Author Topic: Be honest, would you feel guilty being married to a Christian who worships Jesus  (Read 1276 times)


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Why and why not?
'These are the verses of Allah which We recite to you in truth. Then in what statement (hadith) after Allah and His verses will they believe? (45:6)'

good logic

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It depends on the following;
1- You knew it was wrong before you courted/married them.

2- You did not know or was not even aware of why you should not.

3-You did not care ,but years later you are sorry/repenting.

In cases 2 and 3, Qoran endorses existing marriages to keep the contract. GOD  wants marriages to stay intact not to break down. You just have to work at sorting any problems internally and involve GOD for help. But the best way is to stay married especially if you have children and extended families. You have examples of this in Lot, others,.etc.

In case 1, you are in a contract with GOD to keep His commands and aware of it and GOD comes first so you do not break that contract. Hence if you believe you are not following GOD s command by marrying , you should not marry in the first place.

GOD bless you.
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No I will not feel guilty at all..
Why should I?

Everybody worship / idolize something or someone..
- Some people worship Jesus
- Some people worship Muhammad
- Some people worship Muhammad Ali
- Some people worship Muhammad Salah
- Some people worship Bible
- Some people worship Quran
- Some people worship his/her religion
- Some people worship his/her nationality
- Some people worship football clubs
- Some people worship cricket clubs
- Some people worship his own dad
and so on and so on...

- Some people worship JUSTIN BIEBER


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I don?t think so because why would you choose to marry them in the first place? I?m sure it?s not because they?re a Jesus worshipping Christian but because something else sparks a joy.

In any case I wouldn?t go out of my way to choose to marry someone who was a Christian, I wouldn?t like it and would find conflict in future if I chose to have children and they wanted to raise them in a particular way.

I?d maybe feel guilty for the pressure/slander it would cause on my family.

Would you feel guilty?
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I would feel down-right nauseous. I could never go through with it. Growing up with a Jesus Worshipper parent was enough for one lifetime.