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Re: Qur'an version question
« Reply #10 on: May 16, 2019, 03:11:15 PM »
Thank you also Wakas for your resources, and to the others for the welcome. I certainly would not expect any perfect translation of any writing, as that is always an issue, whether religious or secular literature. It is commonly held in Christian studies of Holy Scripture that it is good to have many translations, since they will all have their pros and cons, and knowing the original languages can be a big help. On the other hand it would seem to me that God does not expect us to all be scholars and intellectuals, given that He made many people with various capacities, and that people have been holy without much studying or instruction. But it would still be good, if possible, to avoid beginning with a translation known to be extra biased. I will look into those ones you mentioned.

The forum is dominated by those who follow a Quran based islam. This is unlike most Muslim forums.
Thanks, I was just looking for an approximation. Avoiding labels is fine, but a little indication at least makes a difference considering another forum might be dominated by Muslims of a very different set of views!

Your link to quran434 looks very interesting. I appreciate the endeavor to go about your studies in a logical way--and also the note headed under "Time", considering that, if we are dealing with divine mysteries, I would expect that they will at some time or another elude our human understanding, or at least be more than we have time for, either right now or for this life.

I will also take a look at the section about grammar when I get the chance, because I have found the Quran to have an interesting sort of grammar, which is sometimes confusing. I don't know whether those links will help me unless I am really trying to learn Arabic, which I'm not, or if there is something there where I can get a better general sense of how its sentences are phrased, so that at least I mistake the surface meaning due to grammar.

good logic

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Re: Qur'an version question
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Peace NJada.
The following may answer some of your questions:

On peaceful mind( Muslim to GOD):

Love GOD the most:

Eventually, when your mind is healed/freed/at peace, you will feel completely free from hate, Jealousy, gossip, anger, tit for tat chat, revenge,?etc
Your mind will be lifted by GOD towards bliss to encounter love towards GOD Alone, then it will resonate/translate this love towards  all His creatures.

Love your neighbour:

What a wonderful feeling. All around you will start to benefit from the new you, your family, friends ,enemies and yourself of course.
You will find the purpose of your life is independent of all others, only dependent on your creator.
You will start to concentrate on your thoughts and actions ,trying your best to do to others what you would like to see done to you. All people will be as though they are your family ( Your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt?).

Of course ,as a human, there will be moments when we step out of GOD s realm, GOD then will give you a push back as a reminder. Acknowledging ,repenting and going back to the realm will save you again and so on?.

Or take no notice if you wish to remain independent of GOD, but the disease will take over again.
Muslim to GOD is a ?great jihad? against oneself only, if only each one of us realises and takes up this special and private relationship with GOD Alone. The true feeling of happiness

On all other sects/religions:

I am sure with all our differences ,providing we accept each other as we are, there must be hope that  at least we can live in peace with each other.
So what if your fellow human went to a synagogue, or prayed in a church, or went to a temple or did a congregation prayer behind a man or a woman or?
. If they stop their wars, aggression, lording it above each other, fighting each other, hating each other, gossiping ,backbiting, ridiculing, claiming their religion is the truth?etc
You never know, just may be , now or in 100 years or so? GOD Alone will unite them?

On priorities:

The number one priority ,the top of any list must be the uniting factor-GOD Alone,our Creator, all of us humans-

Now, GOD places Justice, fairness and good intentions as the most important part of His system. We seem to always concentrate on the trivial matters that are personal and can be overlooked by GOD if we have the right intentions.

Among the many books of religions out there, very few deal with the subject of ?justice, fairness and good intentions ?i.e the attitude of our mind towards GOD s system to keep the balance for all GOD s creatures.
The most important useful analysis for any human including ?Muslims? is to deal with this utmost priority, the attitude of mind towards the one GOD and His just system must be top of the list. Everything else will then follow with GOD s guidance and trust.
My thoughts .If you still have more questions, I am happy to discuss.
GOD bless you.

38:65″ Say:? I warn you; There is no other god beside GOD, the One, the Supreme.?