Author Topic: Nineteen years trying to figure out Ramadan and I still don't get it.  (Read 138 times)


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Since 2000 then when I was studying Islam intensively at school in R.E. lessons.

2 translations of the Quran purchased.

Both of them read all the way through at least once.

Numerous other translations studied.

A few visits to Arab countries.

A few friendships with Sunnis.

A few years being a member of the Rashad Kahalifa cult.

8 years membership of this forum.

Many threads read about it on this and other websites.

Lots of time pondering it on my own.

Several attempts at Ramadan Sunni style (including one successful month).

A fair amount of mockery from family.


A whole Metonic cycle?(

But I still don't understand what the instruction is! The thing that currently makes the most sense to me is to fast the full moon following the summer solstice, so 3 days, darkness excluded. But even then I am not sure if it applies to people outside of Arabia as well or even if women are included at all?!

I don't even know how to spell it! Is it Ramadan or Ramadhan or Ramazan? I have seen all three used.

Kill me.

Just kill me now.


good logic

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Peace Jane.

Qoran s instructions starts from a very simple thing of GOD awareness which is "libas Al Taqwa". i.e believe in GOD and believe GOD if you think GOD sent a message.
If a relationship follows, it will take time and effort. GOD s trial of the individual and their true/honest conviction.

The minimum criteria is to be honest with yourself and start from the basics of being a good, just, peaceful person  Work on your cleanse your spiritual self from bad like hate ,jealousy, back biting....etc.

Good works, fairness, justice  and a good character contribute to the special relationship with your Creator. The rest like Salat. Sawm….etc are irrelevant without the basics.
Then GOD will reciprocate and works with you on understanding more. GOD knows you better than you know yourself. Trust in Him and works only with Him as far as your redemption is concerned. GOD Alone is your teacher and Wakeel.
As for all other humans, interact and socialise with them but Qoran should be your only source of salvation as you understand it now. Only change when you clearly see proof that you have to change.
Best of luck sister.
GOD bless you.


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O you who believe, if you are aware of God (taqwa), He makes/creates for you a criterion (separation of Right and Wrong), and He covers/substitutes from you your sins, and forgives for you, and God (is owner) of the grace/favour/blessing, the great.
-my current understanding. Verify for yourself-17:36.
"Inform My servants that I am the Forgiver, the Merciful. And that My punishment is a painful retribution." [15:49-50]

The Sardar

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Since 2000 then when I was studying Islam intensively at school in R.E. lessons.

Kill me.

Just kill me now.


Have you ever think that perhaps it's time to rethink back the basic?
What is islam in the first place?