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Toronto, Canada Inshallah
« on: March 26, 2019, 12:23:10 AM »
Salam, My name is AJ i'm 25 turning 26 soon and have been blessed by allah with many opportunities and wealth here in Toronto, Canada
Looking to share my wealth and power not only for relationship reasons but also to empower my community for the better.
I feel Many mosques and Hussainiya's are too controlling and are still using old methods to introduce one another which often ends in weak relationships and sometimes divorce.
I hope to find many contacts here in Toronto and around the GTA(greater Toronto area) and inshallah finding my partner in 'crime' and fajr salah.

My background is half iraqi and half irani , Medium Build 5/11ft . have never drank or smoked(besides one or two puffs of shisha in my entire life, wallah) Exercise regularly and maintain my health
I have background education in Kinesiology physiotherapy but have ventured off in my passion for cars in the automotive industry.

Im looking for someone that has basic understanding of the true islam and is looking to better themselves not only for this world but the next inshallah.