Author Topic: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.  (Read 17558 times)


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Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
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The Quran Corrects the False Bible

"Contradiction; Animals were created before man was created. (Genesis 1:24-27) Vs Man was created before animals were created. (Genesis 2:7, 19)

Excuse; (Genesis 2) is only descriptive and the two chapters do not exactly say when the animals were created.

Rebuttal: What apologists fail to comprehend is that in (Genesis 1), after God made the animals, the decision to make man was consummated. While in (Genesis 2), after man was made, God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone,” then the decision to make animals was executed.

Correction: Logically, animals were created before humans in order for humans to have food. The Holy Quran lists this sequence here:

“Hast thou not seen that unto Allah payeth adoration whosoever is in the heavens and whosoever is in the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the hills, and the trees, and the beasts, and many of mankind, while there are many unto whom the doom is justly due. He whom Allah scorneth, there is none to give him honor. Lo! Allah doeth what He will.” (Quran 22:18)"