Author Topic: Drinking Alcohol is a Sin! Why is it not according to Layth/Edip's Translation?  (Read 10624 times)


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I'm also against heavy alcohol consumption for no real reason; however, I still think it can be enjoyed with limits and respect once in a while. I respect the Quran and what it teaches, but when you have a gathering or party full of different cultures and beliefs, it's ok to have a pitcher or cocktail for them to enjoy, even if, as a Muslim, you don't. I always have Margaritas and Daiquiris available when we throw gatherings, and you might find the recipes from useful like I did.

Noon waalqalami

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2:219 ىسلونك asked they you (sing.) عن about الخمر l-khamri/the inebriant والمىسر wal-maysiri/and the wager (gambling) قل say فىهما in them dual اثم ithmun/detriment كبىر great ومنفع and benefit للناس for the people واثمهما wa-ithmuhuma/and detriment them dual اكبر greater من from نفعهما benefit them dual …

5:90-91 ىاىها O you الذىن the ones امنوا believes ye of انما solely الخمر l-khamru/the inebriant والمىسر wal-maysiru/and the wager والانصاب and the monuments (altars for sacrifice) والازلم and the arrows رجس filthiness من from عمل work الشىطن the devil فاجتنبوه fa-ijtanibuhu/so avoids ye him لعلكم perhaps you تفلحون succeeding انما solely ىرىد intended الشىطن the devil ان that ىوقع cause بىنكم between you العداوه the hostility والبغضا and the animosity فى with الخمر l-khamri/the inebriant والمىسر and the wager وىصدكم and hinder you عن about ذكر remembrance الله the god وعن and about الصلوه l-salati/the connection فهل so can انتم is/are you منتهون who ceasing?

7:33 قل say انما solely حرم harrama/prohibit ربى lord mine
1.   الفوحش the immoralities ما what ظهر apparent منها from it وما and what بطن unaware
2.   والاثم wal-ithma/and the detriment والبغى and the cruelty بغىر in other than الحق the right
3.   وان and that تشركوا thou associate ye of بالله with the god ما what لم not ىنزل descended به in it سلطنا authority of
4.   وان and that تقولوا thou say ye of على about الله the god ما what لا not تعلمون thou knowing

53:32 الذىن the ones ىجتنبون avoiding كبىر greater الاثم l-ithmi/the detriment والفوحش and the immoralities الا except اللمم the small faults ان indeed ربك lord your واسع extensive المغفره the forgiveness …


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Different cultures, religions and individuals have their own perspectives on alcohol consumption, some of them consider it as a sin.