Author Topic: Why did God create us?  (Read 3321 times)

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Re: Why did God create us?
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Peace Mikhail Matin.

GOD does not need our Service/ worship ...  We do that  for our benefit, if we choose to.

I got the purpose of our life from Koran. :

7:172″ Recall ( There is a barrier between this life and ?other life? hence the reminder!) that your Lord summoned all the descendants of Adam ( Humans, prior to this life and creation of this universe) and had them bear witness for themselves ( Yes each and every individual!):? am I not your Lord?? ( One ruler, One authority, One system so that we do not divide ourselves into factions/tribes?) They all said:? Yes we bear witness? ( You will remember this covenant on the day of judgement?) thus you cannot say on the day of Resurrection:? We were not aware of this.?

( You are responsible and accountable! this life is A test of loyalty to GOD your creator? The choice is: Loyal to GOD or Loyal to "Other than GOD".)

 7:174″ We thus explain the revelations ( To remind the humans!) to enable the people to redeem themselves.?


I shall leave this thread because this is not going anywhere. Peace to all. Love you guys =)


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Re: Why did God create us?
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Please see:
The Original purpose of our creation?
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Re: Why did God create us?
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to test ones true nature.