Author Topic: Indeed, the empire of the mosthigh has arrived  (Read 1304 times)


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Indeed, the empire of the mosthigh has arrived
« on: March 04, 2018, 07:04:54 AM »
The empire of the Most High has arrived.

I saw, the Masters in the shade,
these Masters who controlled the art of the lie, of the illusion, and the fraud to only benefit their profits!

I saw and I heard, They were sinning, proud, stupid and pretentious,

Their criminal acts had accumulated to the sky!

And Lord Almighty Judged firmly their iniquities !

I saw and I heard these false charges, these crimes, and these manipulations , they were engaged to it and did not expected that one day the Supreme One would judge them!

I saw and I heard, they eliminated all those which did not conform to their Machiavellian plans , disdaining all morals ,were they cynical!

They had largely exceeded the limits, limits that any human worth calling of this name, never could support, they deceived, massacred and abused children, women and other innocents, they reveled blood and human flesh without ever being satiated!

All their misdeeds were counted, all were counted and weighed by the Most Powerful !

He encircled them and was not unaware of what they did! And I heard already the cry of their defeat!

They reached such a stage of arrogance, and perversity that their culpability no longer could be ignored , only by those people who lost any form of understanding!

Only those which were bewitched by their untrue speeches, can still deny their culpability.

And Lord of Mercy Judged with Justice! And He surrounded us by peace !

All, what they did was well weighed! And; They will see.

I saw, I heard and I testified that they only are human in appearance!

I saw, I heard and I testified to their fierceness to discredit Islam!

Rascally race! Don't they have some pity? Then how dared they speak about peace!

I looked ! Their hands were full with blood! But nothing justified the death of so many innocents!

And Lord of Mercy Judged with impartiality! He Considered my testimony !

Once again what kind of a man could still support their impudent faces and the murder of innocent ones!

I looked , They were like the scavengers which presses itself to finish its prey! It was this way, because, they had only little of time left !

The world in which we lived was in chaos, it was breathless and expired, and that of which they dreamed of, was only filled of bitter regrets!

And I testified that they were recognized guilty for crime against humanity, they and all those with them, and this was how the sentence arrived, on the malicious ones, in all distress!

God of Mercy judged with justice and their crimes did not remain unpunished!

And This God of Justice saved the righteous from the immense punishment, and He did not spared the malicious ones.

The Rejoicing filled the righteous ones who were full of repentance because they knew and here , the Empire of the Almighty has arrived !

Peace be upon the servants of Most gracious , Glory to God the One and Only, the Supreme One!