Author Topic: Are Ashkenazi Jews really descended from Khazars?  (Read 88 times)


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Are Ashkenazi Jews really descended from Khazars?
« on: May 09, 2019, 07:59:58 PM »
I see while reading through various posts in this forum that this is still the claim advanced by most members. Let me inform you that you are late in the matter, this theory has long been discredited by genetic evidence. Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from Khazarian Jews, at least not in any significant way. The contribution from Khazarians is minimal. I would urge everyone to stop propagating such pseudo-scientific non-sense.

Instead, genetic data clearly shows that Ashkenazi Jews are a mixure between middle-eastern men (mostly old Jews but not only them) and european women. I can go on and prove this to you but I doubt anyone here is knowledgeable enough about population genetics to understand. Therefore, let me keep it simple : ashkenazi jewish Y-DNA(ie paternal) lines derive mostly from the Levant, this is explicitely proven by many lines, naming only a few is enough to clear the case beyond the shadow of a doubt. E-Z17699, E-Y14891, J-Y3088,  R-Y18855 are some of the undeniable ones. Most of these lines are totally inexistant outside of middle-eastern populations.

On an autosomal level, thus taking into account the overall ancestry rather than uniparental lines only, the same euro-mideastern profile emerges, causing Ashkenazim to cluster close to South Italians on a global plot.


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Re: Are Ashkenazi Jews really descended from Khazars?
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All Jews are Turkic. And a little Indian...