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The ink of the scribe is worth more than the blood of the martir. Really?

copy and spread the message before the shaitans delete part of it or all.

This verse helps the hypocrite muslim leaders/scholars/imams to glorify themselves and be praised by their sheepish followers. And also, helps them to stay at home cozy, warm, and with an honored status, the while others give their lives so that they can stay in power. The hypocrites always claim that the nonsense they preach was the word of the prophet. However, the true word the prophet preached was the qura'n, which is the word of God. And, if what the hypocrites claim create contradictions with Qura'n, then it was not from the prophet, for he was not preaching his will but the will of God.
3:194Our Lord, and grant us what You promised us through Your messengers and do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, You do not fail in [Your] promise."
3:195And their Lord responded to them, "Never will I allow to be lost the work of [any] worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another. So those who emigrated or were evicted from their homes or were harmed in My cause or fought or were killed - I will surely remove from them their misdeeds, and I will surely admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow as reward from Allah , and Allah has with Him the best reward."
9:19 Have you made the watering of the pilgrim and the maintenance of the Restricted Temple the same as one who believes in God and the Last Day and he fights in the cause of God? They are not the same with God. And God does not guide the wicked people.
9:20 Those who believed and emigrated and strived in the cause of God with their money and their lives are in a greater degree with God. These are the winners.
9:88 But the messenger and those who believe with him have strived with their money and their lives. For them will be the good things, and they are the successful ones.

These verses mention the spending of wealth and life(martyrdom) to achieve a greater degree with God, and not ink. Seems that the hypocrite scribes have used their pen to elevate themselves too high. Think about it, if the ink of the scribe is worth more than the blood of the martyr, then what is the value of the blood of the scribe? Nonsense. Martyrdom according to 3:195 guarantees/assures the Garden, so fear not those who persecute us believing brothers, and put your trust in God.

If your leader is/was not in the frontline during the fight/war, then he is a hypocrite. And, the worse hypocrites are those who go to a foreign country during the war, and return only when the war is over to be the praised rulers/leaders.

9:73 O prophet, strive against the rejecters and the hypocrites and be firm against them. Their dwelling is Hell, what a miserable destiny!

Be cautious. May God increase our knowledge and give us wisdom.