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Re: Managing your ego as a believer
« Reply #10 on: December 02, 2019, 11:13:47 PM »
Superiority is not always bad… Superiority is a gift given by God…

Good and bad dependent on perspective, I never mentioned the word bad in any of my sentence above isn't it?
Ego is to be controlled, not to be judged, because judging itself is coming from ego.
Ego need to decide whether an event is good or bad from it's perspective and then take proper reaction to it. (to ensure superiority and survival).

Thinking that one is above another can never be part and parcel of ego… that’s far off from truth….
It's coming from ego..

Remember brother …. same act of same nature may differ according to situations as Ego or Not…If America develop out of arrogance and jealousy of losing their superiority to china, then it is ego, but if the inner intention of America to maintain their stance and position by not losing to China then that’s not ego…That’s competition on a good course..
It's ego... and I didn't say it's either good or bad... it can be good it can be bad depending on the perspective and circumstances.
And such judgement is coming from ego as well.

A thought experiment can be as if USA and China unite and form one identity. "China are among US" saith USA and "USA are among us" saith China.  Thus no longer them but both USA and China refer to all of 'them' as us. (them here because let us took the perspective from the outside). Every success of "China" will be considered as our success by USA and vice versa.
As next level: expand those step to all humanity, where all human will consider everyone as US.

That's how it will evolve, even on individual level.
Ego can be controlled and managed, but not let ego take control and manage you.

….The way you express your views and presenting and posing questions are almost identical and reminds me of Imrnkwadja while I was having conversation long before with him….. are you brothers dude .. ? lol :)

Maybe... we are brothers in soul... who knows?
Did we born from the same parent? well no..