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Various Black Seed Oil I Tested
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:49:45 PM »
I would like to share my experience using the Black seed oil and see if I can offer tips, since I have tried various different brands, both internationally and locally. The first company that I bought the black seed oil from was a company known as piping rock. The reason I bought from them is because they are considered the cheapest company out of all the other sellers that sell this product. And they're considered cheaper in the natural medicine field than all the other sellers online. As I was on a tight budget I decided that that was really my only option for the amount of money that I had. Typically when you buy cheap products that are cheaper than everybody else like for example; if it's half price compared to everybody else or if it's a lot cheaper then typically we should assume  it's gonna be of poor quality but I knew that could possibly be the case but since I read many good reviews, I thought well, I don't have any other option, I have to just give it a try that's all I can afford. And what I noticed was that the color of the oil was like a olive oil color, very light in color and tasted sharp like black seed; it was very sharp but the color was very light and that was the concerning issue for me. But I still continued using it for about six months; and what I was trying to treat was Hodgkin's lymphoma which I had since age 14 and 12 years on still have it till today. My symptoms didn't improve at all, So I thought I better try another company; and I decided to try a company known as amazing herbs. The reason I decided to try them is because they put himself out as a black seed expert; and you find most reviews on YouTube by customers who bought from them; so I bought a bottle and noticed the color was yellow; darker then the other but still light in color. It tasted sharp and strong but still light in color. And I used it for about a year and still no improvement. So at this point; I would only use black seed oil that is dark in color. Why would it be yellow or light in color if the seeds are black? That indicates they must have mixed it with olive oil: