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A.L.M...single letters and "strike your wifes?" (4:34)
« on: June 03, 2019, 12:47:25 PM »

Regarding the possible significance of the single letters called al-muqatta 'at, which occur at the beginning of some surahs of the Qur'an, there are various theories bearing :

- These letters symbolize the names and attributes of allah

- These letters symbolize certain events that will take place in the future of time

- These letters throw a Qur'anic challenge

- It's allah who has exclusive knowledge of the interpretation of these letters
etc ..

For me and i hope from the Quran perspective, these letters are the starting/primary material for the analysis of the Quranic language of the divine writing (Kitab)

   (1) The direct proof by Al-Quran (just 2 examples) :
      - (12:1) Alif Lam Ra, These (are the) Symbols/Signs (of) the Writing clarifing.
      - (10:1) Alif Lam Ra. These (are the) Symbols/Signs (of) the Writing the wise.

   (2) Indirect proof : 27/30 => 90% of the suras that begin with these isolated letters refer to the word Kitab or Quran
         in the first verses.

Each letter therefore contains a knowledge that combined with other letters form triliterate words as a rule.
How to find this knowledge contained in each letter?

The method is to create a form by letter by approaching them by their
- Pictographic and (First approach here
- Phonetic meaning.

   - Example with the letter "Ba" (bā) ب
Pictographic meaning:
Home -> Protection, Hearth, Epicenter, Closed and Delimited Block, Blocked
Phonetic meanings:
Ba => "Ba" first sound pronounced by the baby after the "Ma"
Father representation, protection, tutoring

Bab => "Door" => Protection of the house but also representation of "bias" ...
                                                        Via, by, through, accompaniment, etc …

The 3 ideas come together and complement each other:
Protectorate <-> accompaniment <-> tutoring
NB : To this we must add the study of proxemia - When words are organized into networks :
The letter Ba refers to the construction and destruction, protection, preservation, cockpit, covering, capacity, content, accompaniment, foundation, attachment to the ground, terrain, soil, accommodation, home, place, constituency, entourage, tutoring, federation, bias, path, path, path, issue, exit, escape etc.

So the goal now is to try to find the basic root word definition from which derived words are drawn according to the context of use.
ALL derivative meanings MUST to respect the basic root word definition. It permits also to better understand what Allah talks about.

   - Right now, here is an example with the multi-meaning of "waDRiBouhounna" (The triliteral root ḍād rā bā (ض ر ب))

                                                                              D R B - ض  ر ب

D ض : Deployment
R   ر : Repetition
B ب   : Block, blocked, stopping point

=> So, the basic root definition is : Actively deploy to unlock a blocked/deteriorated/problematic situation

Other proof by combining the letter in pairs like this :

DB                          + RB                                                 + DR

Block Deployment    + Evolution                                         + Constraint
(dabab = fog*)           (Rabb = responsible of Evolution)     ( ضَرَّ : to disadvantage, to damage, to injure, to contraint)
* Deployment of block water droplets

           => Proofs from quran :

(4:34) As for those females from whom you fear disloyalty,
                then you shall advise them and deserting them (from) the rest place (already move away from her - her private room!),
                and wa-uh'jurūhunna. (but) If they respond to you, then do not seek remedy/redress over them;
          God is Most High, Great.
          => God give us a definition by the negative : do something but if the cause has disappeared then (negative) don't do something.

(4:128) And if a woman fears from her husband disloyalty or disregard/turn away, then there is no sin for them to reconcile between themselves; and reconciliation is good.
=> Confirmation here by using the word "reconcile".

           => Sometimes this root word is translate by "to travel" like another root word "SFR (safarin in 2:185)" and we lose Something by translating it like that !

In fact Safarin means "expedition" (the word SAFARI is derived in french/English from this same root word) with a meaning of distance like Camel caravans seeking to trade (without any notion of problem).
and Darabtum in (4:101) means "emigrate" (to leave his place of origin following a banishment or persecution) or "travel" (But to face a danger/evil like war) as shown the basic root word definition.

Hope you can enjoy this study (sorry for the length of the text ! :))
Peace be upon you and Human Envoys of God.


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Re: A.L.M...single letters and "strike your wifes?" (4:34)
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What is the nutshell of study? Enlighten us.


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Re: A.L.M...single letters and "strike your wifes?" (4:34)
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2019, 04:12:03 AM »
To continue the demonstration with the root ضبر Ḍ-B-R by another way :

we find united under this root the notions of:
- "binding, brochure of written leaflets",
=> Repeated deployment of sheets that are linked together (constraint=The book's binding)
- and that of "detachment which makes incursions and depredations on the enemy territory".
=> Active deployment of men to go to war (problem / constraint ..)

Reig and Kazimirski give an interesting key to understand how we were able to go from one sense to another:
it is by the term ضبر ḍabr, "detachment (military)", that one also designates the famous "turtle" (testudo) Roman legions, which is characterized by the juxtaposition of shields in tight rows so as to constitute a metal wall against enemy arrows.
There may be another interesting parallelism.
The Hebrew root דָּבַר d-b-r, probably related to the Arabic root Ḍ-B-R, means "to speak". It is translated into Greek in the Septuagint by λόγος [lógos], derived from λεγω [legô] ...
=> "To speak" = Deploy words (block of letters) repeatedly (to form sentences that make up a block of words)


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Re: A.L.M...single letters and "strike your wifes?" (4:34)
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What is the outcome of all this exercise?