Author Topic: Jamal Khashoggi Murder In Saudi Consulate  (Read 7568 times)


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Re: Jamal Khashoggi Murder In Saudi Consulate
« Reply #50 on: July 13, 2019, 11:39:46 PM »

If we lived long enough, soon we will witness the fall of the Saud.

It will start when people find the alternate of petrol or when their resources of oil get finish and the wealth will start moving towards the means of that era.

Its against the nature of money to stay at one place. Their money will move one day.
And at that time the pending trials were revised by the future superpowers.

The worst of country is saudia who dnt believe to give asylum for war captives but they happily made war captives as sex slaves. The real villans for lot of nations.but with the power of money they appear as heroes.

Money is magic of present world to blind people and nations by greed.

Let see how long they can use their power of money but as far i think they have lot of resources and money and nature need an iceberg to make that titanic sink lmao.