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Gog and Magog - Possible location
« on: July 05, 2018, 03:38:29 PM »
Salam Peace,

Means to all things and following the means=Silk Road, the most important trading route of the ancient world.

18:86  Until he reached the setting of the sun; he found it setting at a hot
spring, and he found a people near it. We said: O Two Horned
One, either you shall punish, or you shall do them good.

I couldn't find the correct spring, but possibly the Ma'in Hot Springs located near Amman, Jordan. It slightly deviates from the Silk Road. This place is near Petra and Bakk'a.

18:90  So  when  he  reached  the  emergence  of  the  sun,  he  found  it 
emerging on a people whom We did not make for them any cover
against it.

No cover=Desert
The Silk Road goes through two desert areas; in Iran and in Turkmenistan.
The most likely desert is the one in Turkmenistan. This is because the desert in Turkmenistan is "flatter".

18:93   Until he reached an area that was between two barriers, he found
within it a people who could barely understand anything said.

Two barriers=Canyon. The Silk Road goes through/near a canyon called Kondara Gorge, located in western Tajikistan.

Also, something that is significant is the setting and emergence of the sun. This could help with more precise localization. Does anyone know this kind of astronomy?


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Re: Gog and Magog - Possible location
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Salam and Peace,

sounds interesting. Maybe in German I know this kind of astronomy.