a happy ending and avoid the many paths that lead to a sad ending.
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