Author Topic: Lot offering his daughters  (Read 1059 times)


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Re: Lot offering his daughters
« Reply #10 on: June 10, 2019, 01:44:55 PM »
That, that he said what he said because he was shure they would not accept an so he was winning time, I thought that at some time. But I doubt that I was fully convinced and on readin eh whole thing, all the passages concerning this and everything about Lut now I do not believe that. I think that Lut's stance was always the same, he is saying what he always said, and he is not offering anything, Saying "hese are my daughters and they are pure for you? Does it sound to you that he is offering them to a rogue people so that they can use them sexually. To it does not, They are purer for them precisely because of the opposite, because they will have to deal with them like with real respectable women, not like beasts given to debauchery. Those people hate women and Lut is reminding them that women are pure for them than the kind of life they are lading of vice and debauchery and violence. A prophet cannot propound anything else, he cannot offer his daughters (eithe spiritual or blood daughters for sexual concumption in marriage or outside marriage, and certainly he cannot offer any daughters if the daughters do not agree. And the daughters are there, visible to all. And he, again, is nto offering them he is saying: These are my daughters, you see them, they are the real women and the real life, purer than those delusions of wild excesses which are inhuman and devoid of humanity or dignity.

Obvioulsy he is not offering them at all either for marriage or for any other purpose he is offering them an alternative way of life to the one they want to continue having.

And I do not get the impression that his is the first time he is insisting  on this subject.



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Re: Lot offering his daughters
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the whole point is they were taking interest  in boys instead of girls which proved them homosexual rapists, not even a single man was "rasheed" (wise/right-minded) thats what LUT said.. and he was helpless untill the show started by  malaika boys who took over and give them the opposite of what they were after.. it was like a best SUSPENCE/TWIST.