Author Topic: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns  (Read 578 times)


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Re: May be WE are the Jinns/Djinns
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Then members of the black race had already sought to touch heaven before Muhammad's time and found it filled with flames (72:8) So beat the white Russians and Americans to space by several thousand years?
Salam Amra94!
I do not believe in RACE system because all MAN and JINNs would be equally responsible for their own deeds/actions.
Secondly, if they said they touched heaven, it might not be a true saying. Because:
1) When Iblees said that he was better than Adam, was he telling a Truth? He was a رجیم which also means someone who speaks without sound knowledge/intellect etc.
2) When Pharaoh asked Haman to built him some high structure so that he could see Musa's God, was he telling the Truth?
3) When Solomon died and JINNs came to know that they have no knowledge of the Ghaib/unseen so Allah proved them wrong in their sayings.
And their a few more examples, which I can put here. Anyway, one cannot be sure that whether the JINNs touched the heaven or not. I think JINNs told lies to MEN in order to overcome them or make them astray from right path.